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AtIPreviewCard1 by Spaztique

Written by Spaztique
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Romance Comedy
Rated PG-13 for mild sexual content, brief nudity, intense peril, and frightening imagery.

Synopsis: Welcome to the Post-Surface Era: Earth is now covered in perpetual hurricanes, raining down hot, toxic water, and the last of mankind lives in armored Biospheres, overseen by a sentient, omniscient AI and a population of robots and androids that outnumber the human survivors. With nothing outside of the Biospheres, man has developed a virtual utopia, the Aethersphere, to live in for the rest of their days. Unfortunately for our lovesick protagonist, Keito Kuronagi of Biosphere 54, a scheduled power outage means he'll be stuck in the real world for a week. In the Aethersphere, Keito is a suave, brave romantic, going on wild adventures while wooing AI-controlled women, but in the real world, he's a hopeless loner. Things take a wild turn when the local explorer and utter ditz Sachiko Tsurumoto invites him on a trip to recover a rare Surface Era relic before high tide returns and washes it away. With nothing to do in the Biosphere without power, and enticed by the offer to camp out in the ruins with a bunch of cute girls, Keito embarks on an adventure that's sure to beat out every virtual experience he's ever had...

Notes: This story feels like the culmination of every past NaNoWriMo, with all of my typical story themes wrapped up in a single project. Bleak setting with ungodly amounts of world-building and hopeful characters to contrast it? Check. Existentialist themes and topics about free will or the lack thereof? Check. Animesque character archetypes and goofy harem romance comedy? Double check! Oddly enough, in the development phase, it started out as a sequel to last year's hentai pastiche Virgin Killer Club!, with what would happen to the offspring of the last story's couple, but it has since evolved into a muted post-apocalyptic piece. Still, I consider it a spiritual successor to VKC: despite its bleak opening, it quickly becomes a heartwarming coming-of-age story. More importantly, unlike VKC and its extremely explicit sex scenes, this one's actually available to the public! And there's a reading link down below!

Unlike the previous years, leave your comments about the story and any typos you may spot in this journal post. I'll correct them when I can.

My goal is to finish the whole story, not just the 50k word deadline, by the end of November. Wish me luck!

Williefleete Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Really interesting so far, giggled a few times, a few minor typos etc (I think you have wield instead of weld in one place) but very enjoyable.
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Submitted on
November 6, 2018


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