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alternate title: Sparky got a job

I've been working for a good month now
being a mailman is hella fun
too bad I have to get up at 4AM but most of the times my shift end around 3pm so it's kinda alright.
that may look like a lot of hours but it really isn't that much work. Or at least doesnt require that much effort to be fair.

But yey i earn money, i can buy lots of lego. But I almost have no time to build stuff anymore.
But having money is nice so.

I'm currently still trying to catch up with this new shedule. I mean I have been home/unemployed for a full year so it takes a while getting used to everything. I should be able to combine LEGO with work since I get back home in the afternoon but I'm just too tired to do anything at the moment. Maybe in a couple of weeks or so. 

I may get a request thing going on for MOC's so that I have a list of things I can build
Currently my creativity is 0%
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There is no update, move on

cya till the next update

Now that the first info about the 2015 Bionicle reboot is out I guess it is time to tell you guys a story, aye? Basically how Bionicle has influenced my life (in someway).

Beware, spelling and grammar will not be 100% correct. You have been warned ;D 

So in the year 2001 I was about 7 years old. And already played with LEGO. I had the normal bricks and the collection of 6 Roboriders and 3 Slizer sets. Of course I played more with the Roboriders and Slizer sets then with my other old LEGO sets. Why? Because they were freaking action figures man, or robotic racers. That stuff is sooo much cooler than building a house. And one day, I was in a store with my mom and we walked in the toy aisle of that store. And of course we stopped at the LEGO sets. And there I saw it. The Toa Tahu set. There was something about it that catched my eye as a little kid. I don’t know what but I just had to get that set. And my mom bought it for me and I played with it together with my Roboriders and Slizers. I can almost remember the fun I had.

Because my parents saw how much I loved that set they told the rest of my family what to get for my birthday. And so on my 7th birthday I almost got the whole collection of Bionicle ranging from the Toa to some Rahi sets. I quickly figured out that the Roboriders and Slizers didn’t belong in the same world as the Toa so I kept them separate when I played with them.

So year after year my family always knew what to buy for me at my birthday or as Christmas presents. And this continued until 2006. I still got Bionicle at my birthday but not as many as before because I also got interested in Exo-Force at the time. And getting both themes was a very expensive thing. However my parents didn’t support me that much anymore in playing with LEGO. And so I kinda lost interest in it for a while. Also had to do with the fact that school was actually becoming a burden for me at that time and the whole “growing up” thing. And of course people made fun of because I played with LEGO…Yep at the age of 12-13 years people/classmates made fun of me because of that. I got some Exo-Force sets in 2007 but no Bionicle sets.

In 2008 I started to make my own creations, followed up the storyline till that point because I finally understood basic English. Of course I kept this secret from my school out of fear that they would laugh at me again. My parents also didn’t really support it back then because they thought I was growing too old for it. I do not blame them, because the target range was 7-14 years xD

At the age of 15 (2009) I transferred to a different school because it had a course I liked more than at my old school. However back then we didn’t really use msn or even a phone (unlike now). I left everything behind because nobody of my old school went to the new one. And I could be whoever I was. But because I kept my love for LEGO a secret I decided to actually tell people that I played with it. And my new class didn’t make fun of me. They actually supported it. “Oh man, that’s cool. What do you build?” and stuff like that. I was so surprised of it that I actually wanted to get back into collecting sets because I missed 2 years of new parts. So behind my parents back I bought the new Bara Magna sets. I started to get more active online (despite my bad English bad then) and posted some creations online. It was also at that time there were some official contests I could enter. The first one was the Certavus contest. It was the first contest I ever entered and I made it to the second round of voting. And you cannot imagine how proud I was. After all this time, people didn’t make fun of me
and some people actually liked that creation enough to vote for it. This really gave me a boost to keep doing what I like. Making stuff with Bionicle. In the same year there was another contest, The Sentry contest, where you had to make a canonical appearance for Kyry. A small agori from the Fire Tribe. Of course my talents were not that good as they are now and I literally spent two full weeks (if it weren’t three) to make my entry. I tried out sooo many things, from custom helmets, weapons, legs, arms. And I kept changing it over and over and over. Always making it too complex so that it would end up in a horrible MOC with weird proportions or weird looking limbs.  Eventually I went with a more simplistic design because it looked ok, yet it had the originality so that it was different enough from a set Agori. And I won that contest. As a 15 year old boy that loved Bionicle ever since it came out I made a creation that was part of the storyline I loved. You cannot imagine what impact that had on me. So I told my parents that I won a contest and funnily enough they didn’t understand that  I didn’t won a physical prize yet it was so important to me. And it was the first time in a looong time that they actually saw me happy. (I am not going into the detailed dark times of my life). And they were happy as well.


