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[OUTDATED] PSA: This is Canon Gensokyo...

By Spaztique
Update, June 2018: I'm leaving this up for archival purposes, but I should add that this was originally made to trip up Touhou fanfic writers (specifically OC/self-insert fic writers). Nowadays, I'm waaay softer on the folks this comic was originally meant to pull the rug out from under. Do not think these are my current views (or even really my views back then, for that matter). The basic point of this comic is this: do your dang research!

Original Description:
Updated July 3, 2013: Now includes a panel with Flandre and Meiling.

There is a serious lack of vanilla Touhou comics. Everywhere I look, it's nothing but OCs fighting OCs within Gensokyo and around the Touhou cast, but none of them are involved. Sometimes, this is done well: the Touhou cast in these cases are deliberately secondary characters. However, most cases have an ever-increasing cast follow one dude on a quest to fight another dude, and only they are allowed to fight eachother, rendering the other characters null and void.

You can make amazing stories with just the Touhou cast alone: with no fanon, no OCs, just good old honest-to-Zun Touhou. You can still be funny, adventurous, heartwarming or heartbreaking with the canon cast without using memes as a crutch.

Break some ground and be the first Walfasers to show the impact vanilla Touhou can really have.

-I'm not saying all Touhou needs to be serious. In fact, many of the canon characters a quite funny in canon form (if not occasionally funnier).
-If you're doing gags, parodies, or other funny things, you are exempt. The Rule of Funny applies.
-I am NOT saying you should throw out ALL fanon elements: I'm saying don't treat fanon like canon and accept it as gospel. Use canon as your base, and then add fanon elements on top. After all, the only reason we change things is to make them better, so use fanon if canon isn't as good (and you'll find that in the case of Touhou, most of it does work). It is possible to do vanilla Touhou poorly just as you can do not-vanilla Touhou really well. Do not think for one second that I'm saying to burn people who use fanon at the stake: rather, this is a call to remember that Touhou is more than just memes, and how we mix and match fanon and canon can lead to a wide range of possibilities.
-DON'T TAKE THIS GUIDE TOO SERIOUSLY: just as the point of this guide is not to blindly follow fanon, don't see this guide as the sole authority on the matter, because it's not. I'm not the last word on Touhou. Even I have blind spots. The point is to stop thinking fanon has all the answers: Zun loves pulling the rug out from under fans regularly as it is. Like most of my works along this comic, my big point is to actually do some research for yourself! If you simply follow everything I say, if you treat this like the "end all, be all guide to canon Gensokyo," you've utterly missed the point of it.
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This is the Gensokyo the gods loved

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speaking of which, i kinda want to adds more stuff:

*Renko, Maribel:* just an ordinary club, they're university students and their relationship with Yukair and Sumireko are unknown, mostly could be debatable if they're even related at all (specially merry-yukari). Also they're from the future, yet how far is still unknown (and to know if in their future cellphones are still a thing is also unknown too...)

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Soo, Komachi does her work, but is not what we think... (that means she doesn't ferry the souls to the afterlife, or she just closes the distance between starting point a to the destination?)

Also, what are western youkai?

[Try to think a proper parody lyrics of "This is America" bassed on this PSA, Failed even more miserable than get Danmakuscoped to death by Easy mode Rumia]
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will there be an updated ver. someday?
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I’m really glad you asked. Yes there will be, and it’ll be way less harsh.

I’ll probably do it once I finish Wrath of the Amanojaku, since that comic in itself is a lighter and kinder look at Touhou canon/fanon than the stuff I made around the time I made this.
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Will the updated version also point towards characters doing things that the fanon people wouldn't? Such as:

-Keine wouldn't be running class for youkai (or even let them hang around the village), but Byakuren might.
-Why have Yukari bring your author avatar into Gensokyo when Sumireko is both possibly around the block and less inclined to think about the consequences?
-Rumia may have the arm flexibility to not get herself stuck, Yoshika does not have that luxury.
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Soo... if Yoshika falls, she may never get up again? also... does youkai have any education?... or at least any intelligence?

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There are some things I like about fanon, some things I don’t like, and those that just make me question the human race and why it exists.

Despite this, this IS a good template (‘template’ being VERY loosely used here) to encourage some actual research into these characters for those just getting into the fandom of Touhou (me being included).
Although there actually are some exceptions.

Suika: Really is drunk 24/7/365  (In SA, Yuugi even says that Suika's voice sounds drunken!)
Parsee: Really is brimming with jealousy
Yuugi: Is indeed the "big sister" type, and it's true that she didn't even drop a bit of her sake when you fought her.
Utsuho: Really is a total ditz(in UNL, one of her winquotes has her basically stating that all shrine maidens look the same to her), and she really does go "Unyu"(she says it in SA's Extra prestory)
Futo: Really is an arsonist (In "Hopeless Masquerade", her Last Word involves her setting fire to the arena.)
Kagerou: Actually IS a total moeblob character (She's self-conscious about how thick her fur gets when it's a full moon out, and in Sakuya A's route, after she's defeated, she says "I'm scared... Humans are scary!".)
Junko: Really does hate Chang'e with every fiber of her being, and she really DOES have a thing for Reisen
Aunn: Really IS a total cutie who is eager to defend shrines (Although it isn't just Hakurei Shrine; it's implied that in the past she's protected Moriya Shrine and Myouren Temple as well.)
Okina: Really is a total troll (Just when the heroines had her on the ropes, she ejected them from her realm.  AND she only threw the seasons into chaos because she was just looking for new subordinates to replace her old ones(and even then the seasons going out of whack wasn't intentional).)
"I'm not stupid, I'm just arrogant."'re kinda both...
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would you consider what im doing with TLDR to be an example of a cross between vanilla and oc's?
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To put it into writing, it's fine, but as I said in the disclaimer, don't take the above too seriously. It's just meant to shake up the typical fanon-obssessed folks.
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Absolutely this. I don't mind a little bit of fanon here and there, but sometimes it really bothers me how the characters are warped into something completely different in fanworks.
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Toyosatomimi is the real Youkai Jesus, she even teaches people about being a hermit and helps her religion than Byakuren did.
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The interesting thing about my work is, I actually include Gensokyo in these battles.

I'll gladly have a Prospitan, a limbless cat, an Azuran Golem and the SDM's gate guard all working together.
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If done correctly Mima could be more than just "a second Marisa".
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True thing. What a good review!
I get that this isn't supposed to be perfect, but there's a couple of things my pedantry compels me to point out:

- When people say that Byakuren is "Youkai Jesus", they mean she's (at least in her latter days) a messianic sort of character for youkai. That's all.
- The panel on Mima doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Mima and Marisa have similarly-themed magic, but their personalities are quite different (Mima is far more arrogant and seeks power to have dominion, whereas Marisa seeks power because she's curious/for personal pride) and Mima has quite a different connection to Reimu. If one were writing a fanwork that focuses on the Hakurei Shrine itself and its various mysteries, Mima is a natural inclusion.
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You know, I honestly don't have trouble with OC x canon, but when canon is demoted to what can basically be described as a damsel who only exists to lust over said OC, it's pointless. If anything, I would keep the romance low and portray the canon character just as, if not MORE capable than the OC.
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That's why i made my OC a complete silly character. I prefer make people laugh over him because he got beaten up by even a random fairy than bein a complete "HURRDURR i cannot die cause i have god like powers".
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I think I actually need to go and complete the game, get some good endings (since most of the time I have to use a continue), get some more english patches and read the dialouge for once.
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