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I have to agree with :devmonsueriaclauddebut: Your analogies are good and thought-out, but this piece is just one big jumble of words. ...

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The Urban Underdog
Darling, Darling, I’ve got to get out of my head.
It’s weighing me down like a balloon made of lead.
And I know you’re trying your best
To measure up to this test,
But I’ve gotta go now; I gotta figure this out.
Don’t you worry, and don’t you go away
Because I’ll be back in less than a day.
So please, honey, please,
Don’t give up.
I know it’s not enough,
That I’m not enough,
But I need you to stay tough
When the times get rough,
Because someday,
I swear to you,
I’ll measure up, up, and away.
And I’ll save the day..
For you, for me, for us,
Lois Lane.
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Stomach Flu for the Soul
A man stumbled down the street,
Up my driveway,
And onto my front doorstep.
When I opened the door,
He vomited his soul onto my shoes.
I learned of his troubles,
Loves and losses,
Knowledge and failures.
As his soul seeped into my soles,
I wondered if perhaps
I should stagger over
To some other stranger’s house
And vomit both of our souls
Into his lap
Over tea and cakes.
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Hopefully Not Forevermore
    I keep a little rose these days. Friends, family, even people on the street ask after her all the time. I am always happy to show them her picture and share a memory or two with them, but I never tell them the whole truth. I never mention the state she is in now. My little rose, she used to bloom all year for me, used to bathe me in her intoxicating fragrance every time I came near, but these days she remains a bud to me (though her thorns have sharpened considerably).
    I used to keep her in the backyard so only I could bask in her beauty, but she has since preferred a spot by the mailbox in the front. She would rather witness the passing wonders of the world for herself, though I always fear that harm will befall her and bruise her delicate nature, snap her delicate stem, and cause her to wither away. Still, in spite of all the dangers in the world, she remains steadfast, my sturdy little rose. Despite what I have done to her, my resilient little rose holds
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Domo Returns to Hawaii 2 by Spasm101 Domo Returns to Hawaii 2 :iconspasm101:Spasm101 2 3 Domo Returns to Hawaii 1 by Spasm101 Domo Returns to Hawaii 1 :iconspasm101:Spasm101 3 3
It is quite uncomfortable
to have one's ears filled with tears,
Because all you an hear
are the echoes of your sorrows
and the reverberations of your guilty fears.
It is very ill-advised
to lie down when tears begin to fall.
Other people can too easily pile on you their burdens
and, with too much difficulty, can you relieve your own
and move on.
That being said...
It is quite practical
to cry with a bowl in your lap.
This way
you can catch your tears (and all they represent),
go out, and water some plants.
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Unrequited is Unecessary
It’s okay.
You don’t have to say
“I love you.”
Joke about the past,
Joke about the present,
Humor the future—
So long as I laugh
And everyone else scratches their head.
Keep me close to your side,
And grace my hand with your chivalry
While the good times rest
Between our intertwined fingers.
Trace my lips, my collarbone, my spine
With your fingertips.
Envelope me with your warmth
As you caress my hips.
Hide the remote on movie night
And fall asleep with me in your arms.
Surprise me with flowers
Because you’re hiding my birthday gift.
Dread the days when we’re apart
Text me call me
Send me snail mail, if you like.
I’ll wait.
Walk to the ends of the earth with me
For our next date.
Dance with me until the clock stops ticking
On our anniversary.
Feel our affections blend together at the break of dawn
After our first night together.
It’s okay.
You don’t have to say
“I love you.”
I don’t need to hear
“I love
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On the Grassy Hill Beneath the Sun
The sun sedates me
As the grass subtly slices me.
The winds tranquilize me
With sweet aromas of summer.
The clouds entrance me
As they adopt the forms of my nightmares.
There’s no sense of sense
In a summer day.
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Working Out Some Issues
I see that girl over there.
Wow, she must be some gym buff.
Her muscles are so ripped, dude,
She must come here every day.
Her bright Nike’s look comfortable and well used,
Happy, even, against the black of the treadmill.
Her calves solid and stretched,
Knees like fists of their own,
Thighs toned with a nice tight butt.
Her stomach’s flat but soft, and her back remains hard yet smooth.
You can tell her broad shoulders bear many weights,
While her neck faithfully supports a head
That seems to hold no voice,
Nothing but concentration and determination.
I see that girl over there.
Her eyes stare at a fixed point
And her cheeks are flushed.
Her body trembles as she thrusts
Hundreds of pounds away.
Her routine must be really intense, man,
Because I can see her sweating through her eyes.
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12 Times a Year, 12 Years in a Row
In January, she told me her New Years’ resolution
Was a successful suicide.
In reply, I mentioned
That most resolutions are abandoned within the month.
Valentine’s Day rolled around, and she wanted
To vomit away her heart.
Upon hearing this, I inquired if that meant I could eat all her chocolate,
And, in response, she promptly shoved me out of the kitchen.
When the hills turned green, she thought she would push up daisies,
Even though she hates worms and nature.
I joked that she lacked a green thumb,
And her corpse would kill even the most tenacious weeds.
June brought warmer winds, though her heart remained icy.
While everyone wore whitewashed pastels, she garbed herself in black.
In July, she asked for a trip to the beach
So that she may float away from the world and drown.
I then informed her that the sun would burn her scarlet
And she would only lie on the bottom of the ocean as a lobster.
As the days grew shorter, she once more complained
of the uselessness of school,
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Childhood in the Hundred-Acre Wood
Summer swings around,
And, in the warm breeze,
I can smell the trees
Of the Hundred-Acre Wood.
I remember, in the Hundred-Acre Wood,
That discovery was like afternoon tea,
Not bitter, not bland, but always sweet.
Every day, I was adventure-bound.
In the Hundred-Acre Wood,
Afternoons passed us by
While we watched the lazy clouds float up high
And pointed out as many shapes as we could.
Back in the Hundred-Acre Wood,
The current bubbled over my bare feet
As I searched for creatures in the river so deep
With my trousers rolled up out of the mud.
Such was life in the Hundred-Acre Wood.
Simple, lovely,
Pleasant, carefree.
Whenever summer rolls round,
I always remember my childhood.
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Sharing is Caring by Spasm101 Sharing is Caring :iconspasm101:Spasm101 3 4 You're So Sweet You Put Hershey's Out of Business by Spasm101 You're So Sweet You Put Hershey's Out of Business :iconspasm101:Spasm101 2 0 Ocean Tranquility by Spasm101 Ocean Tranquility :iconspasm101:Spasm101 2 0 Harmony Hair by Spasm101 Harmony Hair :iconspasm101:Spasm101 3 0 There She Is by Spasm101 There She Is :iconspasm101:Spasm101 4 0
hey, if you're visiting to thank for a fav or watch or anything, be sure to check out my gallery! =D I promise you, there's REALLY amusing stuff in there. and I take requests! so come on down, join the fun! :party:


Hey, everyone ^^

So I submitted a bunch of this school year's poetry and didn't get any feedback. :/ I know it's not very good poetry this time around, but that's still a little cold, guys. ^^; Feedback and constructive criticism, please? I'll be editing it all pretty soon anyway, so..might as well make it count. ^^;

Moving on, I just spent about two hours (midnight - 1:54 in the morning, now) scanning the drawings from this school year and compiling them into a single deviation so that I won't spam your inboxes again :') you know, 'cause I'm cool like that. I've gotten about...eighty percent through the pile I've accumulated, not including my math notes and my French notes and my planner. I've just gotten to the most-recent art (June-ish of this year) when my printer decides that it doesn't feel like scanning for me... :[ I figure I've run it ragged and haven't complimented it enough tonight, so I'm going to try finishing that another night/early morning. I think that, after I've submitted that and bared my soul to all of the Internet, I'll tackle FOERVRAENGD's Anatomy and Manga-to-Realism tutorials (can be found HERE --> bittersweetdisease.deviantart.… ) because I think they can really improve my skills :] And then maybe I'll finally look at that "possible references" folder I've been cultivating in my favourites and improve even more. That's gonna take a long while, though... A long, long, long while.... I hope you'll all bear with me ^^; This probably means that all the stories that you guys watch me for (5 Senses, pokemon shenanigens, Mary+Maximillion, etc.) will probably go on indefinite hold.. which makes me sad, but time has never been my friend :[ I understand if a lot of you don't like me anymore for that... (sigh) oh well? <:) I'm sure you'll all survive. Lots of experiments. Lots of ignoring-everyone-else while I get my own affairs in order.

Oh, also! :D is a website I came across (thanks very much to Dyemelikeasunset for talking about it in this deviation ----> "A Splash of Flavor" ;D go give her love~) which can help me update the wardrobe of my characters <:D You know what this means, guys? It means that they won't all just be wearing plain, boxy jackets and T-shirts and jeans and sneakers! xD They can look like real people with actual senses of style or not.. depending on the character... :3 It makes me happy :meow: Don't make fun of me x)

So I don't know about y'all, but I'm getting a little excited about all this, now. ^-^ It's like downloading new CD's, you know? You can't wait to pick out your favourite songs and go from recognizing the chorus to memorizing it to quoting the song at will (and in time ;) ) It's like... like a new book, a new story, a new chapter. I hope that makes sense to some of you ^^; may be just this song, though... whatever xD I feel like I've grown up a little. Not height-wise, but mentality-wise. I chopped all my hair off again -- went from being waist-length to two-inches-from-shoulder length :')

Well, bed time. ^_^ Thanks for reading :heart:
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