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Project Nightingale Chapter 05
::Project: Nightingale::
::Chapter 5::
Elysium→Agaia→New Angeles City→Iriswright Middle School
2 April 2550
It was early in the morning, and for Icarus it was not a good one (not that they often were). The young infiltrator was sitting in his Algebra I class, vaguely listening to his teacher who was trying to explain several problems that the rest of the class didn't understand or care enough to do so.
Put simply, Icarus was very bored. Partially because he hated school, and partially because he already learned most of what he was technically supposed to learn this year.
One of the trait requirements for Nightingales was a natural ability to learn very quickly. This served several purposes: it made them easy to train, it made them much more adaptable (a skill that is extremely crucial for the Nightingales' line of work), and it allowed them to learn academics at a much faster pace. This last purpose al
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Project Nightingale Chapter 04
::Project: Nightingale::
::Chapter 4::
Elysium→Agaia→New Angeles City→East Business District→Insurrectionist Hideout (?)
30 March 2552
It was noon time in the mega city of New Angeles. The peaceful Agaian residents were all currently on their lunch break. Down on the ground level of the city were hundreds of thousands of people, all carrying on without a care in the world.
The skyscrapers of the city stretched high into the clouds above, giving a very literal meaning to their name. Office workers could be seen through the windows, going about their normal lives.
There was one building in particular: the Mirage Tower financial building: a massive skyscraper that reached at least a thousand meters tall, it was one of the most well known structures in the megacity, and one of its most noticeable and obvious landmarks. Nobody would expect anything sinister or malignant was happening there.
Though of
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Project Nightingale Chapter 03
::Project: Nightingale::
::Chapter 3::
Elysium-Shinrin-New Kyoto Prefecture-Outskirts
30 March 2550
It has just crossed from twilight to dawn on the eastern peninsula of New Kyoto. The outskirts were covered in silence and the dim morning light of the rising sun.
Flying over the dry grasslands that surround New Kyoto is a modified transport Falcon drop ship, carrying the eight members of Nightingale Team Shinobi.
"Alright guys, you know the drill: we go in, we check the area, we recover the objective, and we make sure we aren't seen. Understood?" Jr Captain Kita told his team from the center seat.
"Ryōkai,"(1) they responded in unison. The falcon landed in an open area, and the team began to disembark. Kendall, Akira, Tomiko, and Kimiko all hopped off first from their external seats and were followed by Walker, Candice, and David who sat inside the Falcon. They scanned the a
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Project Nightingale Chapter 02
::Project: Nightingale::
::Chapter 2::
Elysium->Agaia->New Angeles City->Southeast Education District->Iriswright Training Facility
29 March 2550
It was early in the morning. Really early in the morning. As in nobody-should-be-up-at-this-time early in the morning.
Or at least, that's what Icarus thought of it.
The lights in the training facility are still on (not that it made much of a difference, as it was underground), and inside the main training room is the lone Nightingale operative of New Angeles. He's running one of the automated training courses, and is carrying a training model of an M7S Silenced Caseless Submachine gun, which shot paintballs rather than bullets. He runs down some of the hallways before stopping shortly as a simulated searchlight flashed over it. He waited until the light disappeared before quickly checking around the corner and running through.
His timing, however, wasn't as perfect as he had hoped,
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Project: Nightingale Chapter 01
::Project: Nightingale::
::Chapter 01::
Recording Start…
Video and Audio Recording: Project Nightingale Training
Location: Elysium->Agaia->New Angeles City->Southeast Education District->Iriswright Training Facility
Date: 2542 October 9
Time: 18:00
Inside what looked like a military base's command center was a group of five children, no older than six or seven, who were led by a man wearing a military uniform. A woman with a similar uniform was following close behind them. The man directed the children's attention to a large observation window that provided an overhead view of an expansive gym-like room. Inside  were several other children in the room exercising: running obstacle courses, and practicing at firing ranges, though they were considerably older than the five watching above. Each of them performed their tasks with a surprisingly high level of skill given their apparent ages. As the children watched the t
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Just Another Day in Tropical Skyrim by Spartan0214 Just Another Day in Tropical Skyrim :iconspartan0214:Spartan0214 1 0 Preview (Oh, and I'm not dead) by Spartan0214 Preview (Oh, and I'm not dead) :iconspartan0214:Spartan0214 4 1 Daddy's Little Girl: Amber D-001 by Spartan0214 Daddy's Little Girl: Amber D-001 :iconspartan0214:Spartan0214 0 0
Chapter 1: New World
Chapter 1
New World
It's been about a day or so since we've gotten to this system, and I already hate it. It's a relatively small system, only possessing about seven planets: two which have moons, and three which are habitable by normal humans, one of which was a fairly young colony, on a planet that consisted almost completely of desert. While the star map pointed to which system the shield world was, it didn't exactly specify which one it was. That meant we would have to check each planet, and it's not nearly as easy as it sounds.
"Are we going to the surface yet?! I'm getting tired of just sitting here in the atmosphere!" Iceland complained from behind the console he was monitoring.
"We have to wait till we can figure out how we're going to tell the colony down there that we're not enemies, and that they shouldn't shoot us. Alice explained this to you already." I answered, semi-annoyed as this has been the third time he had complained about this. I heard him groan in exasperation.
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Prologue: Follow the Stars
Follow the Stars
So this is a different way of telling stories. Usually there's someone who is completely detached from the adventure who narrates it, but this time I think I'll do it, just to avoid any discrepancies. I know it's not how Noble, Ghost, or anyone else really does it, but I think I'll break the cycle and tell my story this way.
I guess I'll start with some kind of introduction. My name is Zachariah, or Zak, Derekson, though you would probably know me by another name, Agent California. Not really sure how many people know me, though hopefully this'll clear some of it up.
So I was thinking of beginning this story at its beginning, though then I remembered that that's not exactly where this specific story starts, and it's a long one to tell. So instead, I'll start it two-fifths of the way through.
It's been about three days since we left Sanghelios. We ("we" being the small group of rogue freelancers under the command of Agent Noble) had just been a part of a massiv
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So i discovered college requires a lot more walking than i initially anticipated.

That's all. Continue on with your day.


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