The Shin(g)o Incident Complete!
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Published: June 13, 2013
It started with a typo, and then TTBNC and I wanted to make reply comics at the exact same time. The result? We decided to collab on a a Walfas tennis unlike anything you've seen before: The Shin(g)o Incident!

Half-bird youkai magician Mini accidentally made an overgrowing taco, forcing him and roomate/swordswoman Megumi out to not only resolve this incident, but another: the infamous ability-copying demon Shino is on the loose, trying to capture fluffy Mexican/Myouren Temple trainee Shingo, who has been turned into a demon by unknown forces, for romantic reasons. Elsewhere, Dark Scarlet/Tom and Mini's love interest Utsuho get caught up in the fray when they notice the giant taco is coming from Mini's house. Expect wild adventure, Pythonesque surreal humor, and some surprisingly rich storytelling.

The Original Question by MiniWitch3:
The Aftermath by IShingoYabuki:
Shingo's Rescue by TTBNC:

Main Plot:
Part 1 by Spaztique:
Part 2 by TTBNC:
Part 3 by Spaztique:
Part 4 by TTBNC:
Part 5 by Spaztique:
Part 6 by TTBNC:
Part 7 by Spaztique:
Part 8 by TTBNC:
Part 9 by Spaztique:
Part 10 by TTBNC:
Part 11 by Spaztique:
Part 12 by TTBNC:
Part 13 By Spaztique
Part 14 by TTBNC:
Part 15-1 by Spaztique:
Part 15-2 by Spaztique:

Shingo BY :iconishingoyabuki:
Co-Written by and Rakka and Coninue by :iconttbnc:
Mini, Megumi, and Shino by :iconminiwitch3:
Everyone else by :iconzunplz:
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mobiusonedtHobbyist General Artist
It has been an . . experience, let's say that.
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"and some surprisingly "

And it cuts off. Might wanna fix that.

Anywho, it's been a wild ride, I'm eager to see what you and the King of derp can come up with next!
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SpaztiqueHobbyist Digital Artist