We are now in 2010. My parent decided to support my hobby for LEGO again. I made more and more MOCs. And slowly got somewhat popular I guess. Yes it was sad to see Bionicle ending in that year. But it didn’t matter. I had the fun I needed as a kid and it actually helped me through my dark times. A freaking toyline. Can you imagine. But I made the trigger to not focus on sets anymore or a story about a fictional universe and more to the actual creating of my MOCs. And try to win more contests on BZPower and stuff like that. Getting myself popular on the big Bionicle fan websites. I entered some BZP contest but didn’t make it that far. And trying to win another canon contest (The melding Teridax, Iron Wolf and Tobduk one). I made it to the second place with the Tobduk contest. Close enough I guess.


In 2011 only one real exciting thing happened. I went to a LEGO convention where some of my MOCs would be displayed. It was at LEGOWORLD in The Netherlands, because it was somewhat close and do-able. I stood there for one day. Me and Speardragon were the only ones with custom created BIONICLE/HERO FACTORY MOCs. So all the kids and even adults came to our little stand. And just seeing the face of the children. I even had so many parents asking me if they could buy it or even make it themselves. It was such a weird experience because the creations weren’t even that good compared to what I can build now. I even talked with some set designers and it was one the best experiences I ever had. I wish I can do something like that again someday.


2012 was not that important, it was just making MOCs, hope they get noticed and repeat that progress for the entire year.


2013 was a slow year for creating MOCs. I had my first gaming laptop and I literally played day in, day out on it. However the few MOCs I made I still consider some of my best works. Also won my first BZP contest which ended up in me getting four prototype BIONICLE pieces. AND it was the first time one of my creations got blogged by TheBrothersBrick. And both was done by Eris.  While some may not find it that special, I still see getting blogged for the first time as a nice achievement. I also won my second BZP contest with Mother Brain which ended up in me getting a black Brain Attack brain (which were unavailable in my country). So 2013 was a good year for MOCing after all.


Now we are in the year 2014. Also a very slow year for MOCing. BUT, I achieved something that not so many people can tell. And I’m still proud that I can actually say that. My Captain Redbeard Blindeye MOC is getting featured in Mike Doyle's book “Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark”. Together with some other BIONICLE builders’ creations.


So, in my 14 years of LEGO loving craziness I did achieve anything I ever wanted to get with LEGO.
- Getting one of my creations in actual canon

- Going to a LEGO convention (with my MOCs displayed)

- Getting prototype pieces

- Getting Blogged

- Winning a BZP contest
- Getting featured in a LEGO book


Now, do I still have dream on what to in the future. Well of course. Getting a job as a set designer would be the greatest thing ever. Or even a job at LEGO itself. But I’m fully aware on how slim the chances are that I’m not going pursue it. Why? Because I think turning my hobby into my job would be a bad idea. LEGO and playing videogames is all I have when I’m not doing school or work. I like to keep it that way.


So yeah, BIONICLE sure had a great influence in my life and has become a big part of my life. It is a toyline that I will NEVER forget and I hope I can one day introduce my kids to something similar. Am I excited for BIONICLE 2015? Yes, LEGO is bringing back a part of my life, my memories, my childhood. And I couldn’t be happier. BIONICLE is more than just a toyline for me. It is one of the few things I have.

I will tell my opinion about the new sets another time. When I feel like it.
If you wonder which MOCs I talked about, they can all be found here….


~Sparks out





new school
being at a dormitory
how do i prepare food
not healthy food
why is my internet not working
why are there bats in the school building
why do i have so much free time
i love having much free time
will take my lego collection with me next week

fun! fun! fun!

