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Merry Christmas from AoH

Now here's a couple that hasn't graced our eyes in a while. Candice and Tremor snuggling up by the fireplace for some holiday love. I did have another AOH Xmas pic but that was a gift to another friend. But it will be a special feature in the AoH book 4 which will be available as the prize in my next contest.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays everyone! THank you for a wonderful year
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having trouble saying it but how do you say Candice's name? i just call her by her nickname Candy.
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Hey nice picture, very romantic.
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god i love this pic. its just so darn cute! i love the enviorments you put them in :D and i also love how their bed looks like a pimped out dog bed XD
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wait til you see the one i did for Maria last year. i'll post it round xmas this year. but it's a cute pic you'll most likely enjoy.
hehe, i guess it does look like a dog bed. btw, i'm trying to track down your picture of pandora i did last spring.. it seems to have alluded me for the time being...
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eh, no hurry i can wait XD i mad e a little comic fer jooos :D
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Well, they seem comfortable, :)
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yeah. wish that was me there.
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Awwww very cute ^^

Merry Christmas dude :D
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It's amazing how far their relationship has come since they first met.
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From fighting to... um... uh...
Well, you get the idea.
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awww ain't that just cutee XD lol nice pic bro good job :)
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you gunna be online later?
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yeah bro i'll be on man :)
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ty. Merry Christmas Karina =)
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Aww, I miss these guys. ^^

Good job, Jesse. :)
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thanks Suppari. Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to you =)
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merry christmas to you too ;DD
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