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Amazingly well done!! The lighting is spot on, with just the right amount of blur (DOF). Her pose is exceptional and feels natural. The...

This capture is absolutely gorgeous!! The pose chosen here is flawless, giving the viewer a sense of motion, without a motion blur. The...

Outstanding!!!! This shot I believe is absolutely perfect. The lighting, her look, THOSE LIPS and the angle perfectly paints a mood, cr...

by rekit

Absolutely beautiful!! Love the pose, very sensual and dynamic. I like the lighting, but it does seem a little simple, though some of t...


ROOM 110 (Scene 13)
Katya continued to speak to Celina, while in the lobby. The lobby lights danced against Katya's pale skin, giving off a shimmering tone, which was in contrast to the black pin striped top she was adorned with.

"I sense you have been struggling with a loss, am I correct? Questioned the Hotel Manager. "Was this someone close to you?"

"What? Responded the officer.

"Was she close to you? Questioned Katya again. "Your pain is still very much with you."

Celina looked at Katya closely and was slow to reply. "How do you know.....?"

"I'm very perceptive of others dear." Replied the Manager. "I can see how nervous you are, as you pull your ponytail every time you're stressed."

The officer was caught off guard, by Katya's comment. Celina looked at Katya intensely, trying to hide her compulsive desire to pull her own ponytail. The thought also ran through Celina's mind, as to how could she know about Bethany's death. Was her heartbreak that obvious?

"Yes, sorry, it's something I've done since I was a kid." Offered the Officer. "Like a nervous tick."

Katya continued her locked gaze with Celina, smiling from time to time, as she reacted to the Officer's short statement.

"Her name was Bethany." Started Celina. "She has passed recently."

"I'm so sorry for your loss. Replied Katya. I feel that she was someone special to you, yes?"

"Yes she was." Replied the Officer.

Celina's eyes started to well up with the thought of Bethany. She felt her hands shake, as her mind went back to that moment of that dreadful day. The officer caught herself and pulled her thoughts back to the present.

"Look, first I need a phone, so I can call the station. I will also need the name of the occupant of room 110." Commanded Celina.

"Of course my dear. Replied the Manager. I can assist you with your requests. Please come with me to my personal office, there you will find a phone and some privacy."

"I appreciate that." Stated Celina.
ROOM 110 (Scene 12)
What, what did you just say? Questioned Celina.

"You seem so stressed my dear! Answered Katya. "You seem to be carrying a large burden."

Yea, my burden is, I need answers! Quipped the officer.

Celina became frustrated at the Hotel Manager's reaction and pressed further about room 110.

"We need to talk about room 110." Stated Celina. "Also, there was a man who had entered the room earlier and I can't seem to locate him."

"I'm so sorry for your frustration officer!" Replied Katya.

"Look, I followed the occupant of room 110 to the room, and I watched him enter the room. When I made my entry, he was not there!" Explained the officer.

"Oh, that's a little strange." Katya stated softly.

"That's not the strangest part." Announced Celina. When I was in the room, a observed this.....weird.......round......thing."

"I'm not following you officer?" Questioned Katya.

"A glowing ball of green light, is the only way I can explain it!" Exclaimed Celina. "Now, I'm not sure I actually saw......that thing."

Celina looked away for a moment and replayed the scene in her head. Once gaining back her confidence that what she had seen was real, the officer continued her story.

The Hotel Manager proceeded to listen to Celina, try and explain in detail, what she had seen. Katya seemed to enjoy Celina's story, as she watched the officer move about and being very descriptive of the strange object she had encountered. Celina's movements, as she described the events, shifted her breasts from side to side, allowing a little bounce to every move the officer made. With every deep breath that Celina engaged in, raised her perky, young breasts, which again, got the attention of the manager. At one point, the Manager smiled, looking deep into Celina's eyes, then crossing down to Celina's firm and active chest.

"You really are a lovely woman, Celina." Stated the Manager. "How have you kept yourself so beautiful, with all that stress you deal with daily?"

"I'm an officer of the law, I eat stress for breakfast!" Proclaimed Celina.

The Hotel Manager stopped smiling for a moment, reacting to Celina's comment.

"Oh sweetie, there's no reason to get yourself wound up, let me take that stress from you." Responded Katya. "Things don't have to be so hard."
ROOM 110 (Scene 11)
"Hello and welcome!" Exclaimed the Hotel Manager. "How may I be of assistance?"

As the manager stepped out of the elevator and settled before Celina, the officer observed her radiant beauty once more, which seemed to brighten the lobby. Her eyes had a dark shade of blue and her lips were dripping with a heavy, red hue.

"Yes, hello." Replied the officer while showing her badge. "My name's Celina and I'm an officer working a case here in the area. Can I get a moment of your time?"

The Hotel Manager smiled quickly to Celina's request.

"Why, certainly officer." Replied the Manager. "We are all here to please."

Celina felt that the reply was a strange one, but was quickly distracted by the beautiful woman's smile.

"You are a beauty to behold." Stated the slim figured Manager. "You've taken good care of yourself, haven't you."

Again, Celina was caught off guard by the woman's statement.

"Thank you?" Said Celina. "I'm not really sure how to respond........ sorry, I didn't catch your name?"

"Oh my, my apologizes." Replied the Manager. "They call me Katya!"

"Katya, that's different." Stated Celina. "I need to talk with you regarding room 110."

"Room 110?" Questioned Katya in a smoky soft voice.

"Yes, room 110." Replied the officer. "Can you tell me who the occupant is for that room?"

"Oh dear!" Replied Katya. "We really don't give out that kind of information. But for you, I will make an exception."

"I appreciate that Katya." Stated Celina.

Again, the Hotel Manager smiled to Celina's statement and gazed into the officer's eyes, as if to see her inner thoughts.

"You must be tired child, working so hard at what you do everyday." Exclaimed Katya. "Your burden is heavy, as your soul struggles for answers."
ROOM 110 (Scene 10)
Celina stood there at the lobby desk, and watched as the gold colored elevator doors before her, proceeded to open. The seemingly quiet doors completed it's task, revealing a striking and erotically charged woman.

"Yes, that IS the hotel manager." Stated the lobby attendant. "And, yes, she is the finest in beauty."

Celina could not take her eyes of the manager, scanning her beauty from her slingbacks up to her radiant black hair, which glowed from the hotel's ambient lighting. The stunning manager was adorned in long black stockings and gloves and had a small but fitted pin striped skirt, which matched her tight striped vest, that held her firm supple breasts collectively. Her lips were a deep luscious red which emphasizing her slightly wicked smile.

"Damn." Exclaimed Celina.

"See something you like? Questioned the Lobby attendant.

The officer was caught off guard by the employee's quick statement and looked back at the attendant with a concerned look.

"What did you say? Questioned Celina.

Before Celina could get a response to her question and clarify what was said, the woman from the elevator, shifted forward and towards the officer.

The undercover agent turned back to address the hotel's slim and sultry, manager.
For what it's worth, I'm back at it. I really did miss posting my 3D renderings, it's been so long! I've been working with Iray rendering in DAZstudio and it is a struggle to get the look you want, when you want it. I never thought any of my old renderings (3Delight) were worth much, so whatever entertainment you all got from it, I'm pleased you got something from them.

I'm starting a new series, which I have been working on for some time now. With that being said, I thought I would share with you all, as it is nice to get some kind of feedback.

Thank you



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