Chapter 6 Part 7: Boss battle and package recovery

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Escner 20180121 by Spartan-771

On the docks, the tabirans imprisoned the remaining pirates, got the hostages to a safe place to treat them and started to burn the ships that were still standing. They also cleared the area and maintained position, keeping an eye on the battle that was still raging on in the sea. So far, the remaining pirate forces were broken and began to take sides, either pledging their services to Trench, keeping their loyalty to Josephine or fighting on their own. In any case, it was a chaos out there and without any other way to reach the strike group, the only thing they could do was waiting for them to return. Some of them were impatient and the reasons were not a big mystery: one of the members of the Arbok squad snatched the research and the captain in front of them. They wanted to do something about it, but most of the fliers that Ivanna brought with her were protecting the prison ship and engaging the hostiles while they were sitting down doing nothing.


“I still can’t believe we’re stuck here”   Sabine complained.

“I know what you feel Sabine; but we cannot do anything else” Cornelius pointed wish his arms crossed. “We’re ready to fight pirates and bandits, but we’re not ready to fight a professional army and not in their terrain”

“Maybe, but it’s frustrating”

“Let’s hope that those guys can find that guy” Harry said. “Just thinking what Josephine would do with an army… is more scarier than she already is with her pirates”


Next to them, Nya was looking for anyone of her group. She managed to contact Zack and spotted him with the Hydreigon over the skies, but the others weren’t around them and with that fight over the skies, she was more worried. It was a tense situation for her and those of her group that stayed beside her. Then, someone shouted.


“Look over there!” He pointed with his hand.


All of them saw a massive tentacruel with something atop of it on the air, with its tentacles extended to catch something ahead of it. Then, they spotted two fliers with riders on their backs, flying to another location and an electrical field in the form of a dome covering the surrounding area, with visibility of what was happening inside. Nya didn’t have to think who the riders were. Adam’s voice was strong enough to be heard from such a distance and clear when he said that he was after Alex as well.


“What does Trench want with him?” Marth asked. “He almost kills him after saying that he didn’t need him for anything”

“I have the feeling that his plan involves Alex and I’m pretty sure Zack too from the very beginning, as well as Josephine and the research” Jaina suspected.

“This is not good” Ryan said worried. “They’re completely isolated from the rest of our forces to fight that freak”

“What should we do?” Katrina asked.

Nya clenched her paws. “We can’t do anything about it; it’s their battle now”

“Nya?” Jaina said surprised.

“I don’t like it, too; but… we cannot help in anything, even if we manage to get there”


There was silence among them. They knew she was right and the only thing they could do was keep watching to the electrical dome, hoping that they’ll be able to escape or at best, defeat the Electivire and the Tentacruel.

Aboard Trench’s flagship, the Spearhead, he and the rest of the Arbok squad, along with some of his high ranking officers were watching the scene. The blockade was still in place, with some new ships added to the fleet and others coming shortly.


“They survived the attack” Meteor said inexpressively with his arms crossed. “That’s surprising, considering they were hit hard back in the docks”

“Hmm, I guess I should’ve killed some of those teams to get a clear message to their guilds” Night Slash commented, placing one of her blades in front of her.

“I don’t think the tabirans are involved in this” Minre suspected with his arms crossed. “The Honchkrow and the Lucario from before were following the orders from Ivanna without question; the other teams would have problems with someone else taking the command”

“And that means, they’re also part of the Savitaran guild, or at least, they’re cooperating with them” Trench deduced. “So that’s why she came here; there was a team undercover with the tabirans”

“Should we stand by near Adam, admiral? He’s carrying the papers of the research and the pirate captain; and our air forces are occupied with Ivanna’s fliers atop of them”

“No, let them fight; I want to see what they’re really capable of, even if that means lose the research and the captain; besides, we’re already have the information of it and their own advancements; so it’s not a big loss”

“But that means we cannot private them from that advance” One of the officers questioned. “We’ll be in equal ground”

“And that’s something they don’t know, yet” After that, he kept his silence as he was watching the battle.