For those who don't know what this journal entry is about

How many people can say they worked two years on a MOC before it was finished? I don't actually know somebody except for myself. So I decided to show what went through my mind and why it took so long to finish Captain Redbeard Blindeye. Plus I always wanted to write a journal/blog like something about the process of a MOC. (The reason it took two years makes it even better in this case)

So this started as an idea to upload to LEGO Cuusoo. The idea was to make a set like the Architecture line but for contraction figures. Just like the Architecture set, something to have on a display. I had several concept ready for what could be a possibility for a set like that. Of course I had to figure something out that would fit as a constraction set, only for display and wouldn’t be ‘bring back bonkles’. That last one was my main concern since most of my humanoid MOC’s could fit into the BIONICLE/Hero Factory universe.

So I looked back into the past themes of LEGO. And how I could merge those with constraction set pieces and without it looking too much like something that came out of the BIONICLE and/or Hero Factory universe (because Cuusoo won’t accept those proposals). I came up with the following characters that could be made into a detailed constraction for-display-purposes-only set: Pirate, Samurai, Viking, Knight, etc..

Now two years later and I have one character example ready. That was just the idea I had and I'm probably never going to submit it too Cuusoo. First reason is because I thought you could submit an idea of a series of 3 or more sets. That policy has been updated to no matter how many MOC’s you submit only one of them could become a potential set. I believe Minecraft in the exception on this but whatever. Second is that it is probably never going to work and I put all the effort into it for nothing.

But back to Captain Redbeard Blindeye. After I had the basic idea for how the set(s) should look like I searched on Brickshelf, Flickr, MOCpages for stuff like this. So I came across Elzy’s Hero Factory pirate . And that was exactly what I needed.  

May 17, 2012 Version 1 

So on May 17 2012 I started to make my own pirate. As most of the times with my MOC’s I start with the legs and go up from there. So I made the peg leg and the upper leg. I also used Optimus Convoy (Kevin Huxtable) his Meltdown beard idea because you know. Pirate captains need a beard. And it kind of worked with the hat. 

May 17, 2012 Version 2 

On the same I continued with the left leg to make a boot and the upper leg. That wasn’t too hard and voila. The legs were done

May 18, 2012 Version 3 

The day after I continued with the hip area. A simple Vahki hip piece worked just fine and I found a way to cover it up. From this moment the legs couldn't move that much. And like the original idea, for display purposes only. The Rahkshi heads and the blue piece on the crotch are all connected with some technic pieces but are not connected to the vahki hips. They actually sit in place which allows it to flow almost perfectly with the legs. 

And then my main problem with this MOC appeared. “What to do with the torso”. I really had no idea what to do with it. I uploaded the WIP to Flickr in the hope to get some suggestions. I did get some but I couldn't really pull them off at that moment. So I left it on my WIP shelf until I got some inspiration to work on it again.

However at the end of May I moved out from my parents’ home to someplace else for a couple of months and took my LEGO collection with me. This resulted at the WIP MOC’s being disassembled to make it easier to take them with me.

August 26, 2012 Version 4

After a few months (and Kingmarshy’s several reminders) I decided to give it another shot and make a torso for it. The torso looked way too mechanical and I scrapped it again. The torso design made his way into another MOC 

January 25, 2013 Version 5 

In December I moved back to my parents and of course same story, took all my MOC’s apart to make transport easier. Again it was Kingmarshy who reminded me that Captain Yellowbeard was still not finished. And again I decided to give it another shot. I had to rebuild him again, changed the foot and went with Hero Factory pieces to give him a more human/organic like look instead of the mechanical torso of the previous version

It didn't quite worked out but at least I had something more than the previous attempt. Because I actually didn't care anymore for the whole Cuusoo idea/project I didn't finish him and got distracted by BBCC #64, video games, school and the 2013 MOCathalon. So goodbye Captain Yellowbeard and hello other MOC’s that did get finished.

In September – November I spent most of my time playing Final Fantasy, Pokémon and several other games because I didn't really care about school. Now Final Fantasy III DS was a game I absolutely loved and the Red Mage job was one of my favourites. So being the MOC’er I am I searched for a way to build it and ordered me some sails from the Queen Anne’s Revenge set. Because it would be perfect to make the cape for the Red Mage. And maybe you know, but like Captain Yellowbeard..I couldn't pull it off and scrapped it.

