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New Video: The Incident Day (Cirno Day Special)
It's 9/9/2018 today, so it's like 9/9/9+9. That's the perfect moment for celebrating a Cirno Day!
I tried to make something light and cute for this Cirno day, but... The plot gone out of control (as usual with me) and turned out to this. Battles, broken kappas' dam, the serious treat to the Human Village, and so on... (Well, at least it's the strongest day after all.)
The name of this episode is a reference to two famous disaster movies: "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow". That's how youkai (fairy) attack on Gensokyo may lead to total destruction, if... Ah, I hope you've got the idea.
I've just imagined, Reimu, as everything resolved, is writing something like this: "Dear princess Celestia. Today I've learned an another big lesson of friendship. You might treat your duty as something more important than your friends, but ignoring them might cost you even more than you would expect. At least in Gensokyo it works like that, especially if your friend is 'strongest' fairy." Oh
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Once again, I need to clear up some confusion over what my definition of "good writing" is. Preferably, you'll want to actually hear it from the horse's mouth than somebody else: especially since those who muddle my definition of "good writing" tend to think I somehow hold new writers back, want to scare them away, or want to force them to write only "one way." But since I do support new writers and wish for their growth and self-confidence, and since National Novel Writing Month is only a month and a half away, use this post to help further your writing skills!

My definition of good writing is thus:

Anything that entertains and/or informs the audience as the writer intended is good writing.

Key phrases:


Whatever works, works. All writing techniques are fair game. We'll get to this in a sec.

... that entertains and/or informs the audience...

Some writing is meant to be non-fiction and only to meant to share information. Other forms of writing are purely junk food entertainment. Some are a marriage of both, entertaining the audience while provoking thoughts and ideas. You don't necessarily need either or: writing can still be good even if it's 100% informative or 100% entertaining.

... as the the writer intended...

As Yahtzee once put it, not all entertainment is purely "enjoyable," as some forms of entertainment use horror, disgust, dread, and anger for the emotional high. Stories that are entertaining for reasons the writer didn't intend fall under the category of "so bad, it's good." Of course, sometimes writers intentionally aim for campy, so in a sense, even corny, cheesy stories can be considered "good writing." Sure, there are high artistic forms of writing, such as your Citizen Kane and Moby Dick, but there's also mainstream popcorn fun like Starship Troopers and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Even for non-fiction, there's a far line between All The President's Men and The Zombie Survival Guide, but we consider both to be "good writing."

The most important takeaway from this is there is no single way to write. Whatever choice you make as a writer is what defines you. Now, not every choice you make will work out, as the audience gets the final say, but as you hone your craft, you will develop an artistic originality that defines you. Everyone's style will be different, but whatever gives you your best voice will be your own path to "good writing."

But what about “bad writing”? Bad writing can be defined as the accumulation of things that get in the way of the writer’s ability to entertain and/or inform the audience. A few errors are forgivable, but that’s why I said “accumulation”: enough breaks in tone, style, continuity, structure, and character choices slowly destroy the entertainment value and/or credibility of the writing. However, much like the choices that go into good writing, the errors of bad writing are also on a case-by-case basis, so let’s save that for another time. (Or better yet, discover them yourself.)

(And since I know some smartass is gonna say, "But what goes into 'great' or 'outstanding' writing?," my response will be this: the same that goes into "good writing," but more of it.)

Now that we've defined "good writing," let's look at the taxonomy of "good writing." This isn't a definitive list, but it should give you an idea of the many, many, MANY choices that you, as a writer, have.

Media and Presentation

  • Is it visual, prose, or recorded audio? Is it mixed media?
  • Does it take place in real time or at the reader's pace?
  • Is it interactive?
  • If it is written, what are the word choices? Is it simple or verbose? Is it formal or informal? For more information of style, read Prose! A Guide To Actually Writing.

Subject, Inspiration, and Tone

  • Was the subject imagined or real?
  • Is it about people, places, or events?
  • Was it inspired by something positive or negative? An infuriating idea can be just as valid as a positive idea.
  • Is the purpose of the writing meant to entertain, inform, or a mix of both? And if so, at what ratio?
  • Is the tone light or dark? Optimistic or cynical?


