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Cosplay Tutorial: Stockings That Won't Fall Down

By spazzer-bot
EDIT: OH MY GOODNESS! A DD, I am so honored! Thank you for all the kind comments and favorites. I just moved and haven't gotten Internet yet, so I'm a few days late with my thanks, but it was a wonderful surprise!

A lot of people are always surprised at how I make my stockings for my cosplays. I came up with this technique a few years ago and thought I would share!
Using an "illusion legging" approach to stocking keeps them from falling down and makes your thighs look PERFECT!
I put a lot of work into this tutorial, please tell me what you think!
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ganej's avatar
Would using an old pair of nude tights for the top part work?
spazzer-bot's avatar
If the tights are thick and wont run or fray I don't see why not. It would probably be best to not even cut the stockings and just tack the stocking right to it!
ganej's avatar
Thanks! I don't know why I didn't think of just tacking them on top haha
I love it!  Thanks for posting it!
kittyme123's avatar
Awesome tutorial! I feel like I understood exactly what you were trying to explain. I feel confidant enough to give it a shot! Your explanations were concise and complete. Well done.

I have two questions:
Mainly is power mesh delicate when worn? Like how you have to be careful with store bought nylons will I have to watch out for getting catches or runs in the power mesh?
Also, any suggestions on where to pick up good power mesh that I can access in Canada?
spazzer-bot's avatar
Power mesh is a pretty sturdy material but not all are created equal. I mine from spandex house's website online, it's much nicer than what my local Joann's sells.
The mesh is much more wearable than nylons, but its still a good idea to keep it away from any velcro or other things on your costume that could snag it.

Thank you for your kind words and good luck! ^_^
kittyme123's avatar
That helps a lot!
 Thank you for responding :)
KyandiTsueMewMew's avatar
Kao Emoji-91 (In love) [V5] Does this work with whole stockings, too? Like you could DIY those thigh-high stocking tights but use actual thigh high stockings?
spazzer-bot's avatar
Like adding store bought socks to the mesh shorts? You sure could! You would probably want to make the shorts and put the socks on and tack the mesh to them in many places on the inside. It would be hard to sew them on with a machine because the stiching might show or the socks may not stretch as well. I did a pair where I had to join the peices with lots of individual tacking stitches, it took a while but itnwas a great result.
XenoBaby's avatar
this is awesome my only question is, is the mesh stretch as well?
spazzer-bot's avatar
Yes, power mesh is designed for bathing suits and such. It stretches very well.
XenoBaby's avatar
oh awesome thank you for answering me! 
elara-ia's avatar
This is simply the best tutorial I have ever seen of my whole life!!! T^T Thank you!!! Your an angel!!!!!
itsnicolebee's avatar
This is SUCH a clever idea! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! Gah, when my stockings fall down at cons... that's one of my biggest pet peeves! Thank you girly! <3
SharaLunison's avatar
I totally did this for my Dragon Kid costume without even realizing it!  As in, it didn't occur to me to use a pattern or just make tights to attach things to until the last minute.  ^^;  Thanks for the awesome tutorial, I'm planning to use your method for an upcoming costume I'm working on.
animegirl007's avatar
Tips are always great!! :nod:  Thanks!!!! :thumbsup:
MandaFancyPants's avatar
Wow, thank you for sharing this! I may try this for a cosplay ^_^
Chibi-Rai-Chan's avatar
You are amazing.

Also dang it where was this 6 months ago when my friend was working on her leggings for Papi of Monster Musume?!
StarkindlerStudio's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is genius.
ChovexaniArt's avatar
I want these for rl normal outfits >< I'm a big girl I can't get stockings that will stay up
ChovexaniArt's avatar
*whisper* that is brilliant
spazzer-bot's avatar
*whispers back* Thank you so much!

Send me pictures if you get this worked into your daily outfits!
ChovexaniArt's avatar
I wish I had the skill to make such a thing XD!
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