April 3, 2014  Version 6 

On April 1 I cleaned up and sorted all the parts because my whole collection had become a mess and I couldn't find the parts I wanted and that’s when I found the sails again and Captain Yellowbeard’s head (who in some miraculous way was still intact). Then from that moment, I knew how to fix the problems I had with the previous versions. So I decided to rebuilt the legs for another time. And suddenly I saw Chi Laval’s Ultrabuild head before me and I thought to myself: “Hey that kinda looks like a beard this way”. So I put the hat on it and OMG!!!!. Perfect match. I stayed on with friction but I was so happy because the head looks much better than the original Yellowbeard (and Laval his head was my idea instead of the use of the Meltdown head which was Kevin Huxtable his idea so originality + 5 :D) So goodbye Yellowbeard and hello Redbeard.

April 3, 2014 Version 7 

After talking to Cezium via WhatsApp he encouraged me to keep going because it looked awesome. So I went back to the torso idea from Version 5. But it didn’t look quite as good as I hoped and I was like “not again”. I really wanted to finish it now. It took me two years to get here and was not planning to quit on him again. So finally took myself to the In the Bricks guys (for those who don’t know. It is a forum with Bionicle builders who knows what they are doing. The most famous one of them is Patrick Biggs aka. Deevee). 

April 9, 2014 Version 8  

After I posted Version 7 on the forum Elzy himself (where the whole idea started) gave some feedback together with some other guys who suggested I should go for a black/gold torso with some white that works as the shirt he wears beneath his black jacket and red cloak. In that time I gave the hat a connection point so that it wouldn't keep falling off with the slightest movement. I listened to them as this became the result.

April 11, 2014 Version 9 

The last suggestions were not difficult to do. And included making the legs a bit longer to make it better proportion wise. So after that was done I changed the sword hilt and finally. He was finished

And that all took me almost  two years and I’m glad it is done. While it still can be made better in some aspect I’m satisfied with the MOC and I’m not going to change it for a while. 

Was it all worth this explanation? For you maybe not, but I wanted to do this for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity.


Hello everybody that still reads this, Sparks here 

Time to give an update about the stuff that happened the last couple of months.
I started high school. Depending on where you live this has a different meaning. In my country you have two different choices when you're done with secondary school: University and High School. And because I'm not the type of guy that likes to study a lot I'm doing High School.

So in september I started with High School and I'm studying Biotechnology (chemistry + biology). Made some cool new friends and lost some older ones. But the experiences I had with that the last few years thought me one thing: That's life, and you gotta deal with it. 

Anyway much of my time has gone into high school. And I do not like it....Hence why I don't post many Moc's lately. And of course videogames. I've been playing several Final Fantasy games and some Pokémon games I've never played before. 

Other news is that my Mother Brain moc won BBC #66 (my second win in a BZpower contest) and I received some cool prizes :3

I still have to do my christmas finals..I have them in January which I absolutely don't like because the christmas holidays are not days in which I have to study D: I was thinking to make some Moc's in that time but has to ruin it

So yeah, that's about it

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His questions:
1. WAT! Is your name?
Mievis Dylan

2. WAT! your favourite colour?

3. WAT! the airspeed velocity of a fully laden swallow?
Gotta go fast (58 km/h)

4. Favourite kanohi mask?

5. How long have you been MOCing?
5 years and a half

6. What happens if I press this conveniently placed red button?
North-Korea will then launch their missiles (if they have any)

7. Why was six afraid of seven?
Six is a bit shy, not like seven. Seven is the leader of a group with numbers like eight, nine and five who always beat the crap out of six. That's why

8. What's your opinion on this issue? [link]
The genes are in my body so they belong to me

9. Do you have a storyline for your MOCs, or treat them more as standalone pieces?
Most of the times as standalone pieces. Or I make a small connection between two like them being on the same planet.

10. Do you play TF2?
Yes, I have more than 1000 hours of gameplay

And screw rule 3
Also known as the MOCAthalon :D…

GO Team Brickstorm!