  • Is it structured or freeform?
  • If it's a story, does it follow act structure? Scene structure? Does it follow its own beat system?
  • If it's a story, does it follow a structural paradigm? If so, which? For more information of structures, read The Shapes of Stories for a comparative look on common structures.
  • If there is no structure, what is holding the unity of the writing? Is it a unity of ideas? Of events? Or is it a dreamlike stream-of-consciousness?
  • Is there a genre? If so, what is it? Are there multiple genres?
  • Is there a structure to how the information is being unfolded? Are we told everything up front, or does the writer hold secrets from us until the end?
  • Is there a definitive ending/closure? And why?
  • How are plot holes and continuity errors handled? Are they on-purpose, or merely just mistakes?
  • Is the story trope-heavy or low-key? Does it indulge in cliches, play with tropes, or try to avoid them altogether?

Character Design (if applicable)

  • Are there defined characters roles (good guys and bad guys)? Is there a strong sense of morality, or are the characters morally grey?
  • Are there defined character archetypes (stock characters/personalities)? Is the cast organized or freeform?
  • Are the characters static or dynamic? Do they stay the same or do they arc?
  • How smart are the characters? Are the characters functionally genre savvy, or do they adhere to common tropes?
  • How are the characters designed and what holds them together?

This should give you an inkling of why we, as a society, equally love classics like Casablanca and 2001: A Space Odyssey, but also shelve them alongside mainstream hits like Star Wars, The Matrix, and Mad Max, and why we also indulge in stuff we deem "trashy" yet still watch like Eromanga Sensei and Sharknado. Sure, we knock the cheesy and campy stories, but we must not neglect the fact that mainstream audiences like a little literary junk food once in a while. At the same time, we cannot use this as an excuse to be lazy: they also like smart writing just as equally. Audiences want a well-balanced diet of BOTH meaty artistic stories and empty calorie junk food stories.

Some things to consider when you think about this idea of "good writing":
  • A structured story can work just as well as an unstructured story, and vice versa.
  • A story full of cliches and tropes can work just as well as one that plays everything straight, and vice versa.
  • A campy story can be just as good as a serious story, and vice versa.
  • Elaborate word choices like James Joyce are equally as valuable as the creative use of common words by Chuck Palahniuk, which are both equally valued as Earnest Hemingway's minimalist approach.
  • Society loves both serious stories, funny stories, and a mix of both. All genres are equally valued. Most characters are equally loved, and even tropes most people despise can be done right under the right circumstances.
This cannot be emphasized enough, and I'm going to keep emphasizing this from now on: there is no single path to "good writing," because every writer's choices will define their unique style. You must make your own style your own.

My choices will be vastly different from yours and others. I don't like fleshing out my characters' backstories, but my friends love to. I love sharpening the premise and structure, my friends prefer letting the characters do the structuring for them. I really like writing stories about finding hope in bleak worlds, but others write their own favorite subjects. Anyone who claims I'm going to force my own writing style on others is either wrong or just downright lying, because there is an infinite number of ways to write. The combinations and stylistic choices are endless, and it is what defines each and every one of us as a writer.

Lastly, there's the matter of drawing inspiration from others. Sure, you can borrow stylistic choices from other writers, but please understand why they made those choices before blindly following them. Copying somebody doesn't always lead to success, especially when you don't understand why it made the original successful in the first place. This is why finding your own writer's voice is a path you must undertake yourself: you have to discover what works for you and you alone, as well as question why it works so you can replicate it in the future, not to mention improve other areas in your writing.

So, if you ever worry about not being artsy enough to be a good writer, or worried that audiences only care about memes and cliche-heavy crap, have heart knowing that there is no single path to being a writer: your writing choices will define your unique style, and once you master what's right for you, you will find your niche/audience. Art is subjective, and one person's "good writing" is another's bad, but hopefully this will get you closer to the right audience saying, "Hey, I like how you wrote this."
Self-doubt is the enemy of many an artist, writer, or really anyone in pursuit of anything. It keeps writers from writer, it keeps artists staring at empty canvases, it keeps you spending more time browsing videos or playing games than working on that thing you said you were going to do. Sure, lack of skills and effort are bad, too, but a bad or lazy artist will always produce more work than one who remains paralyzed by fear, thus creating nothing. More importantly, a bad or lazy artist will get more experience, becoming less lazy, becoming more experienced.

