Chapter 6 Part 10: The head of the snake

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“Okay, everyone is patched up” Jaina sighed after healing Alex. With the help of Lucas, they put everyone in the restaurant, so they could have some protection in the meantime

“So it’s time to move” Anna supposed, looking through one of the broken windows. “There’s still the last of the bandit army to deal with”

“Yeah, are you not going to the evacuation zones?” Alex asked to Borris when he saw him staying sat in one of the chairs.

“No, I won’t leave my restaurant t’ be raided by those vandals” He answered with his mind already set.

“So you’re going to stay here, no matter what we say?” Nya asked.

“In that, I agree with him” Holly replied.

“Well, that complicates things a bit” Alex commented out loud, passing a paw behind of his head. “Looks like we have to clear this area, so you won’t have to deal with anybody”


In that moment, Elisa called from the outside, accompanied by William and Terra, asking to enter. Once inside, she explained that most of the bandits had already withdrawn from the surroundings of the restaurant and they were regrouping with the remaining of the bandit strike force under the orders of Sloan. Also that Hawk alerted her that the assassin that appeared in front of them reached Zack’s group and wiped out the floor with them, leaving then wounded when he disappeared.


“He is going after Jack” Alex whispered to Nya.

“Let’s hope he can do this” She said.

“I’m sure he will”

“That means we have to assist them” Anna declared.

“True; and we have to regroup with the third group, so we have our chance to defeat the bandits” William pointed.

“But that still leaves a problem: they will charge against the Great tree in one last savage strike and we won’t have enough time to build a strong barricade to halt them and to give us a strong defense” Elisa mentioned. “We have to hold out until the ground reinforcements arrive”


They kept their silence, thinking of how they could defeat the bandits. In that moment, Clanker, who was in Alex’s back, disengaged from his combat suit and began to make noises. The rest didn’t understand a thing of what he was saying, but Alex’s face was changing, like he knew every sound. Peach was already being told of it, Anna only understood pieces of the ‘language’ and the rest was just looking; with the children keeping their eyes on the floating metallic eye ball with bolts and magnets. “So you’re saying that we have our pretty big chance to beat all of them with one single attack” Alex said, surprising the native tabirans. Clanker kept making metallic noises with some beeps here and there. “You mean that…” Alex tried to process as the Magnemite was still ‘talking’. “Are you sure you and Watcher can pull it off?” He asked. Affirmative beeps were his answer with more exposition. “A good amount of electricity… risky, but given the circumstances, they won’t see it coming”.


Kala raised a fin. “Uh… may I ask… what did he say?”

“Clanker said that we can beat the majority of the bandits, but that requires that we do a stuff our team likes to do when we’re stressed” Alex answered.

“It means… blow stuff up?” Anna deduced, after remembering a couple of letters of her sister doing that.


“Wait, how are the Magnemites can beat a whole strike force?” William asked. “I don’t think you’re carrying more of those explosive bottles to give to them”

“Actually, they are the ones that will explode”

Everyone stayed quiet. Few of them knew that a Magnamite could have the ability of just blow itself up. And that raised another pair of questions: the radius of the blast and if they could survive it. “So you’re saying… that its plan involves a suicide mission?” Terra asked, believing that they would be reduced to ashes when they explode.

“You have to wait and see, they’re stronger than they look; but to make its plan works, we will require a huge amount of electricity”

“How much?” Jaina asked.

“If I remember right, the Magnemites alert when they’re overcharged; I think they say they’ve reached critical level” Anna explained. “And they need a lot of people who knows any electrical move to charge them”

“The bigger the overcharge, the bigger the explosion” Alex summarized.

“But there’s a slight complication in that plan” Elisa said. “We’re still in the middle of the city; we have to find a way to attract all the bandits out of Tabira, so we can reduce the chances of destroying it more”

“We have to reach Ivanna then; we can trace a scheme with her and put it in motion once we fill the gaps”

“Then it’s settled” The Tropius looked Borris, Holly and the children. “You’re supposed to be in one of the evacuation zones”

“They made clear they’re not leaving this place, so I guess we can leave some warriors here for some extra protection, just in case” Nya suggested.

‘Peach, are you going to stay here?’ Alex asked with telepathy.

‘I…’ She was lost in her thoughts of what happened a while ago.

