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Published: August 1, 2006
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Yet another Dune-related icon for my sister.

You won't get this one unless you've read God Emperor of Dune. ^^;

I wouldn't have put it up but I loved how the God Emperor-- I would have called him by his name but that may be a spoiler --turned out. <3

Yay Duncan Idaho squishing! He makes so much guts. =3
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blackholeripper10Hobbyist Artist
hahahaha...that's funny.
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I also found Idaho and the emperor cute together!
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INSERTAStudent Traditional Artist
Squished Idahos:57
Natuarlly dead Idahos:3
Killed by laser gun Idahos:17
i0nah's avatar
ahahaha hilarious !!
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Grigori77Professional General Artist
:lmao: Oh my God you're so BAAAAAD ...
SaveTheDonuts's avatar
Awww... how adorable but still how depressing X'D
deathtoallclovers's avatar
deathtoallcloversHobbyist General Artist
AH! That... that... is strangely adorable and funny but... horrible at the same time.
EmikoTheVixen's avatar
EmikoTheVixenProfessional Digital Artist
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's hilarious!
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TheNNHobbyist Writer
Hehehe, I liked that scene in the book. It involved a lot of talking (and a lasgun). You made it pretty dang funny though.
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INSERTAStudent Traditional Artist
You read Dune?!
TheNN's avatar
TheNNHobbyist Writer
Not just read it, I own the entire series actually.
INSERTA's avatar
INSERTAStudent Traditional Artist
I got the first one 1 year ago,and found out about the series,I am now in Chapterhouse,but until now it's been too slow.
Hey,is it worth to buy both Hunters and Sandworms of Dune(7th and 8th)?
TheNN's avatar
TheNNHobbyist Writer
I'd personally recommend buying and reading the original six from Frank Herbert himself, then looking into buying like the three preludes, they start with "House ___". And also yes, Hunters and Sandworms. Truly the core though is the first six.

And not to be a show off or anything, but wasn't I the one who introduced you to the books? Maybe I am thinking of someone else.
INSERTA's avatar
INSERTAStudent Traditional Artist
I've already got the first six,and yes,because the other books were not Herbert's I was unsure to buy them.What do you think about the Butlerian Jihad books?I think those are the most intresting preludes.

And no,I had no idea you've read the books until I saw your comment on Leto's deviation.Actually the first book was a present fromn someone else.
TheNN's avatar
TheNNHobbyist Writer
Ah ok, I was probably thinking of someone else who I introduced to Dune.

Anyways, I do like the Butlerian Jihad books, but I will say that you should read those ones BEFORE Hunters and Sandworms. Those are the starting point, the thing that begins it all really.
INSERTA's avatar
INSERTAStudent Traditional Artist
Ok then,thank you Mimey for your help.
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DarienKMarshellyHobbyist General Artist

purely out of love... ^_^;;;;
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sindosHobbyist Digital Artist
Soo awsome :3 [link]
Love Duncan Idaho
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blackwonder93 Digital Artist
lawlz x333 CYUTE
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Nora-PooStudent Digital Artist
w00000 more dune XD so silly
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Lovely, as usual X3 I saw a Dune reference somewhere.. I don't remember where, but it said "Walk without rhythm and the worm will not get you~" or something to that effect =o My short-term memory sucks, but you're used to that by now, yes? =P
TagDaze's avatar
Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm.
It's from a song by Fatboy Slim.
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Heh, never read any of the Dune books, but this is hilarious nonetheless! And very good, a good show of skill.
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