You defeat self-doubt when you prove it wrong and do it regularly. Whenever a thought pops in your head or a feeling pops into your gut saying, "You can't do it," you decide to prove it wrong. And when it happens again, prove it wrong again, and again, and again. Show yourself you're stronger than you think you are. Regularly amaze yourself by your own strength. To quote Thomas Edison (despite his rather dickish reputation, it doesn’t make this quote any less true), "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." Then, when we break through what's holding us back, the freedom becomes a breath of fresh air.

Naturally, there will be times when ourselves or others try to cripple our self-confidence, and we slide back into self-doubt, but then we just have to start the fight against self-doubt anew, and keep climbing back to where we were, hopefully stronger than when we were knocked down.

We’ll also run into folks who claim to believe self-doubt is the enemy, but then do everything they can into putting the blame on something or someone else, making us feel powerless, or worse, like we must get rid of that something or someone else and somehow all of our dreams will come true. The truth is there isn’t someone or something else getting in the way of our own thoughts: the power to overcome self-doubt is a battle only in our own heads, and we must face it alone. Even if, as I said before, somebody else knocks out our self-confidence, getting rid of them won’t change anything: this is a problem we must face ourselves, whether that person is still around or not. (You also have to question the motives of someone like that: it doesn’t sound like they want to help you as much as they want you to help them.)

Don't let the nagging doubts in the back of your head hold you back from doing something awesome. Sure, you may not have the experience or the skills now, but once you break past that first obstacle, the obstacle of self-doubt, you will.
Wrath of the Amanojaku Poster v2
Remember this poster of Wrath of the Amanojaku back when it was just called the Double Dealing Character comic?

Well, now that WotA: The Quick Version! done and Chapter 9 is halfway done, time WotA's title page to get a serious overhaul! Of course, this isn't the final version just yet: most of the sprites are from the quick version as it is, but I wanted to at least make a cleaner title page/poster. Plus, this version kinda emphasizes the epic scale of the conflict. (Fire embers backgrounds by WhiteShirt77)
Remember, you're allowed to make anything you want, pursue any project you desire, write in any which way you believe works best for you, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

Of course, not all things work out, but you're still free to pursue anything you want. For example, everything has a target audience and community demographics: you're free to pursue whatever you want, but just remember that some things are harder to market to people than others. In this case, you'll have to go the extra mile to find your niche audience. Just because something is harder to market doesn't mean you can't pursue it.

Sometimes you'll make something that doesn't fit the standards or rules of the group you're submitting to. In this case, you're still free to pursue whatever you want, but outside of that group. If you insist on getting your art into that group, it's like fitting a square peg in a round hole: it won't fit. Instead, find a square hole, i.e. find the group that will accept it. Just because some groups won't accept your art doesn't mean you can't pursue it on your own.

Sometimes you'll be on a group project and you'll have an idea that clashes with the group. In this case, you must understand that a group is the sum of the ideas of everyone in it, not just yours. Let the group project's ideas be that of the group's, and let yours be yours. You can still submit ideas, but the whole group gets the final say. Just because a group won't accept your ideas doesn't mean you can't pursue your own projects by yourself.

Sometimes people will critique your style of writing or direction. There are dozens of schools of writing, but they all lean towards the idea of how to entertain the audience. How you choose to entertain people will be different from others. Art is subjective: not everyone will agree on what's good or bad, what makes what work, or why. In this case, find what's best for you and do it. If your skills aren't up to snuff and people are constantly criticizing you, just practice, practice, practice. Look at those 1-year progression charts, and you'll see what experience can help you do.

You're free to do anything. Sure, not everyone's going to like it, but who are they to tell you what you can or can't do? Everything has a niche audience, everything had its place, and if there is none, you can make it! Critics can't stop you, groups can't stop you, admins can't stop you, nobody can stop you but yourself. You have a right to pursue whatever project you desire. Sure, there are moral limits (things that threaten people or are hideously NSFW to the point of disgusting the majority of people), but beyond that, nobody has a right to tell you what you can or cannot do. If anyone tries to tell you that an individual or group is holding them back from making whatever they want, or tries to scare you into thinking you can't do anything because of somebody else, they are wrong.

So, go out and do what you want. Unless what you're doing is breaking the rules, inciting violence/drama, or disgusts the general public, nobody is allowed to stop you.
WotA: The Quick Version [Credits Page]
High-quality PDF version download here

Additional Credits that I forgot:
-Aya Backsprite by kossza.
-Abandoned Station by Feraligono.
-I'll add more if anyone wants to point them out.


