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Illustrated Guide to Homestuck IN PLAIN ENGLISH

By Spaztique
Homestuck fans, is it really that hard to explain Homestuck? I mean, really?

Non-Homestuck peeps who are interested in going on the adventure, I've taken the liberty to skip past the tutorial stuff and start right at the actual story: [link]

Also, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, Dave's comic series which is heavily referenced by the characters: [link]
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Well, this is a nice explanation. Personally, I never really got into Homestuck. I wasn't in the right community for it at the time, and that "Zoosmell Pooplord" joke didn't grab my interest. But now, I kind of wish I had gotten into it, because I just saw a three and a half hour summary of Homestuck that was actually pretty interesting. And now, I'm in the middle of... Act 2. Yeah, I've got a lot of catching up to do... :nod:

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There are just a bunch of details that are needed to understand the plat in the big picture, and a lot of time jumping, vague explanation, overly in-depth explanations, fancy words, puns, 4th wall breaks, characters, deaths, and all whole lot of other things that if I said, would pull be over the line that separates summaries from spoilers.
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Eeyup. That's about it. 
Can I have the 4 kid's DNA'S? (If you have it)

Btw, who's your favorite Homestuck character?
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And here I thought it was about a bunch of nymphomaniac trolls...
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omestuck: the Abridged Series. Dunno if I spelt it right.
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Oh gosh this is a pretty darn good basic explanation of Homestuck! The basic plot really isn't all that hard to explain, I think the main problem is people think of it as a whole and try to explain every single detail like Bec Noir, Alpha Kids, Pre-scratch Trolls, and so on. I know that's what I tried to do in my earlier days. And this probably just turns people away even more, making them think it's this huge complicated thing that's far too crazy to understand. As well as the somewhat slow first act, which I have personally come to like since the format really calls back to Problem Sleuth, which was a great adventure.

Another problem is the publics impression of the fandom though. Everyone says it's really horrible, but it's honestly not! There are a ton of kind, talented people in it. The main problem I think is people tend to focus on the bad rather than the good, and a few horror stories later, their impression of the entire fandom is that it's a rude, opinion hating, bucket throwing grey mass. When the truth is a lot of us fans hate those parts! Their misinterpretation of characters and uneeded rudeness are definitely not welcome.

These days I've moreover migrated to the intermission fandom (I do love me some well dressed leprechaun mobsters), but I still very much do enjoy the main stories characters and such. Still, it's such a horrible shame that people let a few bad examples get in the way of a possibly enjoyable experience!! Especially when those special cases really don't represent the vast majority.

Argh sorry for the long comment, but again you did a very nice job with this explanation and hopefully some people will consider reading it! uou
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So basically it's Minecraft the Comic?
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Yep, only with more gates/timelines, more monsters, and more cooperative players.
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Well um...
This is pretty accurate.
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well, I'm glad SOMEONE made this guide to help some of my friends understand homestuck. I think the only reason homestuck is confusing is because like you said in the title, it's not in English.
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I think the problem is mostly about how to describe the story and why you like it. Everything that makes the story unique and enjoyable is a major spoiler, and it kind of ruins the story if you're told about it ahead of time. It's like trying to describe the plot of "Cabin in the Woods" only multiplied by a hundredfold.

Really, the 'twist' you refer to in the comic is not really even the twist, given how common the "video games come to life" plot is nowadays. The real twist(s) come in the form of what is done with the idea.

Personally, I enjoy it because the writer can effortlessly switch between incredibly bizarre humor and intensely dramatic moments, seemingly make the most ridiculous character concepts work as actual characters, and has a way of constructing incredibly complex jigsaw-puzzle plots that reward paying attention to everything done and said in-story. Given all that, I can see why people might not "get it".
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Not one "Let me tell you about Homestuck" joke? Anyway, I would love to read this series, but (A. I don't have the time, and (B. The fandom makes me want to eat a puppy. No offense to anyone in particular, but it feels like the troll fanatics are trying to be like trolls in every way. As a whole, they just come off as jerks toward anyone who doesn't read it. Mostly any extremist fan group kinda turns me off. Shame, because the series looks so cool.
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Oh goodness that response was way too long I apologize;;
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Hey there friend, sorry to reply out of no where, but let me take a moment to defend my fandom. It is true that the fandom is notorious for the crazies. Hell, when I joined the fandom I was terrified of what I was getting into. And it really turns out that those people are definitely not the majority. They're just all you ever hear about because, hey, that's the interesting stuff. Everyone just wants drama, but not to hear about the good sides of a fandom.

But some of the greatest people I've met have been through homestuck. I have met so many great convention friends and online friends who are very dear to me through this webcomic. The crazy fans you hear about are just as horrible to us too. All they do is horribly misinterpret the characters, act like assholes, and perpetuate the idea that the Homestuck fandom is horrific and should be avoided. But that is certainly not the majority.

It's filled with plenty of kind talented people, and it's a shame that side is hardly recognized from outside the fandom. Now whether you read it or not is up to you, I highly suggest it (cough and his other works, particularly problem sleuth) because it is a truly interesting and fun read with lots of great characters and mysteries that all comes together beautifully in my opinion. But you shouldn't let the undesirable parts of the fandom turn you away from what could possibly be a very enjoyable experience (or horrible one, you never know).

Ehehe, I apologize for the long reply, but it's a little disheartening to see some people believe that's the majority due to a few horror stories. I do completely understand if you lack the time though, it is quite the long read!! (Also another personal opinion, I feel as if deviantart is the breeding grounds for some of the worst fans honestly, so if you see them more often here, yeahhhhh)
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I didn't necessarily say that all fans were like that, (I know a few people that are Homestuck fans that are ashamed of those people) but I would really like to stay away from those that are. I would still be interested in reading it, but as I said, I don't have the time. It's also nice to see a level-headed fan defending his fellow competent fans, and the thing they love. I have faith that there are many good and kind people in this fandom, but I just don't have the time to see.
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Ahhh I'm sorry if I made it seem like I thought you meant all fans, I actually meant to clarify that to me it seemed like you meant the majority;; But yeah urgh, it's really irritating that they make the rest of us look bad. Hussie's actually gonna be at a con this summer and I'm terrified because even while a lot of the fans here are great, we also have a high concentration of Homestuck weeaboos so I can only hope things won't be too crazy. @n@

Ahhh hehe, like I said I getcha if time's also an issue! It's a real long read so it's totally understandable! uvu Oh gosh, thank you! I've honestly moved to a smaller section of the fandom, but I still do like to take the time to defend my main fandom friends! uou
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I do wonder what people think about their fandoms, especially the weird ones. I imagine that if Zun ever found the Walfas fan groups, he would be something like:
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Hehe, I feel like a lot of peeps like their fandoms, it's real rad when they do! uou omg ZUN's actually coming to a convention in Georgia in September, hopefully I can go and see how he feels about his American audience wowie!! that would be way cool~ OoO
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I kinda wish that I was within a few hundred miles of Georgia. I'm never near any interesting events.
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Sounds kinda weird.
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