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Team Title: Crusaders - Blue division
Join Date: 13/12/2017

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Jeff Schmith

Species: Marshtomp
Age: Teen (16) Gender: Male
Description:  If you need someone to make some real damage, he's your option. Of the four, he has increased the skills of his attacks to do as much destruction as he can, being the strongest in what reffers to move set with the presicion still a work in progress.

In personality, he's the most relaxed and has no problems to start a conversation, or to force you in an unconfortable situation if you prove you're quite resistant. Even with that, deep below, he cares for his team. Anna and him have a good relationship of a 'brother and sister' position. 

Ability: Torrent
Move 1: Scald
Move 2: Rock Smash
Move 3: Mud Bomb
Move 4: Surf


-Item #:


Species: Magnemite
Age: Unknown (Ancient) Gender: No gender (assumed a male voice distorted with the metal)
Description: No one knows about its origin. The only thing that was for sure it that it came from space as well as other Magnemites, Magnetones and Magnezones in a meteor that clashed in Savitaran centuries ago. The few things that the people learned from them over time is how it was the view up there. Some of them were integrated in the guild, being a great help. Its name was from its constant watch over the guild's archives, retaining all the information within it.

Its hard to tell if it has emotions, because it expresses none. It speaks with logic and reason, being annoying with its plain tone sometimes. Also, Watcher thinks that magic does not exist, that it's an invention to 'have an explanation' of supernatural abilities.

Ability: Sturdy
Move 1: Light Screen (By electromagetic principles, it can generate an electromagnetig barrier that stops part of the attack)
Move 2: Magnet Bomb 
Move 3: Zap Cannon
Move 4: Explosion (Watcher overcharges its body with electricity to a critical level, acting as the big 'Seed bomb', surviving it with its sturdy ability)


-Item #:


> Honeycomb Storage <


>>> Writing Area <<<

(In Chapter 6 => On the way to the docks; Part 2)

The Red division would be Valerian and Karla, the Blue division, Jeff and Watcher, but for the Green division... Anna was alone, and even if she could make the team by the guilds' standards, she wasn't feel that it was a good choice. Lucas asked to Alex in hinolish what was happening and he answered abou her situation. The Silvally looked to her worried. He didn't know her much, but she was the only one, aside of Valerian, that tried to talk in his language, with all the frustation of learning it, but never giving up.

The second division of the Crusaders

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