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Batman Batmanga model BTBATB

Model created for "Batman's Strangest Cases" Batmanga segment. Design by James Tucker (mimicking the work of Jiro Kuwata!) Colors by Craig Cuqro, inks by Robert Lacko. This episode was fantastically directed by Ben Jones and a ton of fun to work on.
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I loved the show and I loved this episode. Bat-Manga was great.
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Fun fact: In the original Manga; Batman's outfit looked like the one used in the american comics, I noticed this after I bought the manga in a comic store. This was still a good take on the manga though!
StudioRisingStar's avatar
Awesome! One of my fave episodes!
You guys did great on this short!
Riderboy1's avatar
If you like that; then you should read the original manga too! Jiro Kuwata did really well designing it!
StudioRisingStar's avatar
Oh I have read the original manga! I loved his work!
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A great episode from a great series!
Pol-Rua's avatar
Loved that episode SO damn much!
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Man, I want a whole Batmanga series. Love these designs.
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You can buy the original Batmanga as a giant coffee table book, bready expensive, though
Gibson970's avatar
Oh don't worry, I've definitely got the book.
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Awesome! Did you design the Kuwata-esque Robin, too?  
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