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Batman: No Man's Land pitch piece

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This was a painting done to pitch a proposed series based on No Man's Land. The painter's name escapes me, but I'll post their credit when I do some research. Anyway,  it was deemed too dark by the suits. Knowing what I know now about CGI production, it would've been a nightmare to produce. Bullet dodged, but the painting is nifty! Pencils rough by Coran Stone.  
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This would've been one hell of a ride.
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I without a doubt would have watched this.
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This is gorgeous! Looks like it would have made a better graphic novel or video game than a cartoon... But I would love to see any kind of extended batfam dark storyline in any media. Did you ever recall the painters name? 
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It is kind of a grim arc to be a series...although I would have watched it!
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It could've just been a cartoon series.

Not everything has to be CGI.
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Cartoons can be CGI - cartoons doesn't equal hand-drawn stuff specifically. But I get your point, and I agree.
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Pretty awesome looking!
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i love it zoo much i love the joker and night wing the most
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Absolutely amazing!
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Woah! Don't think I got to see it all colored up and awesome looking. This was fun James. We totally have to work on something again down the road. Learned a hell of a lot from yah.
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Simply stunning!
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Love how big the final resolution is... you gotta have a monster PC to handle that with no lag! :D
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This woulda been SOOOOOO cool!!!!!!! One thing that would have worked perfectly in a devestated Gotham, lack of pedestrians on streets would be easily explained!
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This is epic, just saying XD
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Fabulous work!
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Amazing work. I wonder if this pitch could work for a DTV?
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Maybe for 2d, CG is too pricey...
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Cool. I have no problem with it in 2d, not that my opinion matters. ha ha. Would love an extended Bat Family story in the near future.
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We are currently looking for a graphic illustrator for a horror graphic novel, if you are interested in applying for the position please let us know your rates and availability and I will send a few samples of your work to our producer for consideration. Thanks.
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This is fantastic!
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