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A new dawn by Spartan-771, literature

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PKMN Legends War - Imca by Spartan-771, literature

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Green day
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The hunger games, Eragon, etc... (Fiction and Fantasy)
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Star wars, Starcraft, Halo, Pokemon, Mechwarrior, XCOM, Command & Conquer.
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2021 plans

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With 2021 finally here, I'll explain a little what will be my game strategy for the year: - Firstly, I'll say that I'm looking for a job right now, which means that anything I'll do regarding stories and drawings will be slowing down when I get one. Priorities, after all. - Secondly, I'll keep writing for the two groups that I'm into, with the PLW branch slowly diverging to be its own thing (with all the battletech ingredients I'll be putting here and there) and the setting of the universe as a background. Those mech will be fun to make. The PMD-AD will stay more or less in the course of events of that universe with my own spices. - Thirdly, while my commissions are mostly open, I'm not sure if I begin to advertise my work somewhere else or not. I mean, I don't have much flow of people here and I haven't joined other groups. If anyone has tips or ideas, let me know. That should be all for now. Now let's see what 2021 brings
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Welp, things are about to get ugly when Eclipse replaces the old setting. Even a small improvevent like changing to night mode would be enough. I already heard that many are or will struggle with it. I'll see if I can deal with it. At least I learned...
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I saw a friend doing the 6 fanart meme, so I decided to do it as well to test new concepts. I want you guys to shoot your ideas. If there are a lot of them, I can consider doing more than one of them to keep them rolling. I'll even try humans, so don...
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You like Warhammer 40k right?

If so this GoogleTube Ch. might be of interest for you:

If not feel free to ignore this comment

extra context:

Hello there! Thank you for adding my latest upload, "Dragon's grief" into your favourites. It was a gift from a dear friend, and I would thank you if you could take a look at her gallery, where you can even find an animated version of the said art. Have a nice day!

Atherakhia gif

Yup. Have you watched the movie?

the official FNAF movie?


I prefer watching stuff at home or at friends places rather then movie therders. Means I have to wait longer for stuff to come to dvd or streaming services, but I tend to find it's more convenient and cheaper as well.

Well, I watched it with my brother and some of his friends. And without spoiling much, let me say... this is a love letter to the fans. Also we went with purple shirts XD