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Dis and Vigil (color pencil!)



I'll get around to coloring this in Da Muro or Photoshop eventually Onion Boy 6 

 Soooo for those who don't know Dis and Vigil are from a Mobile game called Disillusions Manga Horror. Dis is the first host of the game and Vigil is his wacky friend that goes missing in a house where there was said to be serial murderings in the past. 

dis was easy to draw I had some idea what he looked like. On the other hand They never Actually show Vigil all I know is he is Dis' best friend and seems to be the opposite of the Scaredy Cat so I did just that. 

I LOVE vigils height though xD even with his hand as high as it will go he barely reaches the top of Dis' head xD and even though he's wearing Pastels next to the dark Dis he looks like he's wearing Neon
Hatsune Miku-04 (Laughs)  

I'l properly draw more of these two later on. (Maybe even a comic page if I can.
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