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NaNoWriMo 2018: Across The Isolation - The Cast! by Spaztique NaNoWriMo 2018: Across The Isolation - The Cast! :iconspaztique:Spaztique 6 7 Wrath of the Amanojaku Poster v2 by Spaztique Wrath of the Amanojaku Poster v2 :iconspaztique:Spaztique 13 4 WotA: The Quick Version [Credits Page] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Credits Page] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 1 3 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 26] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 26] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 0 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 25] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 25] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 4 3 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 24] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 24] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 1 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 23] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 23] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 1 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 22] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 22] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 0 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 21] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 21] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 2 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 20] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 20] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 3 1 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 19] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 19] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 0 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 18] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 18] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 0 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 17] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 17] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 0 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 16] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 16] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 1 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 15] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 15] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 3 1 WotA: The Quick Version [Page 14] by Spaztique WotA: The Quick Version [Page 14] :iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 1


Maki reading newspaper by dihaiqal Maki reading newspaper :icondihaiqal:dihaiqal 27 4 (Walfas/Prop) Needstoc by LambdaKoopaTMK (Walfas/Prop) Needstoc :iconlambdakoopatmk:LambdaKoopaTMK 10 0 Great Aether by dihaiqal Great Aether :icondihaiqal:dihaiqal 32 15 Mall by jordangrimmer Mall :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 815 17
Eulogy For The Hero That Gave Us Heroes
Today, we lost an inspiration. A legend that gave us some of the most memorable and relatable stories to grace Super Hero stories. A man that wasn’t afraid to push the boundary between reality and fiction for generations upon generations to come.  A man that gave us the amazing Marvel universe that we know today.
As a kid, I was on and off when it came to comic books. Didn’t know a thing about them.
But when I went to theaters with my family to catch the first Spider-man movie of what would span a trilogy, I fell in love. And since then, I’ve been invested in Stan Lee’s fictional characters with a respect that’ll last years into my elder days,because he didn’t just write characters, he didn’t just write super heroes. He wrote people. Extraordinary people, capable of extraordinary things. People who, with all of their greatness, at the end of the day, are no different than you or me.
Today, the living legend of comic books became a legend t
:iconhikarubaskerville-0:HikaruBaskerville-0 3 0
[Walfas] One-Shot: World of Cardboard by LL3-Meimu [Walfas] One-Shot: World of Cardboard :iconll3-meimu:LL3-Meimu 5 0 Underwater city by inSOLense Underwater city :iconinsolense:inSOLense 670 39 Earth Reclaimed by frenic Earth Reclaimed :iconfrenic:frenic 226 50 Tsunami by Jcdow3Arts Tsunami :iconjcdow3arts:Jcdow3Arts 99 46 Even Earlier Speedpaint by DeepChrome Even Earlier Speedpaint :icondeepchrome:DeepChrome 72 18 The Fall by xprojectd24 The Fall :iconxprojectd24:xprojectd24 102 22 Remains of the past by JustV23 Remains of the past :iconjustv23:JustV23 112 2 Waterfall Walkway by Liammacd Waterfall Walkway :iconliammacd:Liammacd 196 5 After great flood by MrFloki After great flood :iconmrfloki:MrFloki 313 5 Underwater Ruins by ClaudioBergamin Underwater Ruins :iconclaudiobergamin:ClaudioBergamin 275 24 Moscow Ruins by JonasDeRo Moscow Ruins :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 5,760 230




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Wrath of the Amanojaku Chapter 9's text is finished and ready for critiquing! Only one more chapter to go! And then we can begin the rewrites, and finally start principle photography!

I hope y'all enjoy it: it's Seija vs. ALL of Gensokyo, while Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya battle Shinmyoumaru, while Raiko liberates the last of the tsukumogami. This final battle is shaping up to make DitR's finale look like a mere firecracker, so buckle your seatbelts! It's gonna be a wild, WILD ride!

Now, onto Chapter 10: Seija's inevitable downfall and that happy ending Yukari promised in Chapter 7.
Wrath of the Amanojaku Poster v2 by Spaztique
(Title Page not final.)