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Escner 20180121 (2) by Spartan-771

Elisa and Hawk flew in a straight line as well as the tentacruel was doing the same thing on the water. It attacked first by using a barrage of Poison stings from its mouth, with the help of Adam, using Thunderbolt from the two coils. The fliers had to take evasive action as they were not close enough for any of them to have clear shots. They began to circle them, approaching in every spin and when they had the necessary distance, they launched their attacks, starting with Elisa with Energy ball aiming directly at the fortification, followed by Valerian with Dragon pulse and Hawk with Flash cannon. The idea was to create enough dust to blind him, delaying his electrical attacks.


“Didn’t feel a thing!” Adam shouted in a mockery tone. As Ivanna told Alex, the fortification and the Tentacruel’s ‘hat’ could tolerate an insane amount of damage, rendering most of the moves useless. Also, they had some incantations to shield them from magical attacks, making them the ‘Floating fortress’.

“Light damage in the fortification” Watcher informed to his flying group as well as Clanker with its sounds to its.

“We need to get a bit closer if we want those tentacles to rise up” Valerian determined.

“Hang tight back there and be ready to attack” Hawk said and began his approach.


The Tentacruel turned to face Hawk, giving Adam the visibility to attack. They used Poison stings and Thunderbolt respectively. “DIE!!!”Adam shouted. The Skarmory managed to evade the thunderbolts, but he was hit by the needles. In that moment, the tentacles arose from the water with the intention of capturing them. At the other side, Elisa was moving into position while Alex was aiming at them with Clanker. In the precise moment, the Magnemite made a sound and the Lucario used Thunder punch to pass some extra electricity to it. When it was ready, it launched a round of Zap cannons.

Some of them hit the tentacles with a big explosion, making the Tentacruel advance in a circle while it arose from one side, exposing the lower part of its body. There was electricity crossing them, indicating that they were paralyzed. “DAMN!” Adam shouted.  Anna took the opportunity when she spotted the weak point and with Watcher, fired a Zap cannon, stopping the floating fortress in an instant. “Wha-a-at!?” The Electivire shouted again. The tentatruel lowered itself to not be hit by other exploding electrical spheres while it was trying to recover from the paralysis.


“It’s working!” Anna exclaimed, with her hope increasing.

“We’re wearing them down!” Valerian conceded.


Adam did not sit by and continued attacking any of the two fliers with Thunderbolt when they were passing at front of him. With the tentacles down, the group had to circle around until they had another opportunity. When the Tenatacruel was recovered, it retaliated with a barrage of Water guns and Surf to shake them off. The Tentacruel advanced again and Adam attacked, hitting both fliers after predicting their trajectory. Elisa and Hawk fell some meters by the effects of the paralysis and flapped their wings to remount the skies with difficulty before they would hit the sea. They fell back to the border of the dome so they would have time to recover, but it wasn’t easy to evade their long range attacks and keep close to the border. They were forced to fly near the plain surface of the water, using the wreckages as cover, but Adam’s thunderbolts were practically obliterating what it was left of the ships


“This is not as simple as it looks” Karla commented after shaking her body from the paralysis.

“We need to keep pressing” Alex said, keeping his eyes on the enemy. “Hitting its tentacles to paralyze it is our only chance to defeat it”

“Integrity of the Tentacruel is at 96%” Watcher informed.

“Some damage we did, but it’s not enough” Valerian commented.

“Paralyze it for enough time and blast that thing like there was no tomorrow” Elisa said.

“Consider it done” Anna nodded.


The Tentacruel attacked again with a barrage of Poison stings. Elisa and Hawk followed the wall of the dome to get atop of them, being difficult, since it was moving with the source. Anna moved to the left side and pointing with Watcher, they dropped magnet bombs to get their attention. Then they flew near the enemies, tempting the Tentacruel to use the majority of its tentacles to catch them. Valerian, Elisa and Hawk kept attacking the fortification while they were waiting for the right moment. The tentacles were rising from the sea, but it was still not enough.

When they increased their speed to grab them, the fliers made a scissor maneuver while Anna and Alex with Watcher and Clanker were “blasting the hell out” of the tentacles, forcing the Tentacruel to stop and rise up, revealing the lower part of its body again. “What have you done!?” Adam shouted. Without wasting time, they fired Zap cannons like crazy; thanks to the speed boost they were given and dealing heavy damage with the boost of the Electrical terrain. “Why is this happening!?” The Electivire shouted again, firing thunderbolts.


