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Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order.


Elyuin~ :iconspcatstasha:
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Fantastic job!  :)
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What is the trick here?  How on earth does she keep her nipples from falling out?
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I am not going to say it because you probably already heard it a bunch of time your gallery is amazing and I love your characters! If you don't mind can I use some of your images as reference? I will definitely tell people about your page!! Keep up the good work!!
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Oh excellent style and nicely revealing.
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Thats really awesome, how did you make that armor. Looks good on you.
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very good !
Is that actually bared chest under that armor, or do you cover up with some sort of cloth (brah)? Cover would seem like the most effective (and safe) thing, but I wonder if it's hard to apply cloth like that in a fashion that does not "give away", like wrinkles or something - or how did you managed to fix that?
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That's pretty clever but now you can buy fake boobs as well.
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Sexy as hell! And navel looks tasty!8)
Love your cosplay!
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Found this image on google simply searching "cosplay" and my heart melted. Instantly I've fallen in LOVE with you. You are so talented and gorgeous! I hope my cosplay can reach this level one day
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May I just congratulate you on a job well done.... I am into the whole 3D Digital arts scene and also  the creator of Redspec sss. I just have to compliment you on the whole scene... the poses in this series of pictures is spot on...  you madam... are perfectly sculpted in every way and beautifull at that. You are a living example that fantasy is not just limited to what one sees in comics and novels but is possible in the real world aswel.

Keep up the good work.  :D
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Officially my favorite cosplayer of all time.
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I have never see someone like you ! You are just Wow ! Cute and sexy and so many more things. Fantastic ! Best Cosplay girl ever !
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Are we looking at something real or digital
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This is incredible on multiple levels.
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wow this is AWESOME !! Oo <3 love it
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