‘If you want to rest more…’

‘No’ she shocked her head a little. ‘We have to finish this, so I go’

‘Okay, just stay close to us and we’ll get through this mess’


Before they could head to the second group, after preparing a bit; Borris asked that if they could watch Peach, so she could return home alive and well. Alex promised it, with Anna jumping ahead to assure the same. Once ready and reuniting the teams Emblem’s flame, Pureheart pirates, Tourmaline and Sharp blades, they headed to the second group’s location. On the way, the aerial reports indicated that most of the bandits of the eastern side of the city were regrouping for the final assault and a messenger from far away told that the ground reinforcements were close, heading right to the back of the enemy, preventing any further escape. ‘A pincer maneuver’ Alex supposed.

When they arrived at the second group’s location, they saw that a few of them were waking up and the rest was basically unconscious and wounded. Without delay, they began to treat them and heal them. Alex, Nya and Anna helped their teammates to recover, while Jaina proceeded to use her heal magic on those that needed first. The first ones were Sabine and Brandon. When they were recovered, the absol was curious about how she could heal without damaging the environment and asked her. Since there wasn’t much time to teach him and it demanded a lot of practice, she promised him that she will show him how it’s done when everything would calm down a bit. Then it was the turn of Sonya and Yang. The Liepard asked the Sylveon to stay still as she was applying her magic to seal the wounds, who sensed that flow of energy heading right to her cuts.


“I’m sorry” Jaina said.

“What? Why?” Sonya asked confused.

She only looked to Zack and the answer came by.


“He mentioned to me what happened… but I can assure you he’s not dead”

“Huh? H-how…”

“As long as you live, his memory will be with you, always”

“That’s… not very helpful”

“No, but as long as you remember him, he will not die; the last thing we can lose is la esperanza or hope as Alex tends to refer from time to time”


The shiny Mienfoo was holding her legs, still with the pain in both theirs and the cuts when Jaina approached to her. Calming her down, she healed the cuts first and then she took off the protectors very carefully and frowned of what she discovered: two black symbols. Using a small spell to prove her suspicions, she detected traces of magic in them.


“Yang…” Jaina said.

“Yeah, she’s cursed” Sonya explained when she approached to them.

“What kind of curse?”

“M-my H-high jump k-kick” Yang answered. “If I-I use it… I-it hurts me”

“… I’m sorry dear”

“Um, can I try something?” Brandon asked after looking and hearing what was going on.

“If you’re thinking of removing the curse…” Sonya said.

“I can’t remove it, I know; I studied that some curses don’t disappear that easily or you cannot erase the work of others”

“So what do you want to do?” Jaina asked.


Instead of answering, he approached to Yang and took out his canteen. With his water manipulation, he covered his paws and, as gently as he could, he place them in the Mienfoo’s legs. Sonya and Jaina were surprised: there were almost no traces of magic emanating from him, unlike the Liepard. Seconds later, the pain Yang felt disappeared, making her able to stand up.


“Brandon, how did you do it?” Jaina asked. “Your control over the water is above of even sea witches and pure water types; it’s like…” ‘He could be…’

“You’re also referring to that giant wave he raised to protect us from that bombardment?” Sabine asked from the distance.

“Wait, you can do that, too?” Sonya asked.

“Um… well…” Brandon wasn’t sure what to say and began to feel nervous.

“Crap, I opened my big muzzle again” Sabine whispered for herself. “Don’t ask him more questions, because he doesn’t have any answers for them”


At the border of the city, in the bandit strike group, Nadine regained consciousness and the first one she saw was Sloan. For the look of her eyes, he supposed she was ready to kill anyone that crosses her.


“Who knocked you down?” He asked.

“That damn Fennekin witch!” She yelled. “And she was accompanied by the bastards that stopped me and you: the Murkrow and his Lucario partner”

He raised an eyebrow. “He has green eyes by any chance?”

“And equipped with some kind of combat gear; he used the same low psychic trick and they’re also accompanied by another witch”

“Then it’s time for some payback; there are a lot of teams that owe us”

“What about the Kabutops that Staraptor gave us?”

“He has lost control; he killed some of our forces and the ones left are too terrified to face him head on; I heard from some of our people that the admiral sold us all and left us to our mercy”

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. “Traitorous scum, he got everything and escaped; and we got only blood and lost more than just a bunch of coins”

“Sloan, we’re almost ready” One of the bandits informed. “It’s now or never”

“Final attack, I assume?” Nadine asked, trying to relax her nerves.