Directed and Written by Spaztique
Adapted from Doubling Dealing Character, Symposium of Post-Mysticism, Hopeless Masquerade, Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Impossible Spell Card by ZUN.
With critiques by the Walfas Station Wagon and /r/Touhou

Rated PG for fantasy violence, crude humor, and mild language.

Synopsis: Long ago, there was a great kingdom of inchlings, founded by the legendary inchling hero Issun-Boshi and forged by his Miracle Mallet. However, the kingdom fell into ruin when the inchlings forgot the price of the Miracle Mallet's power: that any large wish that benefits the user will equally hurt the user. In the modern fantasy land of Gensokyo, the legend has been long-forgotten by Sukuna Shinmyoumaru, one of the last remaining descendants of Issun-Boshi. One day, an amanojaku youkai, Seija Kijin, shows up with the Miracle Mallet, but tells her a completely different story about the inchlings: that they were oppressed by the youkai, and that Gensokyo has turned into a land of tyranny, ruled by corrupt "heroes" who crush anyone they disagree with. With Gensokyo soon to face an incident unlike anything they've ever faced before, it's up to Gensokyo's bravest humans, strongest religious leaders, and unorthodox non-humans to save the day and prove that Gensokyo really is a good place...

Notes: This is the antithesis to Diamond In The Rough: whereas DitR was about showing the dark corners of Gensokyo and making viewers question if they knew everything about Touhou, this is a more optimistic adventure that explores the heroism of Gensokyo's residents, celebrates both canon and fanon, puts back together what DitR took apart, and gives the middle finger to those who say Gensokyo is a horrible place (and, subtextually, against "fans" who act like Seija and turn people against eachother for personal gain). This comic will be a celebration of all things Touhou and the Touhou community, as well as take Walfas comics to new heights with a bigger emphasis on camera angles and page layouts.

Production to be streamed on my Youtube streaming page.

You can also read the comedically shortened Wrath of the Amanojaku: The Quick Version! here!


Outline: Complete

Chapter 1: Complete
Chapter 2: Complete
Chapter 3: Complete

Chapter 4: Complete
Chapter 5: Complete
Chapter 6: Complete
Chapter 7: Complete
Chapter 8: Complete
Chapter 9: Complete
Chapter 10: IN PROGRESS!

Link to the rewriting/art team chat will be posted once the first draft is ready!

Rewrite Iteration 1: In Queue.
Rewrite Iteration 2: In Queue.
Rewrite Iteration 3: In Queue.
Final Beta Read Reaction: In Queue.

Custom Prop Acquisition: In Queue.
Chapter 1: In Queue
Chapter 2: In Queue
Chapter 3: In Queue
Chapter 4: In Queue.
Chapter 5: In Queue.
Chapter 6: In Queue.
Chapter 7: In Queue.
Chapter 8: In Queue.
Chapter 9: In Queue.
Chapter 10: In Queue.
Premiere Reaction: In Queue.
So, Unknown-Nobody-XD115 and I are whipping up yet another Christmas sketch, and we could use some voices for a lot of the extras.

Here's a link to the script, and there'll be a list of the roles inside.

With the exception of the written-cast characters (Rinnosuke, Fortune Teller, Jun the Villager), roles are subject to change, so feel free to try out for any of them. If you're unsure if they're taken, just ask.

1. Due to collab rules, no WSW-banned members may audition.
2. Feel free to try out for any part: we can always use backups and understudies. Though, don't be upset if your voice isn't used: the final picks are between Unknown and I.
3. Please speak in clear English, and be ready for re-takes if need be (different emphasis, voice direction, etc).
4. Either send audio to me via DA Stash or through Discord. Any common format will work. (wav, mp3, ogg, flac, etc.)
5. The deadline is December 22nd. I should be done with the majority of the sketch by then.
Updates on the 2019 Ultimate Walfas Tutorial: this new tutorial is an update to every single tutorial I've written one Walfas, and it will be all-encompassing.

First of all, it will combine several of my older guides, but since it's approaching 2019, it's going to update virtually everything. For example, my eleven principles of OC design have been reduced to five, with "your characters are only as good as your story" being the main basis. Everything I've previously taught about story structure is also going to be revamped and simplified, based on what I've learned over the years and across the various NaNoWriMos I've survived.