Spaztique's Profile Picture
David Z.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Project updates, personal news, and daily advice (unless I'm sick or something comes up) can be found on my Tumblr blog.

I'm an writer, musician, tutor, animator, voice actor, artist, quasi-life coach, and generally nice guy.

I make satirical comics, animated comedy videos, and tons of guides on everything from writing to psychology. I specialize in prefab programs like Garry's Mod, Walfas, MMD, ComiPo, and so on. I mainly use them as outlets for my writing.

I'm a huge Touhou fan (as you might tell by half the content on my page) and own virtually all of the games (yes, I do play the games), and although I'm pretty knowledgeable about the series, I'm not the "end-all-be-all authority" on Touhou: all of my knowledge comes from Touhou Wiki and the guidebooks. I tend to be vocal about emphasizing good ol' vanilla content, but I still think you're free to do what you want. (I will warn you that non-vanilla content has always been hard, no matter the series.)

As much as I like making stuff, my goal is to help other people make stuff. I do my best to help people hold higher standards for themselves both online and offline. In addition to all of my writing and Walfas guides, I also write tons of psychology/self-help guides based on stuff that's help me and others. Again, I'm no expert: I just really like sharing ideas I think others would find useful.

One of my big goals is to help improve both the Walfas community and its public image within the Touhou community. We've already come a long way from the early days in 2008, and it's already gotten to a point where the Walfas community has been invited to speak at multiple anime conventions. My hope is to continue I raising the community's standards higher so that Walfas becomes even more widely accepted among Western Touhou fandom.

If you meet me, please don't treat me like some superstar or infallible god: I just make the stuff I make as a hobby, and all I really want is to fit in, help people out, and have fun. If you hang out in the Walfas community long enough, you will encounter me, and you'll find I'm just an ordinary guy behind the insanely high production values and personal standards. I'm not omnipotent, so don't treat me as such (it never ends well for anybody). Treat me as you would treat your friends. (Or, if you're socially awkward, treat your friends as you would treat me.)

You may use any of my original characters or my DNA in any of your projects without my permission unless I explicitly say, "Don't do that." Of course, this is extremely rare, so go ahead and use them. All of my OC DNAs are in this thread, but my most used DNAs are down below.

I have a very, VERY sarcastic sense of humor, but if I include you as a cameo, it's because I admire you or your work, so any off-color jokes I make are only out of good fun. (In real life, I actually avoid being a smartass because it's actually quite harmful to both the self and others. I believe it should only be reserved for writing satires because it's a powerful tool for getting points across.)

I am also very, VERY critical: I have absurdly high standards for art of all mediums, but not to be a jerk, but because I think everyone has more potential than they think. We're all prone to mistakes (even me), but some do more than others, and I want to help them become the best whatever they can be. My biggest lesson to everyone is this: you are better than you think you are, always. So, if you ever think I'm mad at you or someone or out to get anyone, I'm not: I'm just blunt, and I have a "forgive and forget" policy unless you really go out of your way (and I mean reeeaaally go out of your way), in which I'd otherwise just stop talking to you.

Character DNA:
:bulletblue: Spaztique - 3.39:Spaz:100:225:134:216:209:2:0:0:0:136:0:42250D

:bulletgreen: Bunny - 3.39:bunny:100:0:226:302:116:8:0:0:0:0:0:654E3D
:bulletgreen: FClown - FClown: 3.39:fclown:100:0:164:279:209:3:4:4:0:0:0:654E3D

:bulletred: Chouko Sora - 3.39:Chouko:94:0:160:237:177:41:0:50:0:0:0:624314
:bulletred: Nadia Su - 3.39:Nadia:72:265:133:287:150:3:93:10:0:0:0:FE3B53
:bulletred: Trevor Terry Chase - 3.39:Chase:72:0:128:148:226:49:0:68:0:0:0:352F12
:bulletred: Jack Diehard - 3.39:Jack:108:0:170:235:211:3:31:10:0:0:0:FFE953
:bulletred: Maxamillion Jazzhands - 3.39:Jazzhands:100:221:170:197:120:25:0:0:0:141:0:41342B
:bulletred: Pretty Pretty Pony - 3.39:gwllllkkkk!!!:100:274:217:302:199:114:96:84:0:0:0:24A3E1

:bulletblue: Advice-A-Day
:bulletblue: Ao Usagi Tribute Show - Season 1
:bulletblue: The Shin(g)o Incident (co-written by TTBNC)
:bulletblue: Walfas Satire (ongoing)
:bulletblue: Diamond In The Rough: A Self-Insert Deconstruction (co-written by BrolliDiamondback and the Walfas/Touhou community at large)
:bulletblue: Unleash The Hermit Within

Production Status:
:bulletgreen: All systems go!

