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Joker 2

When we finally introduced The Joker on Batman:The Brave and the Bold, I was nervous about how the Dick Sprang inspired design would animate, so we requested the key animation poses for him from Lotto studios to make sure the animators understood his design. To my relief, they did a wonderful job and were extreme consistent with the poses and lip sync. A mouth where the teeth are usually exposed all the time can be a nightmare when the mouth charts are misunderstood (thankfully, I've done most of the mouth charts on all the series I've worked on!). Anyway, here are the initial animation Joker key poses courtesy of Lotto studios. 
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Batman:Are you ready, Joker?
Joker:To Bat-Mobile! *Runs to Bat-Mobile while laughing and opens the door* What is that button? *Press that button and falls asleep XD*
(That scene is so funny XD)
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Did u get my note
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Awesome Model Sheets!
I love your work James! Your character designs are so unique!