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The guide's now fully-released! Check it out here!

UPDATE - 12/7/15:
Added the first four episode part scripts. I'm currently editing them so that normal audiences can follow along with the stage directions. (I wrote the scripts in a way only I could understand, so I'm rewriting them so people can see what's going on.)
UPDATE - 12/11/15: Added seven more episodes. One more to go!
UPDATE - 12/19/15: All scripts done! Read the whole thing in its glory!

After making the Gensokyo Falls Intro Video, it really got me thinking back to the project that got me started in pushing the limits of create.swf, my Love Hina re-imagining Five (Dangerous) Months At The Hinata Inn.

If you're already familiar with Love Hina, Ken Akumatsu's harem romance-bending series (which later paved the way for his fantasy/pretty-much-everything-else-bending series Negima), imagine it with all of the fanservice removed, all of the subplots cleaned up, all of the arcs welded together, its lead characters Keitaro and Naru getting an extra dose of genre savvy and character development, and the tone made much, much, MUCH darker.

In a few days from posting this, I'll be posting all of the scripts so you can read along with the adventures of the residents of the Hinata Inn, learn the story behind why I wrote 5DM, and for actual Love Hina fans to critique my version of the story.

Part 1: About Five Dangerous Months At The Hinata Inn.
Part 2a: Episodes 1.1-1.4
Part 2b: Episodes 1.5-2.3
Part 2c: Episodes 2.4-3.2
Part 2d: Episode 3.3F
Part 3: Commentaries and Future Plans *COMING SOON*
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I know this has nothing to do with anything, but is Love Hina good?
I really mean, Spaztique is a serious guy and he likes it, so I assume there has to be more to it than just perverted comedy, fanservice and stuff like that.
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It's pretty good, I'd say. Back at a time when manga was only just getting popular, this was the first manga series to actually make it into the trade paperback best-sellers list. Remember: it's the guy who eventually made Negima, which plays with every fantasy adventure trope imaginable, playing with every harem romance trope imaginable.

Yes, there's perverted comedy, but here's what makes Love Hina work (and why I began 5DM): if you remove all of the fanservice, all of the jokes (and mind you, this is a downright hilarious series: I downright went into laughing fits when I was reading this), and even a good number of subplots and sidestories, you're left with a solid romance/mystery. In fact, many fans often say, "It's a great read, if only there weren't so many pervy jokes/fanservice." That led to the genesis of 5DM: taking everything the fans didn't like about the series and distilling it into a single solid story (plus tweaking the characters a little bit).
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I see.
Sounds pretty interesting.
I might buy and read it when I can.
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Seems to be an interesting read, i'm hooked :D
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Oh yes, Five (Dangerous) Months At The Hinata Inn... *Reminiscing*
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I remember my friend recommended me to watch this create.swf series a few years ago and it was
really amazing. Welp, It wont hurt to re watch those once again ^w^
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So you finally bring this back! Bison (Yes) [V2] Yes! YES!
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Oh MY GAAAWD, I have been waiting for this for so long! I can't wait!
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