It will be split into 3 parts:
1. Basic Operation, which will cover (as of writing)...
    -External Editing Programs (Free and Commercial)
    -Basic Controls
    -CreateX Mods
    -Custom Imports
2. Content Creation, which will cover (as of writing)...
    -Brainstorming Series Ideas
    -Writing (structures, comedy, stories, sketches, and so on)
    -Character Creation
    -Comic Making
    -Video Making/Animation
    -Voice Acting
3. Community Navigation, which will cover (you guessed it, as of writing)...
    -What/Where is the Walfas Community?
    -Marketing and Target Audience Theory (i.e. what determines the probability of success of a walfas project?)
    -How to (and how NOT to) make friends in the community.
    -About Groups (what do groups do and why should or shouldn't you join one?)
    -Handling drama, avoiding toxicity, and keeping the Walfas community and fun and friendly place for all.

And each of these chapters have tons of content in each of them, and timestamps so anyone can easily navigate it.

If all goes as planned, we can expect a huge increase in both quantity AND quality of walfasers: more content, better content, higher-quality walfas users, and maybe even some new groups to either make content with or even eventually pass the torch to.

If you got any more suggestions, keep 'em comin'!
What do you think I should include in the 2019 Walfas Tutorial that’s not covered in normal tutorials?

To give you an idea of how comprehensive this new tutorial will be, I plan to include stuff on createX and its mods, camera angles, how to make customs, sketch writing, tone and lighting, target audience theory, and general community ettiquette.

What else do you think should be included for the next generation of Walfasers?


Spaztique's Profile Picture
David Z.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Project updates, personal news, and daily advice (unless I'm sick or something comes up) can be found on my Tumblr blog.

I'm an writer, musician, tutor, animator, voice actor, artist, quasi-life coach, and generally nice guy.

I make satirical comics, animated comedy videos, and tons of guides on everything from writing to psychology. I specialize in prefab programs like Garry's Mod, Walfas, MMD, ComiPo, and so on. I mainly use them as outlets for my writing.

I'm a huge Touhou fan (as you might tell by half the content on my page) and own virtually all of the games (yes, I do play the games), and although I'm pretty knowledgeable about the series, I'm not the "end-all-be-all authority" on Touhou: all of my knowledge comes from Touhou Wiki and the guidebooks. I tend to be vocal about emphasizing good ol' vanilla content, but I still think you're free to do what you want. (I will warn you that non-vanilla content has always been hard, no matter the series.)

As much as I like making stuff, my goal is to help other people make stuff. I do my best to help people hold higher standards for themselves both online and offline. In addition to all of my writing and Walfas guides, I also write tons of psychology/self-help guides based on stuff that's help me and others. Again, I'm no expert: I just really like sharing ideas I think others would find useful.

One of my big goals is to help improve both the Walfas community and its public image within the Touhou community. We've already come a long way from the early days in 2008, and it's already gotten to a point where the Walfas community has been invited to speak at multiple anime conventions. My hope is to continue I raising the community's standards higher so that Walfas becomes even more widely accepted among Western Touhou fandom.

If you meet me, please don't treat me like some superstar or infallible god: I just make the stuff I make as a hobby, and all I really want is to fit in, help people out, and have fun. If you hang out in the Walfas community long enough, you will encounter me, and you'll find I'm just an ordinary guy behind the insanely high production values and personal standards. I'm not omnipotent, so don't treat me as such (it never ends well for anybody). Treat me as you would treat your friends. (Or, if you're socially awkward, treat your friends as you would treat me.)

You may use any of my original characters or my DNA in any of your projects without my permission unless I explicitly say, "Don't do that." Of course, this is extremely rare, so go ahead and use them. All of my OC DNAs are in this thread, but my most used DNAs are down below.

I have a very, VERY sarcastic sense of humor, but if I include you as a cameo, it's because I admire you or your work, so any off-color jokes I make are only out of good fun. (In real life, I actually avoid being a smartass because it's actually quite harmful to both the self and others. I believe it should only be reserved for writing satires because it's a powerful tool for getting points across.)

