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I just got home from isolation. That sucked but I got out first thing this morning so I was happy being woken up. I'm exhausted beyond all belief but I can have a normal diet again(OMG MILK) and I started back on my thyroid medication today. Soon I'll feel like my old self, I'm really looking forward to that. The hospital was boring and smelled of hospital. The guy in the room next to me had a sign on his door that said "caution corrosive materials" the sign on my door said "caution radioactive materials" I'm not sure what would be worse. D: I'm really wondering why he/she was corrosive... So this morning they woke me up and as they have
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I go into isolation for my RAI treatment tomorrow at 11am. I love you all and I'll post when I'm out of the hospital. <3 Thanks for all the support and love you've all given over this past month of hell... one more weekend and it's over. Lets hope all goes well. <3 My love.
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I'm a bit blah feeling due to being off my meds currently. Hypothyroidism has some crappy side affects. The big ones hitting me are unusual loss of appetite and some mild depression. I'm not sad enough to worry but I get thinking too much the past few days. I'm low on energy and I have to fabricate a sign by Thursday with no motivation to do it. Kind of sucks but I'll get it done. It just a simple sign like you'd see in a zoo with facts about the animal but the motivation to make something I'll get an A on is lacking. Tomorrow is the beginning of my low iodine diet. My mom made me some dinners that fall within my allowed eating rules so I c
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Happy early birthday!
Hope you have a good one!
sorry about the avatar thing, glad that you were able to inform me that ways i can add the information for it. (thankfully i found the information for most of the other stuff)
Dear Mazzy;
This is the 11 year old child who stole your acount Avatar. I have come now.... 5 years later to appologize, for i havn't and i should have long ago. I was a 10 year old kid whom listened to no rules, challenged any opposing rule and wrote storys. I didn't know a thing about D A, and can't say i know anything now, but that's no excuse for taking something that is yours. It was childish, Selfish, and most of all a negitive way to gain attention. I'm sorry for taking your avatar and i'm sorry for back talking people who only attemted to stop somone from stealing your icon. Now that i look at it today, even i would hate the child of SWR. I'm sorry. Sorry for not being a sport in DA.
Sorry for taking something that was not mine.
Sorry that i was bieng a niave, arrogant, illiterate 10 year old brat.
This is a little late seeing as they left almost a year before this was posted...
Edit; this happened when i was 10 sorry for the age confusion in the paragraph XD.
:la::cake::party:Happy Birthday!:party::cake::la:

Have a great one! :heart: Sorry to see you've left. :C

=KRd1st (: