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The Four Pillars of Walfas Content Creation 2021


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The Four Pillars of Walfas Content Creation 2021


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WSW Town Haul Illustrated Participation Map (v1)

Guides and Illustrated Guides

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Wrath of the Amanojaku Poster v2

Wrath of the Amanojaku - MAIN

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[Satire] How NOT to write a Self-Insert fic.

Walfas Satire

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[Touhou] Medicine's Philosophy

Touhou Two-Step

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Snow Shovel Walfas Prop

Custom Props

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Mini's Fan's Short: The Shingo Incident 15-2

The Shingo Incident - TTBNC Tennis, Spaz's Side

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Legend of Derp Episode 14

Legend of Derp - Tennis with TTBNC, Spaz's Side

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The Definitive Guide To DitR - Appendices

Appendices Appendix A: DitR and Story Structure Trubian Model: Weakness: Brolli is selfish, ignorant, and tends to use others. Need: Brolli must learn his weaknesses, his true strengths, and to put others before himself. In other words, he must see how his behaviors are affecting others. (This need also affects a great majority of those he meets in Gensokyo as well.) Desire: Brolli wants an easy life as a hero in the fantasy realm of Gensokyo... Problem: ... only to find it more dangerous than he imagined. Opponent: Brolli is at odds with the incident resolvers, who all want Brolli to follow the rules. The ones who don't care if he follows

The Definitive Guide To DitR

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Textbook Perfect Sunshine 1-1: Page 10

Textbook Perfect Sunshine

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Let's Play Undertale LIVE Final Battle Card

Stream Cards

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Unleash The Hermit Within #4 Program Guide/Credits

Note: The title and format "Unleash The Hermit Within" is a parody of Tony Robbins' "Unleash The Power Within", to which David "Spaztique" Z. is a huge fan of. The material used in this amateur not-for-profit stream is either original, uses material noted in the sources cited sparingly, or to the extent that it is readily available through legal means. The title and format may change in the future, but in the meantime, Spaztique will do his best to remain respectful to the copyrights and material used. Unleash The Hermit WithinWhere The Impossible Becomes Slightly More Possible December 27, 2014 Stream, 8 PM-12 AM Central Live of the Spaztiq

Unleash The Hermit Within

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ITSW: MiniBeard3

Inside The Station Wagon

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5DM's Scripts and Other Stuff - Part 3: Commentary

Five (Dangerous) Month's At The Hinata Inn('s Scripts & Other Stuff!)By SpaztiqueBased very loosely on Love Hina by Ken Akumatsu Table of Contents:    Part 1: About Five Months At The Hinata Inn    Part 2: The Scripts!        Part 2a - Episodes 1.1-1.4            Episode 1 - Part 1: How Keitaro Ended Up At The Hinata In OR Downer Beginning            Epsiode 1 - Part 2: The Tokyo U Sophomore OR Fawlty Towers Plot            Episode 1 - Part 3: Operation Get Rid Of Keitaro OR Sadist Show            Episode 1 - Part 4: Cheer Up, Shinobu! OR Clear My Name          Part 2b - Episodes 1.5-2.3            Episode 1 - Part 5: How To Lear

Five Dangerous Months Scripts

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The Adventures of Kenma The Bear Youkai: Episode 6

The Adventures of Kenma The Bear Youkai

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Loveless City: The Great Reunion

Loveless City 2014

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Mokou's Grilled Bird Stand - Rumia

Mokou's Grilled Bird Stand

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Station Wagon Love Children: CrystalXOkami

Station Wagon Love Children

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Where The Zombies At? Book Cover

NaNoWriMo 2015 Hype

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Fractal Thingy #2 - Lightning Rose

Fractal Thingies

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Undertale ULTRA June 2016 - Cinematic Poster #1

Undertale MMD

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