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Sorry for the long silence. I finished the Crash Blossom comic and will post it shortly. Also, I discovered felt-tip markers :)
... or so I'm told. December 31 has passed and my new goal is March 31, 2012. It's good that I waited -- the art looks much better. Can't wait to share it!
Still on track to get my webcomic started and first strip online by end of year. A few snippets and scribbles in the "The Comic" gallery.
These are obviously not finished works, but give some idea of what I've been doing with my time.

Unfortunately I didn't upload them in chronological order, but over time my skills have been growing nicely. I'm sure that I can meet the end-of-year deadline for actually publishing a comic.

I'll put works in progress up here for your comments.
It's not much to look at, Dear Reader, but I'm finally getting my cartoon art up to speed. My plan is to launch a webcomic by the end of 2011, and putting my work up here will force me to work harder at improving my skills and solidifying my plans.

Your comments on my work are most welcome. As it was once said: "Be kind; be cruel."
I live. Now what? Endless visits to McDonalds?