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NaNoWriMo 2018: Across The Isolation - The Cast! by Spaztique NaNoWriMo 2018: Across The Isolation - The Cast! by Spaztique
And now, something to contrast my previous National Novel Writing Month novel yet again!

Ladies and gents, I present to you...

Across the Isolation
A post-apocalyptic science-fiction social allegory geothriller adventure harem romance comedy!

Earth is basically gone: at the end of the Surface Era, the ocean temperatures had risen so high that runaway hypercanes had covered the Earth in perpetual storms. What remains are the survivors of Project Viridian and the Viridian Colonies, partially-submerged biospheres capable of sustaining life and preserving humanity. What's left of humanity now spends most of their time in virtual worlds, procedurally generated by computers to fit whatever experience they desire. Robots now mantain everything with perfect precision and serve humanity, with everyone given a Personal Assistant Robot, or PAR, for companionship. As such, relationships between humans have become non-existent, especially in real life.

Keito Kuranagi lives in Biosphere 54, near former Japan, and even compared to the other Viridian Colonies, human-to-human contact has become non-existent. Between his learning exercises, where he is taught the history of Project Viridian, he spends his days in romance simulators, dreaming of the days of the Surface Era: clear blue skies, surrounded by friends, going on wild misadventures, ending in romance. Even though he lives in an age where there's no shortage of food or water, where nanomachines have cured all diseases, and there's no need to work, he'd give anything to travel back to the Surface Era.

And then, the power goes out.

Keito's virtual world comes crashing down, along with everyone else's, and he returns to the world of endless storms, where his only interaction is with his PAR, the quiet and emotionless "NANA", and where nothing ever happens. NANA is Keito's seventh PAR, which upgrades and changes function and behavior depending on the owner's age and developmental growth, and the seventh PAR is designed for romantic companionship. However, Keito feels unrewarded and uncomfortable trying to romance his robot, and wishes he could meet a human girl who wasn't suffering crippling shyness like... well... pretty much every human girl of the Post-Surface Era.

While being told to evacuate to Biosphere 53, he runs into Sachiko Tsurumoto, a hyperactive and curious self-described adventurer who wants to find the source of the power outage and possibly explore the older structures of the early Viridian Colonies, quite possibly even the outer regions that haven't been flooded. Despite being initially annoyed with her overly peppy personality, the two bond over their curiosity of the Surface Era and wish the modern era wasn't so boring.

With little-to-nobody enforcing the evacuation, Keito follows Sachiko and a cast of other curious adventurers through a post-apocalyptic world to discover, out of all of the sins of humanity's past, what's the one thing the Surface Era did right, and why even in humanity's darkest time, there still may be hope...

Last year, I jumped into the world of hentai with Virgin Killer Club!, which has to be my favorite NaNoWriMo project by far to date. It was fun to write: it was chock full of jokes, yet it had a lot of heart and readers said the theme about loneliness hit very close to home. It satirized, spoofed, but also showed sympathy for eroge visual novel tropes, and it had a harem cast that didn't make you want to punch the main character or any of the girls (except maybe Rin). It got done in 22 days, making it the second fastest NaNoWriMo I've written behind the steampunk-vs-cyberpunk-WW2-allegory two-fisted pulp tale war epic Loveless City, written in 19 days. And even though only two of the five chapters were finished, I'm still trickling in chapters 3-5 in my off-time because it's that fun to work on. It's an 18+ story, so only folks who've verified their age can read it, but it's small fanbase is more devoted to it than any other NaNoWriMo I've worked on.

So, how the HELL do we top that?!

Well, normally I put things to a vote every year, but this year, I've stumbled upon a premise I liked so much, I've decided to just pursue it immediately. I've always bounced around an idea of a future where everyone lives in a virtual world, and it's quite commonplace. There's The Matrix, Sword Art Online, Ready Player One, and so on. But how about a story where characters who've lived in a virtual world have to go offline? And since I had fun with the harem genre in both Voidspawn and Virgin Killer Club!, why not do it again? And how about we return to my home genre of adventure in a bleak setting?

And the result was this.

This year's NaNoWriMo entry should be a mishmash of all of my favorite tropes and ideas, combined into a single plot. Part of me wants it to be PG, but my love of dirty jokes wants it to be PG-13. Either way, I want it to be cleaner than my other projects: even though Voidspawn was technically not 18+, it had some pretty spicy stuff, especially with Trent's fantasy sequences. And, obviously, it's going to be infinitely cleaner than Virgin Killer Club!, which pretty much played fetish bingo (in addition to other R18 stuff I can't even mention). At most, there'll be some brief nudity or maybe a boob grab, but that's about it. Not sure till we start.

Full Cast Page Coming Soon...

Image made in ComiPo! and Garry's Mod.
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Williefleete Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
thoroughly enjoying this spaztique, I've been keeping up with the google doc
gervin51 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Can't wait to read this. Once I'm finished with VKC, I'll start reading this next. Queued up. :3
Williefleete Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
might be interesting
prinnylover101 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Did you finish last year's nanowrimo?
Williefleete Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
cant say I have, I dont really keep up with these
Aardvark1998 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I can safely say I'm looking forward to it.
HikaruBaskerville-0 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
This should prove to be just as worthwhile a NaNoWriMo as the past ones, considering this premise =w=
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