“You got them!” Elisa shouted, feeling that they could win.

“Not yet!” Karla corrected her. “Concentrate!”


When it shook out the paralysis, it lowered its body again and counterattacked. They were still firing Zap cannons, impacting in the surface of the Tentacruel. “You’re wasting your energies!” Adam shouted. Then, unexpectedly, he attacked with his Swift move, launching a burst of bolt tips at them. The fliers barely managed to evade the attack, with a few of them making cuts. Alex with Clanker attacked the few tentacles that were on the sea surface. Anna saw the opportunity and with Watcher, they landed a hit right in the Tentacruel’s face.


“That’s what I call: eat your own words!” Hawk comment.

“Tentacruel’s integrity is at 33%” Watcher informed.

“Just a bit more” Valerian pointed.


They kept pressing in their attack; evading, distracting, waiting and hitting; all in order to defeat the Tentacruel, until it stopped moving. Watcher and Clanker told that it was knocked out, since actually kill it would’ve required much more time.


“The Tentacruel is out of action” Elisa said a bit relieved. “Now we have to deal with the Electivire”

“We have to be careful” Karla warned. “We don’t know what other surprises he has prepared”

In that moment, Adam opened a circular door and stood up on the fortification with a big smirk in his face. “Now this is a fight worthy of my time!” As Ivanna warned Alex through Zack, if the fight became more intense, so did him.  In a closer look he had both Josephine and the research on his back tied strongly.

“Not good, Adam is using the pirate captain and the research as shield” Karla said.

“Any ideas?” Anna asked.


Like if Adam heard them, he started to circulate electricity in his arms and two thunderbolts appeared from them, creating some kind of chain to the water.  Turns out, he was grabbing two of the tentacles that had bracelets. When he had them in his hands, he started to send more electricity in them. At first glance, it seemed that he was attacking the Tentacruel, but what they didn’t expect was that it was responding to the charge, even beginning to move. The fliers retreated to the border of the dome while Zack was telling Alex what was happening, with some new information about how to stop him.


“This is going to be hard” Anna pointed.

“We can’t attack him directly if we want to recover Josephine and the research intact” Hack said. “But getting a clear shoot right to his head in the middle of the fly will be even more harder “

When Adam was ready, he leaded the Tentacruel right to them while he was preparing to attack. “Sir, Anna, get off” Valerian determined.

“What?” Alex asked.

“We’ll give you the chance to attack him”

“You’re going to use yourselves as bait? Are you insane?” Anna freaked out.

“Commander Ivanna said that he gets cockier as well” Karla remembered. “Let’s see if that means ignoring some details in the battle”

“We’ll try not to die” Hawk said.

“That wasn’t very convincing” Alex commented.

“We will survive, I promise” Elisa calmed him.


Hawk and Elisa charged against Adam and the Tentacruel while Alex and Anna were preparing to hop down on the deck of some of the remaining abandoned ships. That they were crossing. When the fliers evaded the attackers in the last second, the Lucario and the Rockruff with the Magnemites jumped, rolling a bit before they could hide. Adam made the Tentacruel brake as the fliers landed at some distance from him.


“Come on, you blockhead!” Valerian challenged him. Adam turned the Tentacruel to face them.

“You have guts to provoke him” Hawk comment as he was ripping the lumber below him, preparing for the second part of the battle.

“As long as he’s distracted by it, it will be enough for Mister Alex and Anna to have the opportunity they need” Karla said.

“But when he sees them, we have to shadow them so he doesn’t end blowing the ships they are” Elisa warned as she was flapping her wings.


After a few seconds, Adam charged his Tentacruel against the fliers as Hawk and Elisa were charging against him as well. Anna and Alex waited for the right opportunity to attack. Valerian started by attacking the Tentacruel with Dragon pulse, followed by Energy balls from Elisa and Flash cannons from Hawk. “Open fire!”Adam turned around to follow them while he was forcing the Tentacruel to use Poison stings, a bombardment of Sluge bombs and a burst of Water guns to support his Thunderbolt and Swift attacks.

