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Our mayor is currently famous worldwide for his alleged (gotta watch the legality >_>) crack usage, and its subsequent documentation.

Given his repeated history of denying fact, I'm pretty sure that if/when the tape surfaces...claiming it was an undercover op will be one of his litany of excuses.

So that resulted in me farting around in CS6 for a couple hours to bring you this. I've also been working on my noir themed video game, and have been replaying Max Payne 2, so it all coalesced together. I also realized our mayor looks like Scott Shelby (from Heavy Rain)
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Could be worse ... Coulda had OUR Mayor (Kwalme Kilpatric).
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haha, yeah, I've heard of him before. It's...not good.
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So, what do you think is the worse crime: cocaine or jetting your joystick fiddled by an intern?

I lean towards coke for legality purposes.
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Both of those are going to pale in comparison to some of the other stuff the press has been hinting at. I'd be stunned if he's not charged with something within the next few months.
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I was just thinking of President Clinton's sex scandel, and wondered who was the bigger asshole

But, wow, people always talking about how nice Canada is, and they have just as much political bs as the rest of us.
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The reason people say that is because Canada is more affluent and has less crime.
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I agree cocaine is worse, seeing as the latter is not illegal in Canada (unless the intern a minor or something, or the relationship is nonconsensual).
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Oh my gawd… did you see his press conference today… "Everything in moderation, I'm not an alcoholic" journo: "What was that about the drunken stupor when you smoked crack?!" Rob Ford laughs nervously and backs away from the podium...
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You just made my night with this.
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