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Human Village (WIP)

This is an overall preview of what's available ... Layer-by-Layer booklets covering all buildings needed to create a medieval village on Minecraft.
Some of this buildings are inspired by the work of McNoodlor (, some others are designed together with ColtCoyote.

So far you can see :

:bulletgreen: 6a) HUM - Main Gate
:bulletgreen: 6b) HUM - Wall Section
:bulletgreen: 6c) HUM - Lord's Keep
:bulletgreen: 6d) HUM - Corner tower
:bulletgreen: 6e) HUM - Armory
:bulletgreen: All Defences building in a

:bulletgreen: 2a) HUM - Smallest House
:bulletgreen: 2b) HUM - Small House
:bulletgreen: 2c) HUM - Medium House
:bulletgreen: 2d) HUM - Large House
:bulletgreen: 2e) HUM - Gate House
:bulletgreen: 2f) HUM - Small Villa
:bulletwhite: 2g) Double house
:bulletgreen: 2h) HUM - TowerHouse
:bulletyellow: 2i) HUM - TinyHouse
:bulletgreen: 2m) HUM - Simple House
:bulletgreen: All Houses in a bundle:

:bulletgreen: 1a) HUM - GuardTower
:bulletwhite: 3c) Farm
:bulletwhite: 3d) Sheperd house
:bulletgreen: 3e) HUM - Horse Stables
:bulletgreen: 3f) HUM - Pig Stable
:bulletgreen: 3g) HUM 3g StoneQuarry
:bulletwhite: 3h) Woodcutter
:bulletwhite: 3i) Mine
:bulletwhite: 3m) Barnyard
:bulletgreen: 1m) HUM - Treasury
:bulletgreen: All Resources building in a bundle:

:bulletgreen: 1c) HUM - Prison
:bulletgreen: 1d) HUM - Church
:bulletgreen: 1f) HUM - Inn
:bulletwhite: 1h) Small pier
:bulletgreen: 1i) HUM - Townhall
:bulletgreen: 1o) HUM - Library
:bulletgreen: 3a) HUM - Windmill
:bulletgreen: 3b) HUM - Water mill
:bulletgreen: 3L) HUM - Blacksmith
:bulletgreen: 5d) Hay wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: 5f) Barrel wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: 5L) Covered wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: 5m) Wheely hay cart HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: All Service buildings in a bundle:

:bulletgreen: 4a) HUM - Fruit Shop
:bulletwhite: 4b) Butcher
:bulletwhite: 4c) HUM - Pottery workshop…
:bulletgreen: 4d) HUM - Market stalls
:bulletgreen: 4e) HUM - Bakery…
:bulletgreen: 1b) HUM - Warehouse
:bulletgreen: 1e) HUM - Tavern
:bulletgreen: All Shops in a bundle:
:bulletgreen: 1g) HUM - Alchemist

:bulletgreen: 5) HUM - Street sections
:bulletyellow: 5e) Public Well…
:bulletyellow: 5g) HUM - Fountain
:bulletwhite: 5h) Small boat
:bulletwhite: 5i) Small boat with sails 

All of this buildings come with fully designed interiors and using standard blocks from standard Minecraft tileset (no mod, no texture packs needed).
You can see and purchase all the layer-by-layer booklets here:
Watch me to be warned when a new addition is made!

:bulletwhite: : Layer-by-layer instruction not ready, yet.
:bulletblue: : Work in progress! Stay tuned!
:bulletred: : New! Addictions of the month.
:bulletgreen: : Layer-by-layer instruction on sale. Click on the link to see details.
:bulletyellow: : Layer-by-layer instruction for FREE! Click on the link to enjoy!
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MiaDarkDecider's avatar

So, back when you were using points I grabbed all of these. Now I can't download the PDFs. How do I get them now without having to spend *more* money?

Have you thought about how to incorporate the lanterns now that they exist? I know redoing all the old designs might be a bit too big a task, but I really like them and was wondering what you thought.

spasquini's avatar

The idea crossed my mind, yes. But I think it will be better to finish this series, the human village, as it is, then to create a v2 version, with all new blocks and ideas.

Would you have any plans to sell these on any other sites in the future? Perhaps when the set is completed? I am very interested in these designs but personally I don't like putting my payment information onto sites I don't trust and this would be one of them. Thanks

spasquini's avatar

I'll send you a note ...

What's the Gate House going to be? I just built the Main Gate and a Wall Section, so I just want to make sure I leave room for the Gate House if it's supposed to be near there.

spasquini's avatar

Sorry for my late response, I was outside for the weekend.

The Gate House is composed by two twin houses, specular, connected by a bridge and with a gate under it. In my idea this function as a secondary access inside the walls, so the houses will have their features (doors and windows), mainly on the internal side.

Thank you for the new additions, am looking forward to the rest.

legendofmajoraa's avatar

is there a bundle of all fo the pdfs that I could buy by chance rather than just going to each individual page and buying them?

spasquini's avatar

Actually no. This is what I was planning to do from the beginning, but it's always increasing the number of buildings. It's an eternal work in progress!

legendofmajoraa's avatar

I see! Thank you! I'll definitely be looking into buying some of these

awesome stuff. I recently tore down my huge castle on my survival world and am re-building it around a massive keep with a new redstone automated storage system in the basement. it's a 37 block diameter base of the tower, that I'm going to taper down towards the top, but I needed to expand the walls and wanted to add some flair to it.

spasquini's avatar

Nice! Show me some screenshot of the tower. It can be a nice project.

can't wait to see it all done :o

spasquini's avatar

We are almost near ... next one is the tower house

FXFilthyJoe's avatar

Im curious to see what 2e, 2g, 2h, 3h and 3i will look like.

Im currently building a big medieval town / kingdom and theres a lot of things missing.

These are really good to spend quarantine time on.

spasquini's avatar

Yeah! A lot of buildings still to publish! Stay tuned ...

FXFilthyJoe's avatar

Progress :)

Currently trying to find a place to build the tavern. I didnt expect it to be so big xD

2020-05-05 15.41.06
spasquini's avatar

Nice arrangement of the houses! This is mine:

2019-11-10 11.06.46
FXFilthyJoe's avatar

how did you make the curved wall? originally in mine i was planning to make a circular wall like in the series Attack on Titan, but i didnt manage to do it so i ended up making just a straight wall. I just finished building the tavern and for now the town is complete. later i will make smaller village houses outside the walls with farms and stuff. and yes this is on a flying island xD

2020-05-07 13.21.03
2020-05-07 13.17.41
2020-05-07 13.08.54
2020-05-07 13.05.40
spasquini's avatar

It was not so simple to curve the wall, mainly because inside the wall there are two covered corridors and I had to maintain that spaces as well. Maybe I will create a PDF just for that.

Can you show me a bigger picture for the last image? Nice!

FXFilthyJoe's avatar

the last image is quite hard to take since this is in a small survival server, and elytras were recently disabled to combat lag untill the server is upgraded. This is the best i could take

2020-05-07 13.01.01
spasquini's avatar
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