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My Name Is David...

By Spaztique
I should also mention, there are people who do things better than me in other areas, but if I wanted to, I could learn what they learned.
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ferdyferdy9's avatar
Reading this advice after watching your "Diamond in The Rough" series really helped me gain back my mental composure, thanks~
MarcytheYokaiVampire's avatar
Glad to know a thing or two about you, Spaz 
maybe i can do something like this; at least so people'd know some things about me ^^
HobbitTerraria15's avatar
I wish I'd seen this sooner.
MyUsernameIsMine's avatar
Spaz misspelled niece in panel 5 worst comic ever 0/10

...Just kidding, anyone can make mistakes. If anything, it makes the whole "I'm not the messiah" message I think you're going for that much stronger.
UltimateChimeraBlood's avatar
To some, this may seem like an ordinary comic.
But to me, I find it very inspirational.

I know this is late, but thank you for sharing this with us.
Silverstream-pi's avatar
Other than your great work, this is yet another reason why I respect and admire you.  You are a normal guy who shared his ideas with the world.  It inspired me because now I know that I might be as good as you with enough effort. 
AltAlicia's avatar
:iconthisplz: I really don't like it when people take favourites because sometimes it can lead to blind rage towards others that are most likely right in the first place.

Mikallest's avatar
David, huh? I can't wrap around my head around it, i've gotten used to spaztique too much lol
Kadapunny's avatar
Worship Spaztique because 10000 subscribers
Kadapunny's avatar
ScarletDevilVocaloid's avatar
I know this is a very late reply, but don't say sorry, just don't do it.
Kadapunny's avatar
Great now you tempt me to do it more
Rumiflan's avatar
That explains a lot! :nod:
Yeah, I don't like it when people "worship" a person, no matter how tallented he/she can be. Yes, I admit, I had a similiar situation with ~YeagerD, but I got over it a long time ago. However, while I do realize that you're not a god, I still respect your skills as a tutor/storyteller, which is why I showed my "OC-Relative" guide to you before posting.

Anyway, I agree! In our own ways, we're all humans.
LexenNobody's avatar
And it's things like these that so happen to be written in The Book of Life. No one's perfect, no one can be the same as others, we're all made different and being different is what makes us special.
Wolfmaw11's avatar
One of the reasons why people treat praise from you like gold is because they see you as a role model (myself included). So to get praised by >you<, their role model, feels like a life acomplishment. If you've ever been praised by your parents (or anybody that you admire) you should kindof know how it feels. I think that they are unknowingly trying to impress you.
rhythmfanart's avatar
And by that last comment I posted, I meant that I was scared you'd get the wrong idea and think that I only wanted to be friends with you because you're popular on the internet and I wanted to be popular. That's not why I wanted to be your friend at all!
crystalgreatsword's avatar
It goes to show that as humans, there is never a time when we can afford to stop learning. There is always something new to learn, something to discover. It's just a matter of whether or not we choose to keep learning new things or to stay where we are.
Tanukaze's avatar
I admit, when you so much as acknowledged my existence at the Paranoia RP stream, I almost lost it. Now I see that you're the same as me: Human. Sure there are things you do better, (like, all of them) but seeing you as an equal in a way makes you easier to relate to, and easier to look up to.
mobiusonedt's avatar
You mean you DIDN'T slay Goliath?
SolarisTheHedgehog's avatar
"And this is where the original station wagon got started!"

*Point at the chair* ....i don't get it. :XD:
Spaztique's avatar
Htf showed me the spot in the library he frequents where the original skype call that brought us together started.
SolarisTheHedgehog's avatar
Ahhh...and where the Madness- i mean 'Lunatic' starts.
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