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Explorers Team "Freedom Fire"
Reverence ("Rev") the Rufflet

Hatched at that special time of year when, strangely, the Pokemon evolves to its father's species. Like his namesake, Rev was taught to respect peaceful living, to help whenever one can, and watched his parents help lost Pokemon navigate the fog back to safer situations. They were quite a pair.

Then one night, a Honchcrow and her local mob of Murkrow decided to pay a visit while Rev's parents were away and unaware of the attack on their nest. The flock of angered bird-mon knocked the Rufflet out of the nest into the fog as retribution for an earlier incident where the Rev's parents had stopped them from messing around with some land-bound Pokemon.

The landing was not kind to the Rufflet, and he suffered some injuries from the fall that kept him from flying. A curious Torchic, Kahiko, was exploring the wilderness when she discovered the injured bird. She dragged Rev back to Andalusst to be patched up - no small feat for a young Torchic.

When Rev awoke, they butted heads a bit because of the Rufflet's high ideals and wanting to get back to family... but he couldn't deny he was lost and agreed to stay to Andalusst to get healed up. He had only just recovered no less than a week before Regigigas' attack, and subsequently getting registered in to the Explorers Guild, he has discovered that there's so much more World out there.

Kahiko ("Hika") the Torchic

Hika grew up in Andalusst and has always been curious about the fog and dungeons. Though her mother and father don't exactly approve of her exploration near the outskirts of town, they have not forbidden her from doing so. She's had a fair share of dangerous encounters with other Pokemon or accidents (like getting lost in a dungeon and having to be found by varying guild teams).

It was on one such venture that she discovered the definitely lost and injured Rufflet and brought him back to the infirmary in Andalusst to heal. When Regigigas awoke, they helped the Explorers Guild lure the living statue to the outskirts.

After the incident, she was ecstatic to have been invited to join the Explorers Guild, and pressed the Rufflet into joining with her.

Late Mission 1 to follow at some point.
Errand #2:
Errand #3:


* Who knew that Manaphy was a Legendary? (I DIDN'T, HAHAHA... Oops! ) But hopefully now the app is appropriate. I am a dummy! 
* Minor edit: Fixed the 0/10 stats count.
* Errand#2 complete: +1 Star Coin
* Errand#3 complete: +1 Star Coin
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