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Human Village (WIP)
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Published: November 19, 2015
This is a sneak preview of what I'm preparing right now ... a Layer-by-Layer booklet covering all buildings needed to create a medieval village on Minecraft.
No castle. That building will be in another booklet, on its own. Some of this buildings are inspired by the work of McNoodlor (, some others are designed together with ColtCoyote.
So far you can see :

:bulletgreen: 1a) HUM - GuardTower
:bulletgreen: 1b) Warehouse (…)
:bulletgreen: 1c) HUM - Prison
:bulletgreen: 1d) HUM - Church
:bulletblue: 1e) Tavern
:bulletgreen: 1f) HUM - Inn
:bulletgreen: 1g) HUM - Alchemist
:bulletwhite: 1h) Pier
:bulletgreen: 1i) Town Hall (…)
:bulletgreen: 1m) HUM - Treasury
:bulletgreen: 1n) HUM - Armory
:bulletred: 1o) Library (…)

:bulletgreen: 2a) HUM - Smallest House
:bulletgreen: 2b) HUM - Small House
:bulletgreen: 2c) HUM - Medium House
:bulletgreen: 2d) HUM - Large House
:bulletwhite: 2e) Gate house
:bulletgreen: 2f) HUM - Small Villa
:bulletwhite: 2g) Double house
:bulletwhite: 2h) Tower house
:bulletyellow: 2i) HUM - TinyHouse

:bulletgreen: 3a) HUM - Windmill
:bulletgreen: 3b) HUM - Water mill
:bulletwhite: 3c) Farm
:bulletwhite: 3d) Sheperd house
:bulletgreen: 3e) Horse Stables (…)
:bulletgreen: 3f) HUM - Pig Stable
:bulletgreen: 3g) HUM 3g StoneQuarry
:bulletwhite: 3h) Woodcutter
:bulletwhite: 3i) Mine
:bulletgreen: 3L) HUM - Blacksmith
:bulletwhite: 3m) Barnyard

:bulletgreen: 4a) HUM - Fruit Shop
:bulletwhite: 4b) Butcher
:bulletwhite: 4c) Ceramic shop
:bulletgreen: 4d) Market stalls (…)

:bulletgreen: 5) Paved and Dirty street (…)
:bulletgreen: 5d) Hay wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletwhite: 5e) Empty wagon
:bulletgreen: 5f) Barrel wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletyellow: 5g) HUM - Fountain
:bulletwhite: 5h) Small boat
:bulletwhite: 5i) Small boat with sails 
:bulletgreen: 5L) Covered wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: 5m) Wheely hay cart HUM - Wagons and carts

:bulletgreen: 6a) HUM - Main Gate
:bulletgreen: 6b) HUM - Wall Section
:bulletgreen: 6c) HUM - Lord's Keep
:bulletgreen: 6d) HUM - Corner tower

All of this buildings come with fully designed interiors and using standard blocks from standard Minecraft tileset (no mod, no texture packs needed).
You can see all the layer-by-layer booklets here:…

Watch me to be warned when a new addition is made!

:bulletwhite: : Layer-by-layer instruction not ready, yet.
:bulletblue: : Work in progress! Stay tuned!
:bulletred: : New! Addictions of the month.
:bulletgreen: : Layer-by-layer instruction on sale. Click on the link to see details.
:bulletyellow: : Layer-by-layer instruction for FREE! Click on the link to enjoy!
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bigdogg1978New Deviant

How do I buy your pdfs?

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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist

First you have to purchase Deviantart points. You don't need to be Premium to do it. Simply click on the shop link, on top bar, right side of the search field (not available on mobile App, only from a browser).

There you can purchase DA points.

When you have enough DA points, go to one of my buildings page and in the right column you will see a button "Purchase", with the amount of points needed. You will then be able to download a PDF file with all the layers explained.


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bigdogg1978New Deviant

Awesome figured it out was on mobile so had to go to desktop to get it thanks love your designs cant wait for the wolf stables

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I can't wait for you to upload the farm :D 
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YTR-9641New Deviant
how long does it take to make an instruction and if its okay can u make the paved and dirty streets and lamps after the tavern i'm a little stuck without them.
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
Each building is really time-consuming. I worked 10+ hours on most of them. Some of them take weeks to be done.

Paved and dirty streets I already made, but I was waiting to create a bunch of decorations to publish them as instructions. I think I cannot wait anymore. Here they are: HUM - Street sections
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YTR-9641New Deviant
niiiiiiice thx man ill send a pic when the city is done!
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By the way, I'm really looking forward to those paved streets and lamps. I'm trying to get my village going, and it's hard to plan without them! Love the work!

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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
You're right! I will prepare them the very next!
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KenshinValkHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing designs, it's very difficult to make constructions that are good looking. How did you become so good at it?
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I saw a lot of videos on Youtube with suggestions on how to design better buildings, with ideas, with suggestions, and I'm constantly trying to mix all this together.
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
Well done!
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jinxdrHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome design and great template content-wise. Definitely a favorite from me. Please keep it up
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I have a few building to add to this collection, so ... stay tuned!
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just found you, loving your art and working on some of your blueprints now, do you have any plans for a small/medium library?
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! A library is absolutely on the to-do list! Just wait ...
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2018-09-20 01.07.04 by SlytherinEC  Here a view of Main Gate, wall section and Corner tower
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
Nice view! I'll probably post a view of my full village soon!
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Holy crap! How in the hell do you do stuff like this? What program do you use to map out stuff like this (I've been looking for one for a long time)! Keep up the very good work and I'm definitely subscribing ;)
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
My process is a little complicated. I'll try to explain it.
I created a folder, in my drive, containing all isometric minecraft blocks, in any possible orientation and configuration (you can see almost the whole set here: Standard Texture Showcase).
Each PNG is named with a three-letters code. For example, the classic ground block with grass on top is named GRS, the dirt block is named DRT, the stonebrick block is STB and so on.

I created also an HTML page, with a javascript engine that read a javascript archive where, manually, I inserted all blocks in a tridimensional array, layer by layer, block after block.
An example of a row of this file is "GRS,GRS,DRT,DRT,STB,GRS".
The HTML page read this array and visualize the whole creation in isometric. Each layere can be visible or invisible pressing a button.
With the same information it shows also the top view, using thumbnails I created apart.

I then proceed to take a snapshot of each layer, then I page them all together to create the final PDF.
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Ok, ty. Keep up the very good work!
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spasquiniHobbyist General Artist
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Sturm94Hobbyist General Artist
You could perfectly do a low-poly RTS with these. Wonderful job!
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