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Superman Unbound designs

These are my original rough designs for Superman Unbound before they got cleaned up. A little quirkier than they ended up, but it was fun designing.  I think I had a television series on my mind at the time coming fresh off of doing Batman: The Brave and the Bold for three years. Anyway, the making of this movie could fill a small book, how it came to be named 'Superman Unbound' is a chapter by itself!... Anywho, the cast was terrific! Matt Bomer was the perfect Superman voice and I hope he gets to do it again
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I thought Superman in Superman Unbound resembles Nicholas Cage, who was once cast in an unmade Superman movie. I've wondered if the similarity was deliberate, like the character designer wanted to bring to life what Nicolas Cage could have looked like as Superman. I'm probably totally wrong, of course, but it's just a funny thought.

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Lovely design, but I have a question. Why was Lois Lane so pale compared to everyone else in the movie? I mean the violet eyes were unique enough, but she was pale as a ghost and looked unnatural compared to the rest of the cast. Even Brainiac. Why is that?
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I've watched this movie.
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Nice, but Superman's ears look a little huge
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I see some of the Legion of Superheroes Brainiac in there. ;)
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Loved the designs in this one. Supergirl in particular stands out.
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Hi. the funny thing is: one can notice the "trunks" and belt are similar to the LoSH's. It is kind of you trademark, isn't it? Thanks for putting this online :) The movie was indeed great.
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I was disappointed with the story on this one- but I blame Johns for that ;P
The designs are all pretty cool though :)
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SUPER fun stuff..........I loved the idea of the color held lines, really fun caricaturing going on in every character. Great takes on great characters!
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I'm really fond of that Supergirl.
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John Noble was magnificent, and I really dug Molly Quinn and Stana Katic's work on this one.
That's a great Steve Lombard design, and I dug the way you stuck with a kind of classic, timeless look for Jimmy.
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Our last good DC Superman movie
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