Alex decided to use Clanker instead of his Aura spheres, because it can target an objective with even more better precision with its Lock-on move and combining with his Inner focus, they could hit anyone, even in movement and in long distances. Alex aimed to the head of the Electivire and waited while Anna was aiming Watcher to the Tentacruel, preparing to launch some Zap cannons. Clanker was making a sound, being loud when they had the enemy on sight. When the moment came, Clanker fired one Flash cannon. The attack boosts from before helped them in piercing through the electromagnetic shield of Adam, doing some damage and destabilizing him.

Adam looked where Alex, Anna, Watcher and Clanker were. “Is that all you can manage!?” He mocked them. Anna aimed and Watcher fired a Zap cannon to the base of the tentacles, since the tentacruel itself was at least one meter above the water, making it vulnerable. “DAMN!” Another shot from Alex with Clanker came right to his face. “DIE!” The Electivire answered with Thunderbolt fired from the coils at full power. Anna hooped on Alex’s back and he ran to the next ship, using Extreme speed to escape and jump. The ship they were attacking blew like a volcano, sending the duo in a crashing course to the deck with the remaining parts of it. The fliers pestered the Arbok member to give them enough time to cover.

Alex and Anna shocked their heads while they were standing up. The distraction made Adam believe that they were already in the wreckage much more ahead of them and blasted the hell out of the remains of that ship. Anna aimed Watcher at the Tentacruel and fired another Zap cannon and Alex with Clanker fired another Flash cannon. The Electivire responded, forcing the Tentacruel to use a barrage of Poison sting and again they had to run to another ship, with the burst approaching to them until the attacks from the air units made him lose them from sight. He also launched Sludge bombs they had to destroy with the Magnemites when they hadn’t time to jump.  Deducing the tactic they were using, Adam destroyed more of the sinking ships, reducing their space of movement.


“We have no choice, we have to attack at point-blank range” Alex determined.

“But that is not when you’re close to the enemy?” Anna asked.

“It also refers to what some people say, throw everything you’ve got” Watcher pointed.

Clanker made sounds, indicating they should find a stable position and blast Adam with Magnet Bombs and a burst of Flash cannons, since high impact attacks wouldn’t do any good, but if he was being attacked non-stop with their moves, part of their attacks would deplete the electromagnetic shield and expose the Electivire to the real deal.

“But that means we need a closer position, so Watcher’s Magnet bombs can hit him” Anna thought out loud as she was seeing their surroundings.

“Meaning that we’ll be exposed if he retaliates… let’s hope we can knock him out before it happens” Alex said.


While they were moving, Alex made signals to Elisa to approach as Hawk and Valerian were distracting them. He explained what they were going to do and asked for a smokescreen to have a way to fall back, in case they couldn’t beat him. The fliers pestered Adam for enough time to give their comrades enough time to get into position, since Alex had to literally jump a longer distance. Once they reached it, Alex and Anna aimed Clanker and Watcher and the moment Adam turned to see them, they focused fire at him. Adam crossed his arms, concentrating more electricity at the front. They kept attacking for at least twenty seconds until the shield ran out and they could land some hits at him. When they saw him kneel, they stopped.


“Did we beat him?” Anna asked.

Alex scanned with his aura if they managed to defeat him. “No”

“Hahahahahah! Now this is what I call a real fight!” Adam laughed as he was standing up, like he didn’t feel anything, even if he had nose-bleeding. He began to produce more electricity than before at the cost of disabling his dome, exposing them to the fliers that were fighting above then. “Who’s afraid of a little thunder!?”

“What is this guy made of?” Anna asked out loud.

‘Alex! Ivanna said that you have to distract him a little longer’ Zack told him.

‘What!? What is she up to?’ Alex asked.

‘She said that just concentrate in keep his attention on you and tell Elisa to get ready for a pickup’

Escner 20180121 (3) by Spartan-771

Alex didn’t like the idea; but knowing Ivanna, he suspected that she saw an opportunity he wasn’t considering in that moment. He and Anna kept firing with the help of Clanker and Watcher at Adam while Elisa and Hawk were attacking the Tentacruel and the water to hide from his sight as they were falling back. The Electivire attacked with Thunderbolt, but this time, it was so strong that it seemed that it was imitating a Solar beam, drawing a big line before it could disappear. It was no wonder why he was the toughest of his squad. ‘Carajo, Ivanna; if you have something planned, you better do it now’ He thought.