I am also very, VERY critical: I have absurdly high standards for art of all mediums, but not to be a jerk, but because I think everyone has more potential than they think. We're all prone to mistakes (even me), but some do more than others, and I want to help them become the best whatever they can be. My biggest lesson to everyone is this: you are better than you think you are, always. So, if you ever think I'm mad at you or someone or out to get anyone, I'm not: I'm just blunt, and I have a "forgive and forget" policy unless you really go out of your way (and I mean reeeaaally go out of your way), in which I'd otherwise just stop talking to you.

Character DNA:
:bulletblue: Spaztique - 3.39:Spaz:100:225:134:216:209:2:0:0:0:136:0:42250D

:bulletgreen: Bunny - 3.39:bunny:100:0:226:302:116:8:0:0:0:0:0:654E3D
:bulletgreen: FClown - FClown: 3.39:fclown:100:0:164:279:209:3:4:4:0:0:0:654E3D

:bulletred: Chouko Sora - 3.39:Chouko:94:0:160:237:177:41:0:50:0:0:0:624314
:bulletred: Nadia Su - 3.39:Nadia:72:265:133:287:150:3:93:10:0:0:0:FE3B53
:bulletred: Trevor Terry Chase - 3.39:Chase:72:0:128:148:226:49:0:68:0:0:0:352F12
:bulletred: Jack Diehard - 3.39:Jack:108:0:170:235:211:3:31:10:0:0:0:FFE953
:bulletred: Maxamillion Jazzhands - 3.39:Jazzhands:100:221:170:197:120:25:0:0:0:141:0:41342B
:bulletred: Pretty Pretty Pony - 3.39:gwllllkkkk!!!:100:274:217:302:199:114:96:84:0:0:0:24A3E1

:bulletblue: Advice-A-Day
:bulletblue: Ao Usagi Tribute Show - Season 1
:bulletblue: The Shin(g)o Incident (co-written by TTBNC)
:bulletblue: Walfas Satire (ongoing)
:bulletblue: Diamond In The Rough: A Self-Insert Deconstruction (co-written by BrolliDiamondback and the Walfas/Touhou community at large)
:bulletblue: Unleash The Hermit Within

Production Status:
:bulletgreen: All systems go!

Current Main Project: What I'm working on right now.
:bulletgreen: Wrath of the Amanojaku

Side Projects: What I'm working on in my spare time.
:bulletgreen: Twilight of the Hakurei Reboot
:bulletgreen: Virgin Killer Club

To Come...: What I plan to eventually get to.
:bulletyellow: Ao Usagi Tribute Show Season 2
:bulletyellow: Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Abridgement
:bulletyellow: Touhou Sketches: Chen Edition

Shelved Projects: Projects that have been started on, but not finished.
:bulletyellow: Voidspawn (NaNoWriMo Project)
:bulletyellow: Loveless City (NaNoWriMo Project)
:bulletyellow: We're Watching You (And We're Bored As Hell) (NaNoWriMo Project)
:bulletyellow: Flight of the Steel Butterfly
:bulletyellow: Walfas Satire: The Movie: The Comic!

In Development Hell: Projects I've had no time to work on at all.
:bulletred: Five Dangerous Months At The Hinata Inn
:bulletred: Legend of Derp (co-written by TTBNC, unknown status)
:bulletred: Mind The Gap

Scrapped Projects: Projects that can no longer be worked on.
:bulletblack: DitR Sequel/DitR After Story
:bulletblack: Tablegeddon

Journal History

If I do "Doki Doki Literature Club: Write Me An Ending LIVE" again for Valentine's Week 2019, what would you like to see? 

19 deviants said Keep the same spirit, but different: Have the same half-postmodern-comedy half-tragic-romance tone from last year's stream, but different gags and dialogue.
13 deviants said Go for more comedy: Throw out the serious stuff and focus entirely on gags, jokes, and fourth-wall breaks.
6 deviants said Change very little: Keep the same basic script from last year, but refine some of the jokes and meta plot stuff.


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