“Yes, the tabirans won’t be able to stop us this time and we will get our reward”



Escner 20180216 (2) by Spartan-771


With a few Pokémon remaining to be healed, Elisa with Hal headed to the first group and brought them to the mass of tabiran forces. Ivanna returned after forcing a retreat of the remaining bandits and ordered a report from Alex, Zack and Sasha. While they were preparing, Hawk informed that the Kabutops that attacked the three groups was engaging Jack, Wynter and Isabel in a bath blooded street and by the look of things, they were holding up. Someone said that they should help them, but Alex and Zack denied that option, explaining that it was a fight no one should intervene. In that moment the Lucario remembered the idea of Clanker and explained to Ivanna. Elisa also mentioned the complications in that plan and with the help of the locals and their own members; they began to build up a strategy. Based in the air recons, there was a part of the city near the border that was practically destroyed and it could be used as a bottle’s neck to surround the enemy forces. As Clanker already told, the electricity amount it and Watcher needed had to be enough to be ready to explode. Birch, Charles the Manectric, Stella, Stephan, Robin, Peach, Aloha, Radley and Kenneth were assigned for the task and had to move to the location. Penelope and Silas said that they would stick with the Linoone, Kala with the Fennekin, Shaeena with the Togedemaru and the rest of Sharp blades with their partner. Sasha, Darius, Jeff, Meryl and Hal, along with a few warriors, guards and pirates would provide cover in case the bandits would have something else prepared. The rest would be in the improvised barricade in the middle of the way to the Great tree. There were also a few pockets of civilians, so the teams that didn’t want to fight head to them and get them to the evacuation zones at once.

That only left the bait that would drag the attention of all the bandits. The problem was: who would risk its life to get that mass of Pokémon and elude them in the streets while the rest was getting into position. As quietly as possible while they were discussing it, Brandon offered to be the bait. That raised a lot of complaints of his group, saying that it was too risky, until Jaina offered her help. She explained that she was good at running, given her three years in the continent, so she shouldn’t have any problems in that; also that she had an idea of how to attract them. Sabine didn’t sit by and said that she was a good runner too, given of what happened in Rivercross acres months ago. Katrina and Harry weren’t too fast enough to keep their distance and Cornelius, even if he didn’t feel tiredness, would only fight back instead of running. The size of the bait group was good enough and had the approval of Ivanna.

Since the western and the central part of the city were secured, they diverted the rest of the remaining guards and allied pirated to the east. Resin and Xavier were among of that group as well as other teams, with the Heracross already been briefed by Percy of who Ivanna was and heard the plan they’ve made to take out the bandits. He didn’t particularly liked the idea, but with her explanation to stop the strike force without sacrificing any more guards and that the part of the city they were using was already lost, he was partially convinced. The Samurott captain joined the Shadow foxes with her crew and the rest of the Haxorus’s, giving a relief to William, Terra and those who were helping with the tasks. They worked in an improvised barricade that blocked the street and provided them points to attack to the distance. The main concern was to hold up until Nadine and Sloan appear with the strike force and since the Nidorina had some ‘blood in her eye’ after her last encounter, it would be a little easier to get her attention.

Minutes later, they saw the bandits charging with everything they’ve got and didn’t slow down when they saw the barricade. All the range fighters launched their respective attacks towards the enemy forces. They knocked out bandit by bandit, but there was no sign of the generals, yet. The fliers were standing by for a surprise air strike when the bandits were distracted enough or if smaller groups began to disperse in the different streets. So far, the main defenses were holding, until they brought the heavy firepower with them. Hyper beams, Dragon pulses, Fire blasts, Hydro pumps and such hit the defender’s lines without mercy. The combined forces hit back with similar powerful moves as the bandits were piercing the barricade, until they punched a hole in; not big enough for all the bandits, but with space to attack the tabirans directly.

Everyone hit with everything they’ve got, either taking turns to attack the bandits or from above to have the high ground in their advantage, although some enemies were climbing up the wall to bust them out. After minutes of intense combat, Hawk and Hal informed that Nadine and Sloan were approaching. ‘It’s time for them to spring the trap’ Ivanna thought. She ordered Jaina and the Crossed paths to set the plan in motion. With a little of backup, they snuck their way to the back of the generals. While the bandits were busy, the Liepard casted her spell for her Dark pulse traps and unleashed them to the enemy. The Nidorina was looking everywhere of who did it and where it was located, until Jaina revealed herself. Nadine was gritting her teeth in complete fury. “One thousand coins for the one who brings the witch’s head!” She yelled and pointed to Jaina.

