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Wave That Flag

By Sparrow667
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Title from Grateful Dead lyric

Patriotism is not Nationalism.

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Image of American Flag found at Wikimedia Commons
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God bless America, but fuck thats trippy to look at.
Support our troops, and all of the veterans, pow's, men and women, and canines, too.
I lost my cousin in Vietnam, and I support the Constitution of the United States.
Obama is not my mama!
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awesome :D americans rule :D i wave that flag proudly...
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Me too - proud of the ideals that it represents. Unfortunately, we don't always live up to those ideals, and I'm not proud of that. But I think we have the potential to not only change, but to make up for our mistakes.
goatgirl1's avatar's not's all government and big corp...that'll change soon though :D i feel it :D
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True, but since we vote some of these clowns in here, I include us (obviously not ALL of us).
I think it'll change for the better to some degree - but sometimes I wonder if it'll be enough, fast enough.. (Feeling gloomy and doom-y today ;-)
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i hear ya sparrow...and feel it all the time...and u can be gloomy and doomy all ya want round me...i totally understand :)
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