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Deity Diz's Birthday Comic 2013 (clean version)

By Spaztique
Gonna start doing regular birthday comics now. Let's see if I can keep up a good schedule with these. 4Komas are safe, right?

I can transfer the dirty version over skype by request. Same concept, just features (covered up) nudity.

Song used: [link]
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Athanasiadis's avatar
Does he even have a lower body?
DeityDiz93's avatar
I did, until I was a spirit...
SolarisTheHedgehog's avatar
( I'm so 'Parsee' of him that i could just die...oh wait i'm already am dead. )

Ehem, great present Spaz~! I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it...*cough*
DeityDiz93's avatar
That I did. The songs were catchy and that whole time was the most laid back thing ever.
mobiusonedt's avatar
Best birthday present ever, you know aside from the whole pre-meditated murder thing.
DeityDiz93's avatar
Worth the loss of a few brain cells.
Stiffy76's avatar
may i see it by note plz?
Stiffy76's avatar
if its all right by you of course o///o
DeityDiz93's avatar
Oh goodness... I don't even want to know why but eh, what the heck. Sure go ahead, but I will say that it's content is absolutely not why Komachi is my favorite Touhou character. I guess I like Komachi for her character and not the whole 'fanon appeal' so to speak.
Stiffy76's avatar
oh okay. so who is your fave?
DeityDiz93's avatar
Gee, I wonder if the comic and my comments were telling ya the answer of who is my favorite character is. = /
Dragonmaster3456's avatar
That's going to be a Fun Time
DeityDiz93's avatar
Well the fact that this is the 'clean version' it's a lot more enjoyable. But thank you Spaztique. This was awesome and clever. Also I might punch you for the hammer, and then maybe give ya a hug when I get back. ^^
ZenbuWaifu's avatar
Ooooh Myyyyy! :3
SuperMario1550's avatar
I love how this is the clean version
LeonTekashi's avatar
All I gotta say is Ohhh!!!
barbakki's avatar
That happens?!
I don't have to worry about murder anymore!
MissIceBlue's avatar
That's one great birthday present.
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