Wasting no time, the trio began to run in the streets while the entire strike force was after their tails. For them, it wasn’t something new; running as fast as they paws were allowing them from the pursuers in case of Jaina and Brandon and closing the gap to the prey, in case of Sabine. At some point, a part of the pursuers were eliminated so fast that when they stopped hearing their steps, they turned around and saw Jack with Isabel and Wynter, carrying a baby Poochyena and a Rockruff. “Situation” The Scyther said to avoid unnecessary words. Jaina explained as fast as she could what was going on, until they heard the bandits closing in. The Midnight Lycanroc wanted to fight them, but Jack denied him his wish when he was sensing a great number of them to be taken by himself. So he pushed him to the only thing he didn’t like to do: escape; and followed the plan devised by his group.

Meanwhile, the defenders were moving where the rest was charging the Magnemites. The Shadow foxes and the Crusaders were moving much more ahead of the entire group, thanks to the fliers. On the way, they received another report, saying that the ground reinforcements were between one to two kilometers from Tabira, meaning that they were ready to trap the bandits that could escape from the blast. The Savitaran unit reached the location and saw the rest. Normal electricity, magical electricity… it didn’t even matter how it was originated, it was electricity at the end and both Watcher and Clanker were absorbing it like there was no tomorrow as their magnets were spinning at high velocity.


“How are they doing?” Zack asked.

“Keep absorbing my electricity” Stella said a bit tired. “How much these dudes need?”

“I don’t know, but I couldn’t do it anymore” Stephan panted as he was sat, recovering the breath.

“Birch had to rest; it was too much for him” Penelope told them as she was holding the Phantum.


“Don’t worry about me, boss; I can still keep it up” He said.

‘Peach?’ Alex asked via telepathy.

‘I can’t do this for more time’ she said.

‘Then don’t press yourself more, you did your part’ “Watcher, how much further?”

“Three percent more” It informed. Its eye was completely yellow.

“What’s the situation?” Ivanna asked when she arrived with the rest.

“Almost ready” Valerian answered.

“Good, we have to build more barricades to close the bottle’s neck; once the Magnemites are ready, two of you will carry to the skies and drop them right in the middle of the strike group” She looked to the savitaran group.

“Oh yeah! Time for some daily lights!” Jeff was excited.

“Boss, I’m ready for another dive bombing” Sasha offered.

“If you’re up to, fine” Zack nodded.

“Valerian, ready for round two?” Anna grinned.

“Yeah, one last strike; mister Hawk?”

“Don’t worry kid, I’m up to”

“Charge has reached critical level; recommending liberation of energy as soon as possible” Watcher informed as it and Clanker stopped the spinning of the magnets and stuck them to their bodies, ready for deployment.


When Sonya saw the Magnemites, memories were going back to that day. The two metallic eyeballs had a lot of energy stored and since she heard that they could blow up and depending on the amount of electricity accumulated increased the radius of the explosion… she started to dislike that people just go there and explode, just to save or help others. Maybe she was worried, she didn’t even know, but commented that to Zack. Jeff obviously interfered and said that this it was a blast everyone should see. The level of relaxation of the Marshtomp concerned her as she didn’t understand how he was fine that his partner would do that, more when Zack conceded.

From the distance they saw the bait group with their new companions. Ivanna ordered to some of the fliers to pick them up as the “bombers” headed to the skies with the Magnemites in their feet, waiting for the moment. At the distance, Valerian, Anna Zack, Sasha and Hawk spotted another group of Pokémon entering the city and heading their way.


“The reinforcements have arrived” Hawk declared.

“Then we better finish this quickly” Valeria held tightly to the Skarmory’s back.


On the ground, Jaina, Brandon, Sabine, Jack and Wynter were picked up by the fliers and took them out of the zone, with the protests of the Lycanroc to stay and fight. The rest of the bandits were converging in the location when the defenders attacked from the distance, trying to close any escape routes the enemies could use. Alex sent a signal to Zack that it was time and the couple of fliers began to dive to the strike group. Nadine saw the pair coming from above and ordered to shoot them down. With the help of their allies and making evasive maneuvers, they crossed the distance they needed and when Valerian said “Now!” they released the Magnemites as they did with the explosive bottles before. The resulting blasts were bigger than anybody has seen before; they caught almost all the bandits, including their generals. The ones that were standing or were outside of the radius of the explosions tried to escape, using the only exit they had, but the warriors that entered the city moments ago encountered them, blocking the last way to get out. The teams that were able to fight, combined with the fliers, pirates and guards defeated the remnants of the strike group. Tabira’s invasion has been stopped.