As if the answer came by itself, he felt the aura of Jack coming from above in a free fall right to the position of the Tentacruel, with Zack and Sasha at some distance from him, possibly to brake him with Psychic when he was about to crash. When he landed, he cut the ropes that were holding Josephine to Adam’s back and took her. The Electivire noticed that and turned around when he felt that slightly loss of weight, spotting the sneaky Scyther. Jack wasted no time and jumped the hell out of there, using his wings to increase the distance, with both Adam and the Tentacruel attacking him. Zack used Psychic again to keep in in the air and Elisa with Karla moved into position, making him land on her back. “Focus fire on them!” Adam ordered to anyone loyal to Trench in the vicinity. Some of Ivanna’s fliers rushed to protect them.

Meanwhile, Zack was approaching to Adam from behind at high speed, thanks to the Tailwind move. “Ready?” He asked to Sasha, who was holding a dagger. She nodded and took position. When they were close, Zack used Psychic and pushed Sasha to the Tentacruel. She was warned that she couldn’t do any damage to Adam in his condition, so she had to focus in the research. The moment she landed, she jumped, cut the ropes of the bag and jumped again to have the Honchkrow picking her up while the Electivire was attacking them as well. This time, they had to evade a lot of explosions and anti-air attacks.

Hawk headed to them to cover their retreat, while Alex and Anna tried to put enough distance from them and Adam, but without any means of escape, it would only be a matter of time before he would find them.


“We’re stuck here” Anna looked everywhere to find someone who can get them out.

“Carajo, I should have asked for a pickup” Alex facepawed himself.

“Fox leader Alex, Lapras incoming to our position at high speed” Watcher informed.

“Don’t tell me it’s the soldiers or the pirates” Anna complained. “Give us a break”

The Lapras slowed down and turned to the right to dock. There were two familiar faces aboard. “You want to get the hell out of here?” William asked.

“William? Terra? What in blazes are you doing here?” Alex was surprised.

“Taking your side and returning you back to the prison ship; Eva will give you a ride” Terra answered.

“Hop on guys, we don’t have much time” The Lapras suggested. Alex and Anna jumped aboard. “Okay, here we go; hang tight back there” Eva began to move her fins and after raising a little, she propelled to the speed she was going.


Elisa, Hawk and Zack joined them on the way, after shaking the pursuers off and with the other fliers covering their escape. There were also a few pirate water types, probably from the Samurott’s forces, that were escorting them back to the prison ship, since there were enemies on the way back to the docks. For Zack, it was good to have some allies in that mess. Then suddenly, they heard a roar coming from the burning ships. They saw the Tentacruel smashing its way.


“It’s not over yet!” Adam shouted. There is no escape!”

“Not good!” Sasha though out loud.

“Alex, I think we have something to stop him from chasing us” Zack said.

“The explosive liquid you mentioned that you obtained? Karla asked.

“If a move cannot stop him, then that could do the trick” Valerian determined. “I can go with Hawk to pick the bottles”

“I’ll go as well” Karla said. “I have an idea of how to use then”

“Alex, Anna; you have to take the research with you in the meantime; I’ll go with them and we cannot risk the prisoners if they see me and Sasha with it” Zack said as Sasha was dropping the bag to them. “That includes Josephine as well”

“We have to use the wreckage to evade the Tentacruel and other pursuers” Eva determined.

“If that’s the case… the rest: scramble and head to the ship; we’ll see you there” William ordered.


The pirate escort broke out and headed to the prison ship as well as Zack and Hawk with their passengers. Alex used Psychic to move Anna to the back of Elisa to provide cover from the air. Adam was approaching fast to the fugitives, forcing the Tentacruel to the limit. Eva used Ice beam to make a closed turn to the left with his passengers positioning to her left to not be launched by the inercy as Elisa was flying beside her and entered the wreckage area to shake them of as pirates fliers and water types under Trench’s orders were chasing them. Alex aimed Clanker and fired Flash cannons and Zap cannons to the enemies as Anna was doing the same with Watcher, with the Magnemite applying Light screen before the engagement. William was launching Focus blasts as Terra was attacking aggressively with the same move, although with some difficulty.


