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Chopsticks 2
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Published: June 27, 2018
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Westerners had become quite the delicacy once China put in place protection laws for Chinese victims of the shrinking virus...

Poor Ana here, she was a young English doctor, who had caught the shrinking virus from her own patients. One night, she had been kidnapped, along her best friend Lucie, by an immune Chinese lady in London. What was supposed to be her first fun evening since she shrunk, had turned into a 15 hours trip, crammed in a small box reeking of death. In it, no less than 500 other tinies were trying to survive the heat, lack of air, and constant trampling. At the time, she thought nothing worse than this could happen to her.

That was until she was placed in a transparent plastic box, and shipped to a newly-opened noodle bar in Shanghai. There, she saw what was awaiting her, as a massive Chinese cook, wearing a nametag saying Kaiyun was picking up tinies from the box and dropping them in bowls of noodles, filled with burning hot water. She could hear her fellow Brits, screaming in horrendous pain, some begging for the pain to stop, other simply asking to be killed already. Soon enough, Kaiyun's threatening fingers caught Ana's best friend leg, and raised her out of the box. Ana had never seen Lucie in such a state! She was struggling with all her might, trying to kick the powerful digits with her free foot - to no avail. As she was about to be dropped, Kaiyun caught the tiny woman's movements and immediately looked annoyed by them. She started talking in a broken English:

"You British girl think you beautiful and have power but now am the power one. You want move lot? I perfect place for you move!". And as she said that, Ana saw the giant cook look left and right, before diving her thumb in her waistband and dangling Lucie above her opened panties. She heard the screams go from anger to sheer panic, as Lucie realized where her destination was. A second later, Ana heard the snap of Kaiyun's panties and skirt slapping against the giant's skin, trapping her best friend in a world of sweat, heat, juice and smell. Kaiyun closed her eyes, enjoying the kicking of the tiny westerner against her labia, before starting to work again. 

For the next 5 minutes, Ana cried in a corner of her plastic prison. She looked at the giantess, handling tinies like toppings. Kaiyun was humming and, from time to time, discreetly brushing a finger against the outline of her sex. Ana didn't want to imagine what Lucie was going through - she didn't deserve that. She remembered their college years, how hard they worked to become doctors, the long night shifts and the sheer efforts needed to pass their exams. All of this hard work culminated here, Lucie, a tiny sex toy for a cruel Chinese girl and herself, about to be a topping on some stranger's noodles. Ana couldn't believe how unfair all of it was.

When Kaiyun finally picked Ana out of the box, the little girl tried to put up a fight like her best friend did. Maybe, she thought, she could be reunited with her! Sadly for Ana, Kaiyun was already satisfied with one little toy, and her pussy-smelling fingers didn't stop on their way to Ana's bowl. The tiny girl felt herself dropping for an eternity, before the pain from the burning hot water stung her like hell. She swam back to the surface, grabbing onto the giant noodles, surprised she didn't pass out. Her skin was red from the burning sensation. She didn't have much time before Kaiyun put Ana's bowl on a plate, only to be taken away from the kitchen. Ana could hear the massive noise from the customers' discussions. Her trip was swift, and 20 seconds later, she was on the table of a beautiful young Chinese woman. 

Ana couldn't help but see the irony as the Chinese woman starred at her meal with her black eyes, a smile drawing on her face - both of them were probably the same age and had the same desires in life... except one was going to eat the other. The pain Ana felt was making her lose her mind, as she kept screaming "It's unfair!" as loud as she could, hoping the Chinese lady would understand her. It wasn't the case, as the giantess was already listening to her friend again. Ana was twirled around by massive chopsticks, the noodles trapping her and disabling her from moving an inch. She felt gravity loosen, and colder air brush on her burnt body. Sadly, she didn't have time to enjoy this soothing sensation as an incredibly loud slurping sound almost torn apart her eardrums. Panic kicked back in and she tried to struggle to no avail - the noodles were too thick for her to break free. As her feet came in contact with the soft lips of the Chinese giantess, Ana started screaming again "You can't do this! I'm human, please I'm begging you, don't eat me! Please, I'll do anything, anything you want!". However, the effort revealed futile, as she continued to feel herself sucked inside the wet and dark cavern behind her. When she felt the powerful lips wrap around her neck, Ana looked at the outside world one last time. She couldn't help but think of her old life. She tried to beg the woman sitting on the other side of the table, but she was casually talking to her friend, not paying any attention to the shrunken lady being eaten in front of her eyes.

Suddenly, darkness enveloped Ana's vision, and she knew it was over. She heard the chewing sound coming from the massive teeth next to her and she knew it wouldn't be long before she was gone. As she felt the white rocky surface of her captor's molars scrapping her back, Ana closed her eyes and let go, hoping to find one last good memory in her panicking mind. She remembered the great times she had with Lucie, and as one last smile drew on her face, she felt the most horrible pain across her body. She tried to scream, but in her last thought, realized she had no lungs...

Her life, was truly unfair.
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Wow!  This is great!  Awesome story 😎
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Glad you enjoyed it! I felt inspired by this awesome render :D
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So great. Extra flavoring in Asian dishes
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she's holding them weird
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Yeah.  That's the only thing I would change about this one in hindsight.  
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LordTyrentHobbyist Digital Artist
In you go~ <3
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Girls have to eat.. haha, very nice work 
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