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How I met MiniWitch3

By Spaztique
Following the last birthday comic about ~ColDiamondback, this is how I met ~MiniWitch3. I've got the flu and sleep deprivation, but no time, so I'm giving my account of how Mini has personally affected me, which is to say Mini is pretty much responsible for me sticking around, and he continues to be one of my main sources of how to properly write Touhou OCs/stories.

The video we made: [link]

I was working on a version with a laugh track, which I do plan to release (like many things, but I'm getting better at starting/finishing this, as evidence by releasing the Christmas contest results and this in the span of a few hours).

Epilogue for nightxofxdarkrai: He ended up collaborating with brolli909 Colonel Diamondback on his new series, "Brothers in Gensokyo." It's briefly mentioned here: [link]
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Please excuse me while I get some headache medicine from Eirin. I do believe my head is going to explode from the pure awesome this comic is composed of.
BellsAndWhistlesTeam's avatar
That was beautiful :')
keinecat's avatar
i cry even when it's not sad but funny
DeityDiz93's avatar
I can not get over the "AWESOMENEEEEESSSSS" panel. Oh man how much I agree. I love the music that is used in those videos.
MiniWitch3's avatar
Sigh. Good times.
And lol at Keinecat in the back.
Dragonmaster3456's avatar
Hm Interesting Story to say the least
mobiusonedt's avatar
Mini is pretty awesome, love his video's and characters.
WarFalcon's avatar
That is a nice story.
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