Current Main Project: What I'm working on right now.
:bulletgreen: Wrath of the Amanojaku

Side Projects: What I'm working on in my spare time.
:bulletgreen: Twilight of the Hakurei Reboot
:bulletgreen: Virgin Killer Club

To Come...: What I plan to eventually get to.
:bulletyellow: Ao Usagi Tribute Show Season 2
:bulletyellow: Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Abridgement
:bulletyellow: Touhou Sketches: Chen Edition

Shelved Projects: Projects that have been started on, but not finished.
:bulletyellow: Voidspawn (NaNoWriMo Project)
:bulletyellow: Loveless City (NaNoWriMo Project)
:bulletyellow: We're Watching You (And We're Bored As Hell) (NaNoWriMo Project)
:bulletyellow: Flight of the Steel Butterfly
:bulletyellow: Walfas Satire: The Movie: The Comic!

In Development Hell: Projects I've had no time to work on at all.
:bulletred: Five Dangerous Months At The Hinata Inn
:bulletred: Legend of Derp (co-written by TTBNC, unknown status)
:bulletred: Mind The Gap

Scrapped Projects: Projects that can no longer be worked on.
:bulletblack: DitR Sequel/DitR After Story
:bulletblack: Tablegeddon

Journal History

Now that you’ve seen “WotA: The Quick Version!”, what format do you think would work best for future releases? 

13 deviants said PDF Omnibus + Imgur Mirror
10 deviants said PDF Omnibus + Individual Pages + Imgur Mirror
5 deviants said PDF Omnibus + Individual Pages
4 deviants said Individual pages + Imgur Omnibus


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Sandrag1 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018  Professional Artist
I thought I will do a comic dub of WotA The Quick version now I saw it!
tsunetake1012 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Student
Hello! I'm glad to add me your watch list.  :D (Big Grin) 
Spaztique Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem: you’ve got some downright amazing props. I’ve seen and favorited your comics before, but I never got around to doing a full watch till now.
tsunetake1012 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Student
Thank you for kind comment. It’s very encouraging! w00t! 
I think that want to create a new walfas comic, but I can't come up with an idea of it now.
MajorBlitz Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018
Hello Sir, I've already finish your Entire episode of Diamond in the rough....It was Beautiful.
However I feel like the issue still on...nonono, not the Gap Breacher, The Fanon Over-saturated like the one you mention about Flandre.

It all start from someone question about Kaguya's Career and everything went abysmal.
Thanks to them, Now i Transfer myself to Kaguya fan and still be a former Sakuya's Boi (fanboi, but in good way)

I hope the Issue involve Fanon will be fixed one way or more, Especially Her Excellency
-Kaguya fan who dream of the world where everyone can just not be too Much of Mokou bias.
Spaztique Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. I'm always glad to hear people are still enjoying DitR, six years after its original premier as an hour-long streamed movie, and four years after its completed Youtube series edition.

I'm not sure what to say about Kaguya, but if you like her, you should try making some fan content about her of your own. That's how I got started, and it's what I'd recommend to anyone.

As for the fanon stuff, I've gotten much more relaxed in my stance about it: although we need stuff like DitR to shake us out of just blindly accepting fanon, we also need some goofy fanon stuff to keep Touhou fun. At the end of the day, every Touhou fan content maker is free to choose how they write what they want.

Also, you'll be happy to know there's a successor to DitR coming: Wrath of the Amanojaku. It won't mess around with fanon vs. canon, but it will have the same epic scale. Though, it'll be the complete opposite of DitR: no OCs, Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya are the main characters, while Yukari, Tenshi, and Remilia are the good guys, and the Kappa and the Tengu work together to save the Kappa Valley. If DitR was Gensokyo falling apart, WotA is Gensokyo coming back together: the perfect Brain Bleach after what you just experienced.
Sandrag1 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 22, 2018  Professional Artist
Im sending a note for you Spaz!
Sandrag1 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 22, 2018  Professional Artist
I sent it! You should have received it by now!
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