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FRINGE: Walter Bishop

baww I love this guy.

Fringe is the best cake on tv.
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I was just watching this episode today
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Walter is so cute old man.
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Walter, and this little drawing, are the best things to happen to the multiverses.
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Walter- scientist like Dr. Frankenstein, but way more funny!
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So CUTE..  I love walter. 
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Walter is a little cutie! XD
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Lets make some LSD! XD
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Ohmigod I thought this was one of the best episodes! :D
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crayz in love-hate with his character.
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Root beer
I see what you did there
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Adorable! :D Gotta love Walter! :heart:
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Haha that just made my day! :)
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walter bishop is honestly the best character on television. [:
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i love this guy too. he's my fav.
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Walter is my favorite Fringe character!!!! :D
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Walter is the best :3 because of him I will never eat pink cotton candy, only blue :3
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