National Novel Writing Month's coming up! Is there anything in particular you need help with to reach the 50k word threshhold?
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Inspiration: Coming up with a good-enough story that'll keep me excited.
Characters: Coming up with a great cast to keep the story moving.
Plot: Coming up with events that'll sustain me for 50k words.
World-building: Coming up with a setting that's ripe with content.
Theme: Coming up with moral ideas that'll keep me and readers thinking.
Overcoming Writer's Block: Sustaining myself so I can get those ideas down on paper in the first place.
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Published: September 29, 2018
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Everything. ^^;
Well... characters, plot, and writer's block are the big three right now, but last year that wasn't the case since I had a pretty good idea of what I was going for. I think of writer's block as simply stumbling on one of the others, and thus not knowing what to write, less than running out of willpower, so I'm not sure how applicable that is to me, though I suppose my willpower was severely strained last year. Now sure how that would play out if I tried to do it again.