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Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Abridgement Poster

By Spaztique
A suitable follow-up to DitR: instead of exploring the dark canon elements of Touhou, I'm going to eventually lighten up the horrific (in multiple senses of the word) "Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure." I gave a rough draft of the script to the U-Haul, and it is literally "pee your pants" funny.

Synopsis: Koishi decides to go fishing, but she forgets to bring a fishing rod. She goes to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to get a rod, but accidentally causes a disaster that leads both Koishi and her sister to uncover a larger, even more horrifying incident that may soon overtake Gensokyo... Oh, and Koishi is essentially played by PewDiePie, nobody dies, and it's infinitely lighter and softer. Basically, it's "Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure" if it were a gag series.

Sample soundtrack of what I might use for it:
Koishi at Misty Lake: [link]
More music: [link]

Consider this your brain bleach for KHTA.
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Gentlemen! BEHOLD!
PnFForever11's avatar
I have started watching Koishi Komeiji's Heart Throbbing Adventure. I am certainly looking forward to this parody.
lucky-starring's avatar
doitdoitdoit DO IT!!!!
Night-Apparations's avatar
Oh dear lordy, cannot wait.

Silverstream-pi's avatar
Koishi being my favorite character and all, this sounds better than awesome.  I really need to see this, because I think that watching KHTA did something to my brain.  To put this in perspective, I found KHTA funny.
Silverstream-pi's avatar

OMG this sounds even better than a possible KKE (Koishi Komeiji Edition) touhou sketches!!


H1ghr1s3l0v3r's avatar
Good idea!
I'm definitely looking forward for it. The poster looks promising! :w00t:
mobiusonedt's avatar
Oh god this outta be good.

I've seen bits a pieces of the original thing. . . what the actual *#$% is all I can say to describe it.
festasim's avatar
I would SO watch this.
CyborgMage's avatar
... KHTA Abridged?

How can this NOT end well?
Daemoniken's avatar
Hey, this is supposedly gonna be for giggles!
ExPorygon's avatar
I'm glad I finally got around to watching the original series. Can't wait for this version!
As long there no death to the touhou character in it, count me in. =D
MiniWitch3's avatar
Oh my. I can only imagine how this will go.
Daemoniken's avatar
I was wondering when someone was gonna do something like this! Or at least plan it, for now.
TobiObito4ever's avatar
Oooh, this ought to be good. Can't wait! xD
Hydrogems's avatar
This will be a funny experience for me. I am looking forward to this.
Feraligono's avatar
abridging touhou?
it has been foretold
KidSapiens's avatar
By the Scrolls, no less.
DeityDiz93's avatar
This will be special.
crystalgreatsword's avatar
I approve! This will be amazing!
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