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Touhou: Endless Blue Concept Art



NOTE: In July of 2012, I learned there was similar Touhou aquatic fangame called "Marine Benefit", which was released in May of 2012, but I've held onto the concept for "Endless Blue" since April of 2011. Any similarities between MB and EB are entirely coincidental: especially the level structure (but really, all Touhou campaigns are similar: forest, region outside of incident, sight of the incident, on the way to the main culprit, headquarters of the culprit, final confrontation). Besides, if there can be more than one game about a scarlet mist (EoSD, IaMP, SWR), there can be more than one aquatic incident. And just in case there's anything else to get in the way of good will, I'm going to make the Marine Benefit characters into a playable team.

I wish this was real. I soooo wish this was real.

The story: All of the water in Gensokyo has gone missing, and it seems to have ended up in a valley somewhere, making a new beach full of dangerous water youkai. Worse, the surrounding youkai and fairies of Gensokyo are in a frenzy to get the water back, so the region is even more populated with more monsters than usual. Each team has their own reason for investigating the disturbance.

The game: This is a coop game. There are five players on a large playing field (the normal sprites at 1/5th smaller than what they'd be in regular Touhou) cooperatively fighting all of the enemies, and due to the large playing field, you can shoot in any direction. You move with WASD, focus with shift, and use the mouse to aim/shoot/fire bombs. The four other characters may be controlled by the computer or humans over internet (preferably using Skype/Ventrillo/Teamspeak to chat).

Teams include...
Border Team: Well-rounded group of characters. Reimu wants to stop the youkai who stole Gensokyo's water.
Rin (a cut character from EoSD)

Magic Team: Relies on speed and power, but has a thin spread and maybe a bit too fast for survivalists. Marisa wants to see what's up with the new sea.

Scarlet Team: Utilizes powerful spell cards and magic techniques, but they have large hitboxes. Remilia wants to steal back the water for tea time.

Team Nine: Gains lives more quickly, but they are weak. Cirno wants Misty Lake back so the Three Mischevious Fairies will stop making fun of her.

Lunar Team: Has the smallest hitboxes, but a small area of collection, too. Wants to get water to put the fire around the Eientei out, and since Mokou started it, they're forcing her to come with.

Moriya Team: Has the most powerful spell card attacks, but the hitboxes a bit larger than average. Sanae and Utsuho are being tested for their incident-solving skills.

Ghost Team: Relies on wide spread and damage, but the spread can be a bit too wide for longer-range attacks. Yukari's mad because part of the water stolen included her booze supply.

Palanquin Team: Largest scope of collection with balanced-but-lacking stats. Byakuren wants to make peaceful contact with the aquatic youkai.
Ichirin/Unzan (Unzan provides her weapons)

Hermit Team: Small hitboxes and wide spread, but the attacks are weak. Miko knows a youkai took the water and that means it's youkai killing time!
Seiga/Yoshika (Yoshika acts as her firing weapon)

Marine Team (from Marine Benefit): Well-balanced, but above average stats since they're an unlockable team. They're attacking the underwater youkai hotel because it's unnatural and a blasphemy against sea life. Look up these characters here: [link]

Stages include...
Stage 1: A forest path near the shore. The boss is Gale Maelstrom, a youkai of the wind. She is as dumb as a stump, and she's only there to try her powers on the waves.

Stage 2: The shoreline itself. The boss is Rusa Vinovich, a rusalka (a type of succubus mermaid thing). She's an uppity jerk who complains about the vacation conditions of Gensokyo, leading to the discovery that the aquatic youkai are vacationing to this new sea.

Stage 3: The sea itself. They eventually hit a rock and run into Shouko Goku, a drunken sea sprite (who supplied Suika with her sake gourd) who tells everyone that the aquatic youkai are going to a resort under the sea, but it's a dangerous trek there, so they must prove themselves with a fight first.

Stage 4: An underwater path, leading to the entrance of Hotel Bonze. The heroines are stopped by Aoi Ikari, a blue fire heron youkai, who, after reading a travel guide to Gensokyo, was warned against the residents and decides to fight them to save the hotel. Since she has studied up on the different residents of Gensokyo, her attacks change depending on which team you use, and because of the nature of the game, teamwork is required to beat the boss (some patterns utilize character shot patterns, some bullets affect some characters while not harming others, and so on).

Stage 5: Inside Hotel Bonze itself. The characters eventually run into Neptine Marple, a mermaid bellhop, who does not take kindly to the various youkai/youkai hunters making a ruckus in the hotel, so she calls security on you. Her boss fight is centered around enemies rushing in from all sides (think of that section from stage 4 from Ten Desires where all the enemies rush in, and you have a good idea). The idea here is that three or four of the players gun down the incoming fairies while one or two shoot at Neptine.

Stage 6: The Penthouse. After battling their way to the top office (and fighting Neptine once more as she unlocks the door and calls for help), the heroines run into Umika Kanai, a Sea Bonze youkai and entrepreneur of the Hotel Bonze chain of hotels for aquatic youkai, who informs the heroines she stole everyone's water for her business, but the heroines notify her that she stole way, waaay too much water and she should give it back. Umika says it makes for a good vista outside the hotel and removing it would drive down both interest in the hotel and property values for the surrounding area. Fed up, the heroines challenge her to a fight. The finale of the boss fight has Umika splitting into five parts and fighting each heroine individually.

Extra Stage: Umika asks for help from the team who beat her: since getting the water back, customers have gone downhill as expected, but there is something they can do to quell the complaints: a rival of hers, a dragon by the name of Mizuchi Shoujin, has opened up a similar resort under Misty Lake, and they have to help drive away her customers by attacking. The midboss of this stage is Rusa, who turns out to be a reviewer of youkai hotels. Mizuchi herself is friendly, if a little aloof, and informs them that these youkai resorts are a fierce business, and decides to use your fight as entertainment for the guests. The fight ends with the heroines deciding this whole youkai hotel business concept is stupid and they should just leave them alone, going back to normal life.

Want their DNA for some reason? Here they are!

Stage 1 Theme: [link]
Stage 1 Boss Theme: [link]
Song updates will be sparse, but they will come.
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this reminds me of a certain doujinshi read once... (that was incomplete too...), and it's was a certain similar plot... but more expanded too.