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You Are Normal

By Spaztique
I believe there's two kinds of "normal":
1. Mythic normal: A normal that doesn't exist. It's the enemy of the "unique individual." Nobody wants to be "normal": they want to be recognized as a unique individual. They get what Dale Carnegie calls a "feeling of importance" via being "unique."
2. Normal normal: What you are: no matter the bizarre or out-there you think your hobbies are, there are probably thousands of others just like you out there. This is the real normal, and you're it.
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Show this to Tumblr and to my younger self.
Tumblr special snowflakes in a nutshell
Rougealienpirate's avatar
Show this to people with Special Snowflake syndrome 
AurotheRiolu's avatar
Deal with it B3 [Turn down for what]
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eu também não sou normal já que eu tenho um problema tipo
"a minha avo está com uma faca eu olho para ele e penso nas 5 letras m-o-r-t-e"
lucky-starring's avatar
This reminds me to tumblr's special snowflake.
Reimu-and-Cirno's avatar
Anyone else reminded of that line from "Life of Brian?"

"Yes!  We're all individuals!"
"I'm not."
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I'm normal. nobody else is normal.  This makes me unique, but by being unique, I am now normal again.  I love this logic.
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I create TONS of pics and play games like no one's business, nothing strange bout it, that's how i roll.
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You know, I'm taking a course on social psychology at coursera and while seeing something, I remember of seeing this. In social psychology, people aren't considered normal or different, but rather whether they are salient or not (example a room with 6 men and one woman, the woman is salient), so the "diferent" people are actually salient. But this obviously vary with the situation.
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What about those of us that have real angel wings on our backs and mouse ears and lion tails? We're not normal. OMG WE'RE SO NOT NORMAL ASDF. >ahem< Sorry about that. But you're right, you know. All these years I've felt like I'm not normal and I'm surrounded by other "not normal" people.
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Individual just like everyone else?
RandomNumbers5902672's avatar
Probably a little late for the party, but this comic reminded me of this line from The Incredibles, [link]
RandomNumbers5902672's avatar
And this one, from the same movie, that the comments section reminded me: "Saying everyone is special is like saying no one is."
RaikonLance's avatar
Normal is a terrible word applied to humans. Because you could define normal usually as a thing that "does what it is supposed to do." or "What it is expected to do/be".
RavenZero-One's avatar
This is so simple yet so deep.

Great job, sir!
IShingoYabuki's avatar
Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.
BrokenGreenThunder's avatar
I'm *insert a bunch of things here*!
I'm normal!
StrawberryHoshiWarp's avatar
I'm a person that likes knowing things...I'm normal!
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oh god... Then... the PPP... is...
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...Just a normal person with a fish tail and antler-like hair that turns people into one of them.
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A motto I always go by is that "There is no such thing as normal; only varying shades of uniqueness."

In the end, between black (normal) and white (weird), every damn person is gray, some brighter or darker than others depending on what their traits, personality, habits, and ect. are in comparison to everyone else. Because there is no "standard" person to go off of to use as a base for black and white since such people don't exist. It's all subjective.
Captainface's avatar
I'm not sure I still qualify....I have been diagnosed with Autism, which in a technical sense makes me abnormal. ^^;
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