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Another pass at Batman for the original development for Batman:The Brave and the Bold. This is cartoonier than the design direction we settled on, but it might've been fun. With the emphasis on even more humor in superhero cartoons, this might be more appropriate now. It's much harder to maintain the consistency among different overseas animation studios that work on one series when the style is really cartoony and minimal, though. 
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That would've been interesting to see.  Nice to see some of the ideas that went on behind the scenes.:)
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I'm curious--as a character designer and artist, what do you like to see more in art or cartoons, many details or simpler designs? I feel that a little detail goes a long way, but also that simple designs or art style can be overlooked sometimes, more-so in pictures than in cartoons.
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Dear James, I was wondering : why is it harder for the animation studios to work with simpler shapes? I thought this was the contrary : details and difficult shapes were more difficult. the shapes are here interesting I think, you made some bold choices, from the 3 peaks cape ultra thin symbol. But it's all fine, I like how edgy the lines are. Cheers :)
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I'm not quite sure but it just seems that the current crop of overseas animators can handle the more complex designs. That wasn't generally the case in the 90's and early 2000's. Perhaps it's because lot of the same studios we use also work on anime for Japan combined with the fact that a lot of the new designers of today grew up with the more elaborate designs used in gaming and anime. Of course, there are studios that specialize in the very stylized cartoony cartoons, but Batman: The Brave and the Bold was tricky to cast studios for. We ended up using four studios overall. Two were very good at the cartoonier aspects of the show, while the other two studios were very adept at the action side. So we tried to send our more comedic episodes to the cartoonier studios and our more serious action episodes to the other. This wasn't always possible, but overall I think all the studios did a great job and the show, to my eyes, has the most consistent look of many of the shows I've worked on. 
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I took me one year to reply, my apologies.

Ok, thanks for your answer. Yes, maybe the 2 reasons you mentionned make it possible now to handle more complex designs.

I remember in fact that the animation problems of the 80es were indeed detailled and complex characters, like M.A.S.K. or GI Joe, etc ... and what you wrote with the picture above made me think of a comment from the director of Corto Maltese in Siberia. He was talking about the effectiveness of animation studios and how a caricatur style can be better handled than a sublte design. Maybe it's not the case anymore with the CGI cartoons. You'll be a better judge of that than me.

I didn't notice before because I don't have the eye for it, but yeah Batman TBaTB has kept a very consistent look throughout the serie.
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