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Wonder Woman

My design for a Lynda Carter/70's inspired Wonder Woman used for the Batman:The Brave and the Bold series. We finally were able to use her for only two appearances in our final season. I wish we'd been able to do an full episode where she and Batman teamed up, but we ran out of episodes. Still, I'm happy with her appearance in a teaser in one episode, "Scorn of the Star Sapphire!" and her second appearance as part of the Trinity, in "Triumvirate of Terror!"
Design: James Tucker Inks: Robert Lacko Color: Craig Cuqro
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My favourite design of her.

monajenkins's avatar
I love the picture of Wonder won!!
seivour's avatar
So much appeal in those forms <3
Athelind's avatar
That teaser is one of the best moments in the series.
summerautumn's avatar
That eagle looks a lot better than the w wings. The eagle has more flexibility I think. Would have liked to seen the wonder bat team up that superman didn't get involved with, even a Martian/bat teamup that didn't involve jla would have been cool as well.
dusty-abell's avatar
She never get more classic than that!!!!!!
tomjf's avatar
The best- no sword, no leather armor :)
tranimation-art's avatar
Loved this Wonder Woman!  You don't happen to have any images of her carrying his man-in-distress, Steve Trevor, like a bride, do you?
djitters19's avatar
The heck with just one episode, what about a whole series!?!
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One of my favorite bits from the show, my daughter asks to watch it repeatedly and often. A great design.
victorroa's avatar
The best design
AZTECH2009's avatar
Love the art work and really love the show.
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This is such an awesome take on the character.  One of the highlights of the show, for sure.
BrooklynPhoenix's avatar
My Favorite Wonder Woman.
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