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Human Village (WIP)



This is an overall preview of what's available ... Layer-by-Layer booklets covering all buildings needed to create a medieval village on Minecraft.
Some of this buildings are inspired by the work of McNoodlor (, some others are designed together with ColtCoyote.

So far you can see :

:bulletgreen: 6a) HUM - Main Gate
:bulletgreen: 6b) HUM - Wall Section
:bulletgreen: 6c) HUM - Lord's Keep
:bulletgreen: 6d) HUM - Corner tower
:bulletgreen: 6e) HUM - Armory
:bulletgreen: All Defences building in a

:bulletgreen: 2a) HUM - Smallest House
:bulletgreen: 2b) HUM - Small House
:bulletgreen: 2c) HUM - Medium House
:bulletgreen: 2d) HUM - Large House
:bulletgreen: 2e) HUM - Gate House
:bulletgreen: 2f) HUM - Small Villa
:bulletwhite: 2g) Double house
:bulletgreen: 2h) HUM - TowerHouse
:bulletyellow: 2i) HUM - TinyHouse
:bulletgreen: 2m) HUM - Simple House
:bulletgreen: All Houses in a bundle:

:bulletgreen: 1a) HUM - GuardTower
:bulletwhite: 3c) Farm
:bulletwhite: 3d) Sheperd house
:bulletgreen: 3e) HUM - Horse Stables
:bulletgreen: 3f) HUM - Pig Stable
:bulletgreen: 3g) HUM 3g StoneQuarry
:bulletwhite: 3h) Woodcutter
:bulletwhite: 3i) Mine
:bulletwhite: 3m) Barnyard
:bulletgreen: 1m) HUM - Treasury
:bulletgreen: All Resources building in a bundle:

:bulletgreen: 1c) HUM - Prison
:bulletgreen: 1d) HUM - Church
:bulletgreen: 1f) HUM - Inn
:bulletwhite: 1h) Small pier
:bulletgreen: 1i) HUM - Townhall
:bulletgreen: 1o) HUM - Library
:bulletgreen: 3a) HUM - Windmill
:bulletgreen: 3b) HUM - Water mill
:bulletgreen: 3L) HUM - Blacksmith
:bulletgreen: 5d) Hay wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: 5f) Barrel wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: 5L) Covered wagon HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: 5m) Wheely hay cart HUM - Wagons and carts
:bulletgreen: All Service buildings in a bundle:

:bulletgreen: 4a) HUM - Fruit Shop
:bulletwhite: 4b) Butcher
:bulletwhite: 4c) HUM - Pottery workshop…
:bulletgreen: 4d) HUM - Market stalls
:bulletgreen: 4e) HUM - Bakery…
:bulletgreen: 1b) HUM - Warehouse
:bulletgreen: 1e) HUM - Tavern
:bulletgreen: All Shops in a bundle:
:bulletgreen: 1g) HUM - Alchemist

:bulletgreen: 5) HUM - Street sections
:bulletyellow: 5e) Public Well…
:bulletyellow: 5g) HUM - Fountain
:bulletwhite: 5h) Small boat
:bulletwhite: 5i) Small boat with sails 

All of this buildings come with fully designed interiors and using standard blocks from standard Minecraft tileset (no mod, no texture packs needed).
You can see and purchase all the layer-by-layer booklets here:
Watch me to be warned when a new addition is made!

:bulletwhite: : Layer-by-layer instruction not ready, yet.
:bulletblue: : Work in progress! Stay tuned!
:bulletred: : New! Addictions of the month.
:bulletgreen: : Layer-by-layer instruction on sale. Click on the link to see details.
:bulletyellow: : Layer-by-layer instruction for FREE! Click on the link to enjoy!
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Why they look beautiful, thank you!