Meanwhile, Ivanna with a few fliers headed to the docks as fast as they could. Without wasting time, she gave orders from the Hydreigon. “Alright, listen up: I need a group of you that can shoot anything that threats the ship and help us in healing wounds; it’ has to be the smaller ones to not overload the fliers”

“What about the pirates?” Percy asked.

“We secured a passage to it and some of them have started to leave the area; if you want to help, it’s going to be now”


The teams that, after thinking fast, decided to travel through that hell were New Horizonts without Cornelius, Crossed paths, Jade storm, Electrophilic, Magix with Kala and individuals such as Nya, Robin with the baby Salandit and Isabel flying by herself. The rest stayed behind, protecting the docks. On the way, they saw how Adam and other pirates were chasing Alex and his group, attacking them at any opportunity as they were fighting back. Ivanna gave orders to not help them, making herself clear that it would be an unnecessary risk. Nya had to contain her instinct to fight the Electivire to help her group, because if the stories were true, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

Eva and Elisa were concentrating only in keep in movement while everyone else was attacking any pirate that comes too close.  Jack was holding the unconscious Josephine tightly as Alex was doing the same with the research. They lost the count of how many enemies were knocked out. The few times they aimed at Adam, they didn’t do any damage. They took cover behind of another sinking ship that was still standing to catch their breath.


‘Alex, we’re ready' Zack told him. ‘Exit the area and don’t let him get you'

‘It’s not what we were doing the whole time?’ He complained, but informed the rest.

“We have to go to the open sea… you guys are ready?” Elisa asked.

“Step on it; if he catches up to us, we’re done for” Jack said.

“Okay, here we go; just keep those guys at bay” Eva said and they were on the move again.


They exited the zone and move for a few seconds in the open sea, turning in the direction where the ship was.  Adam was moving with the Tentacruel alone.  ‘I guess we took down most of the pirates' Anna thought. For their relief, they were gaining distance from the pursuers, but the Electivire wasn’t done with his tricks. “I have a surprise for you, you won’t get away from this one” He said to himself. He forced the Tentacruel to move the lateral coils until they were pointing to the sea at their backs. Then he charged his move in them and used it, propelling themselves to close the gap between them and the escapists.


“Seriously, what the hell is this guy made of?” Anna asked out loud again.

“I’ll grind you into dust!” Adam shouted as he was forcing the Tentacruel to clash with them..

“Anna! Like the last time!” Alex signaled her.


They began to shoot with Clanker and Watcher Flash cannons and Magnet boms respectively, but they didn’t have any effect on the incoming Electivire. The changed for Zap cannons and targeted the Tentacruel’s tentacles that were rising to catch them to slow them down, but with that propulsion, they couldn’t make them fall back enough as they were evading Poison stings and Water guns, including the destruction of some Sludge bombs falling in their direction. There were some support from William and Terra, but they were in the same position as the other two. Then Adam launcher a burst of his bolt tips. They barely managed to avoid most of them, but the rest pierced Elisa and Alex in the right side. It wasn’t an imminent life threating, but it surely hurted like a hell, disabling him to attack.


“That Honchkrow better come here soon or we won’t get any further with that freak chasing us” William said as he was inspecting Alex’s wound. He used an old sailor trick to stop the bleeding, but he wasn’t sure if he could get treated.

“Y-yeah, ending as food for fished is not my dying wish” Alex complained with pain.


Moving in the opposite direction, Zack and Hawk with Sasha, Valerian and Karla were carrying the explosive bottles with some additions, such as heavy objects to give them weight. Karla had read that some of the Pokemon that could use Seed bombs were accumulating them in wooden canisters and launched them with fliers from above, exploding in the designated target, a technique called: dive bombing. Since the unstable liquid accomplished the same function, the only thing she needed was some of weight that made the bottles fall in the right place. Both fliers were holding them with their claws as they were approaching from above. Then they began the descent in angle, with the Skarmory taking the lead and increasing the speed.  The riders were waiting for the right moment to drop them.

“Now!” Valerian shouted and Hawk released the explosives when they were too close to their group. Sasha shouted the same and Zack dropped them as well. The four bottles fell and impacted the Tentacruel, unleashing their destructive power. The result: both it and Adam lost control and ended up heading in another direction, stopping completely.