While they were checking the knocked out bandits, Resin and Ivanna approached to Nadine and Sloan. They couldn’t move and slowly they were falling unconscious, but looked at them with fury.


“Damn you, tabirans” Nadine cursed with difficulty.

“General Nadine, General Sloan: you have been relieved from duty” Ivanna said and grabbed from the ear. “And you must know, I’m not tabiran” She smashed her head to the ground, knocking her out.

“Don’t you think that was quite excessive?” Resin asked, concerned about her use of force.

“Never excessive enough and that’s how we deal with them, including terrorist” She stood up and looked to him “How many guards are left?”

“We have to count them; I heard that we have too many casualties… including civilians and a part of the city is lost”

“Yeah; for now the warriors I brought here will have to replace the guards we’ve lost and I suggest that nobody return to their homes until the coast is clear; it’s possible that the remaining pirates and bandits are hiding in the buildings”

“In that I agree”

“When everything was calmed down a bit, I’ll to interrogate Josephine”

“Because of that admiral”

“Correct and I think I can persuade her to cooperate”

“How so?”

“Trench betrayed her and she would probably want payback for that”

“Do you think she will talk?”

“Let me worry about the details; besides, you still have to know who sparked this inferno”


At some meters from them, Alex, Zack, Valerian and Anna were looking for the Magnemites while Sonya, Lin Lin, Dewey, who joined his team unexpectedly after the prison incident; Ryuka, Richard, Nya, Lucas, Jeff, Xavier and Karla were helping in carrying the bandits to be transported by the rest. The Sylveon still had the image of the two blasts in her mind. Even if they weren’t from magic, the explosions were bigger and the only thing that she was thinking was where the dust of those metallic eyeballs was.


“Watcher, Clanker; are you there?” Alex called them.

An unconscious bandit was moving and Watcher appeared. Clanked raised from the ground after shaking off the dirt that was covering it. “Mission accomplished fox leader; all targets neutralized” Watcher informed with affirmative beeps from Clanked.

“Energy reserve?” Zack asked.

“Enough for the basic functions, but we’re unable to use any moves; requesting for attachment with the combat suits”


Alex nodded and Clanked headed to his back and positioned to attach itself to the combat suit. Watcher did the same with Valerian.


“How…” Sonya tried to say.

“Sturdy bodies to withstand their self-destruct; also that the overcharge gives them a small amount of energy to remain active, although they cannot be in combat in this state” Alex explained.

“You can say they are our fireworks, only that we use them in the field instead of a show” Zack added.

“But that’s not…” Richard started.

“Dangerous? Yep. That’s why we’re assigned with them when we’re ready to work with them” Anna concluded.

“You tend to do this?” Lin Lin asked.

“In our guild, this is more common; we tend to get into fights” Valerian explained.

“It’s not my place to really judge you, but you guys are above the craziness” Xavier commented.

“Let’s hope the others think the same” Zack said.


After the clean up of the area, they returned to the barricades, regrouping next to the Great tree partially damaged from an aerial attack and moved the bandits and the prisoners captured to a temporary prison area until they could replace the lost Appricorn cells. For the relief of the tabiran guilds and the citizens, the battle for their city was ended… for now.

Main objectives

Bullet; Green Save the citizens
Bullet; Green Protect the evacuation

Bullet; Red => In progress ;Bullet; Green => Completed

The resume of this part could be: Boom shakalaka! Because Alahu ackbar is overused and Clanker and Watcher are not jihadists. 

A few things in mind, the power Brandon has will be revealed in the future; now he's only using it something basic and it will be shown in the story of the New horizonts and Crossed paths when I write the rest of the int 4 of them.

Another thing: the sounds of Clanker are somehow like this:…

Next week it comes the epiloge to finish the chapter properly.

Rewards: 1 tracker's reputation [all teams]
               1 scholar's reputation [all teams]
               2 artisan's reputation [all teams]
               2 kepper's reputation [all teams]

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Welp they’ve now seen her curse fully. And interesting, I can’t wait to see what exactly Brandon can do :D

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in my portion of the story I might change things a little during this part just a small heads up ^_^
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Don't worry; I'm eager to see what they'll do