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Crab Mutant Creature



This is I think, a kind of humanoid crab deforme thing :iconyeahplz:.

- Update, i decide to push the contrast a little more, all the textures and aditional lighthing were painted over the original render in Photoshop. Hope you like it ^-^

Full view plox :)
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here are my rating system 10 being bad ass 0 being no ass.

terms realistic is replaced with naturalistic
naturalistic means how forms are as if grown by mother nature. 'realistic mean things that pertain to our world being it a 3d form that exist but has no barring on possibility it does exist as a real living thing. clear?
form means(3d) such as a sphere.... shape means (2d) like a circle
people get these commonly mixed up and it make communication very difficult!
in my class, i get these straight.. i expect these to be clear, i expect my students to communicate effectively not an ignorant person.
i must assume you are going for a naturalistic form.
Therefore i suggest, pulling from real source. it is the most logical way to addbelievability. we will believe it because we have some type of reference to it. when i concept for a client, i gather and ask what the client needs from me and i build from there. since i didn't know what you set forth to do it is very difficult for me to give you a direction other than what i see here. what i see is a ocean like creature with some insecticiod mouth.

it certainly can help if there is variation in textural, color an translucency. the mouth should be paid most atten. to all the flesh and translucent areas should be given in that location.
texture should also be paid atten to.. your bumps are too much the same with no variation. some ares should be tighter, some area looser, right now that all raise and has the same pattern some what.
color should vary as well.. it shouldn't all the same thing. in nature nothing is all the same. even if it is monochromatic./ look up on google
it should be more analogous/look up on google
this is a 3d model so the lighting are pre-calculated without failure.
wetness is a good sign of life, so pay attention to those areas like eye and mouth.
this image i give it a 8.4