“That’s what I’m talking about! An instant knock out! Sasha shouted with joy.

“I don’t think it will be enough for that, but at least we shocked him off” Zack commented.

Adam, taking his time, stood up, watching the group escape when the Abra that got Trench out appeared beside him.  “The admiral orders that you return to the fleet at once” He said.

“The motive?” He asked.

“We have enough information about the battle and resources they used, he says; also that it’s time to make our final move before pulling out the ships”

“Ha, good; I’ll be there”


The group arrived at the prison ship without further complications from other pirates. The rest saw the injuries of Alex and Elisa when the boarded and began to treat them immediately. Brandon offered to try something by himself and after getting the approval, he pulled out water from a small bottle he was carrying below the shawl and manipulating it, he placed it in the wounds and healed them. Some of them thought that it was magic and commented to Nya, but she denied that statement, because there were too small traces to even consider that possibility.

Jeff told the group that the prisoners were patched up, thanks to Rider, Brandon, Sabine, Harry and Katrina. All that was left was to keep the ship on course to the docks, but first they had to engage five enemy ships, three coming from that direction and other two coming from the right. They put the research and Josephine below the deck and prepared to fight the hostiles. Ivanna and the rest of the fliers were still dealing with Trench’s squadrons, so it was them against the pirates.

Then, unexpectedly, the two from the right opened fire. Their targets: the incoming ships from the docks. They took them by surprise as their water type escorts were ambushed by the attacking forces.


“William, do you know them?” Darius asked, since the most logical explanation was that they were also allies.

“It’s the rest of my comrades, along with the survivors we picked up”


They saw how they destroyed one of the ships and were damaging the other two. The forces aboard the prison ship helped as well in repelling the enemy pirates.  Once the danger was over, the Samurott saluted them while she was passing her ship behind them. She pointed the bow to where Trench’s flagship was located and ordered the Blastoise to launch a Hyper beam right to his face.  The Blastoise took out a mega stone to change his form and once he mega evolved, he aimed his three cannons to the sky and fired the rays. They made an ark on the way, crossing a considerable distance, but when they were almost reaching their target, a magical shield protected it.


“What the hell!?” The Samurott exclaimed.

“Turn your ship and stick with the rest now!” Ivanna ordered as she was passing by with the Hydreigon. In that moment, strange light spheres were launched from three ships that disengaged from the blockade and were heading to her ship. “Take evasive action!”


The Samurott ordered to increase the speed of the ship as she was maneuvering it to avoid whatever it was coming to them. When the spheres touched the water, they exploded, rising huge columns of water. They managed to reach the other ships and the attackers stopped, but keeping their course to them. Ivanna knew what they were about to do. ‘Damn, there’s no way the ships can escape or dodge all of the magical spheres' she thought.

The others were looking to the enemy formation, nervous of the attack they launched. Then they continued, but this time with a barrage with the intention of sinking them to the bottom of the sea. The fliers couldn’t evacuate everyone in time and there were not many that could use Protect. That’s when Brandon approached to the stern.


“Brandon, what are you doing? Sabine asked.


He didn’t answer. He kept looking to the magical spheres that were approaching to them. Then the color of its eyes changed to a sky blue and positioned his four paws to give himself stability and lowered his head. The water of the sea began to “climb” the ship until it covered his frontal paws.  He raised his head again and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the sea began to rise in a massive wave that was blocking the view of the enemy forces and the spheres. His action caused a general tension, especially in Sabine,  since moving the water like it was nothing and using a small amount of magic for something it required much more it was a bit frightening.

The magical spheres impacted the wave, exploding in all of its extension and without any way to reach the ships that were protected by it.  It was then the others realized that he was protecting them.  Katrina, Sabine and Harry approached to him. They saw that Brandon was in some kind of trance, because he wasn’t responding when they were calling him. Jeff was thinking in an old legend he heard. ‘Could he be…’ he thought.

The bombardment stopped hitting the water barrier, with the enemy ships turning to the right, getting away from them. Brandon couldn’t hold the wave for more time and let it fall. He also fell, panting strongly. After checking him, Harry said that he was weak, but he would recover.


“That was stupid of your part; you could have ended like that umbreon” Sabine whispered to him.

“Sorry… I wanted to do something and I just… felt that I could” He answered.

“Just don’t do it again; everyone is not sure what you really are”


“*Sigh* rest now”


Trench’s ships were still increasing the gap between them, but they were maintaining their distance to the docks. No one wasn’t sure what were they’re doing, until the magical spheres were launched again; all of them aimed to the city. The buildings, houses and anything around the dock district were destroyed. There was also a last flying squadron contributing with more damage. The fires raised smokes that, thanks to the winds from the north, blocked the visual from the Great tree to the docks and the sea. Some of the warriors in the prison ship were extremely pissed off.  It was like everything all of them have done so far, it was for nothing. Noticing this, Ivanna ordered to not pursue them.


“I know what you are feeling, but we don’t have an army to stand against them and the city is being attacked from the other side; as hard as it might be, we have no choice but to accept defeat” She said.


Alex, Valerian, Anna and others clenched fists in frustration, knowing that it was nothing else they could do. Aboard the Spearhead, Trench was smiling, seeing that no matter if they would win, he would always have the last word. And the fight gave him more information about his enemies and the items they used to stop Adam.


“So that’s what that brown liquid can do” Meteor commented after hearing the report from Adam.

“Well, with the infiltration team, we obtained some samples and we learned that it’s very unstable, according to the Mewostic” Minre explained.

“Did you extract the formula from her mind?” Trench asked.

“Yes, as well as other interesting liquids, also some interesting items they have developed”

“We’ll just have to find some rogue researchers that could find a way to make it more stable; we should thank the scholars for developing “military class” potions”

“Like stealing a candy from a baby” Adam laughed. “I’ve expected more complications, but I guess they had so much peace that they left their papers and stuff everywhere to take”

“They will surely have a lot of fun repairing what is left from their city and burying their people” Night Slash joked.

“Very well; notify the rest of our fleet, we’re moving to the south”


With the rest of the pirate forces under his command, he increased the number of ships to seventeen. Using the fires as smokescreen, they mobilized away from Tabira, lifting the blockade and taking away their rewards.
Main objectives

Bullet; Black Protect the city
Bullet; Green Assist allies
Bullet; Green Gather enough monpower to repel the attackers
Bullet; Green Recover the research
Bullet; Green Recover the research AGAIN
Bullet; Red Save the citizens
Bullet; Red Protect the evacuation
Bullet; Green Liberate the docks
Bullet; Green Capture Josephine

Side objectives

Bullet; Green Save Terra 
Bullet; Green Save Han

Priorital objectives

Bullet; GreenDefeat Arbok squad member Adam and it's tentacruel
Bullet; Green Recover the research and Josephine

Bullet; Red => In progress ;Bullet; Green => Completed; Bullet; Black => Failed

With the link you already know that this is a crossover between Pokémon and Metal Gear Solid 3, the last battle with Volgin and the chase; just that I increase the difficulty to insanity.

At least some pirates have joined their side. Also, Brandon is more than you realize.

This is one last victory to Trench's forces. And with the stuff from the guilds, it will be a matter of time before they arm themselves with better equipment.

Dud potion (obtained from Protégé's rank)

Rewards: 2 tracker's reputation [all teams]
               2 scholar's reputation [all teams]
               1 artisan's reputation [all teams]
               1 kepper's reputation [all teams]


Team Guang and NPC's belongs to :iconsnowbound-becca:
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Teams MAGIX, Flight Rangers and Autem Deus belongs to :icon1apple-fox1:
Team Electrophilic, Emblem's flame, Robin and NPC's belongs to :icondusklugia:
Team Aura Seekers belongs to :iconandydemon64:
Team Fallen belongs to :icondidc-cl:
Team Speed Star belongs to :iconbolt-braixen:
Team Fallible belongs to :iconfaelaarts:

Story belongs to :icontalesoftabira:
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo
Metal Gear Solid belongs to Hideo Kojima
Art and characters belongs to me
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Man, this was good- how many parts are there left? i kinda wish i had waited a bit longer to write my own chapter 6- i would have loved to use these characters in my own chapter 6 haha
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There are two more left, plus an epilogue.
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Ha, I loved the end game of Metal Gear Solid 3! Well except the part where you had to escort Eva through that jungle with the guards on your ass, but even that was worth it for the final boss afterwards!