Team Brickstorm is:
-Eamonn J.
-Steve The Squid
-Dylan Mievis
-Luke Chapman
-Aaron L.
Last weekend I went to Rock Werchter AKA Belgium's biggest music festival.
The artist that I saw this year were:

Within Temptation
Rise Against
The Cure
a bit of Skrillex and a bit of Justice (Justice was much better IMO)

School is cool (Belgian band)
Jack White
dEUS (Belgian band)
Pearl Jam

Black Box Revelation (Belgian band)
a bit of Simple Minds
Mumford and Sons

Dropkick Murphys
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Florence + THe Machine
Snow Patrol
Red Hot Chili Peppers

I liked last year better with names like Coldplay, Linkin Park, Kings of Leon and some other ones. And I was only there with one person I knew so it was kind of boring after a while.
Now that I'm 18 I'm able to buy me stuff from various websites like ebay, bricklink, etc... I never had the permition of my parents for those kind of stuff but now.
First thing I'm going to buy is probably two Lewa sets. Why Lewa? Well, then I finally can build the Tahtorak… . I've been planning to build him ever since I started replicating Dark Hunters which is about 2 to 3 years now. So this summer I can finally build him, YES!
Anybody saw that movie? It is one of the best movies i've ever seen.
I really want to do the same. Not exactly the same but the same idea. Traveling around the world, see everything worth seeing, enjoying life. Why get a job, family and that stuff everybody else has? Everybody has the same vision (especially at school), "I'm going to study this and then I can work as that, buy a house, having children" and I ask them why would you do that? I mean what do you have after accomplishing all of this?...I didn't get an answer on that question. Anyway I feel like I've wasted 18 years already and haven't accomplished much, if not to say nothing.

I really wouldn't have any trouble leaving everything I have to travel around the world. There are some friends of me that understand my way of thinking and actually agree with it yet they don't want to actually do it because they are afraid.

Anyway I don't know why I shared it here, but to anybody who read this. What do you thinks of "society" like said in the movie "Into the Wild"

Call me crazy whatever. I again do not care what you think of me
After my previous entries about cancelled projects I found out that I should finish one.
So I have one coming up. About three MOC's and something extra I hope I can accomplish.
It will probably take some time since exams are coming up in less than a month and after that I have to work a month. But I can guarantee I finish it within 3 months :D

If you are really interested and curious you can find a WIP of one of the three MOC's on my Brickshelf (search a bit you can find it :p) but further details are secret :x
MOC Projects
I love and hate projects that involves MOC'ing. With projects I mean a series of MOC's that have something in common.
Why? Because I sometimes have the most awesome idea and I can get tons of inspiration but in the end...It ends all up with a single MOC :c

Some of my Unfinished MOC Projects (UMP) (Not in order):

UMP #1: Build the class.
It involved every member of my class from 2009 to have it character represented in a MOC. They chose the name and color sheme of the MOC.
Required 22 entries
Finished 7 (including myself)… Dax… John Deer… Riddickx… Sparky (1.0)… Xhemnes… Ziplex… Aliss

UMP #2: All element Toa Team
An project to build a toa for every elements in the Bionicle Universe
Required 17 entries
Finished 6… Gravity… Iron… Lightning… Psionics… Plasma… Stone

Replicate official models from the Bionicle Storyline
Required many
Finished 16 (including Kyry :3)…

UMP #4: Roboriders Evolution
Build something inspired by the concept of Roboriders
Required 3
Finshed 1… Crasher (Can be found in my deviations)

UMP #5: The Glatorian Alien Series.
Make an series inspired by the pieces of the first wave of the Glatorian sets
Required 6
Finshed 2… Sherg (V1)… Sherg (V2) (Can be found in my deviations)… Xitar

UMP #6: The Hero Rebellion.
Hero Factory turned evil. Make a resistance team of various members. (I made so many concepts for characters I still haven't used)
Required many
Finished 3… Rebel Furno… Flint… Stunz

I do have ONE finished projects of five MOC's The Hero Factory Breakout combiners which I made in one day (because it was easy to just combine two sets together and that five times in a row)

And then I have so many cancelled concepts but I ain't gonna start with that today. (May write them all down eventually I'll see about that)

And I really want to finish at least one but something keeps stopping me from archieving my goal.
I thought it maybe better if I was part of a larger project involving multiple members so I don't have to worry about building the whole thing. But then of course how am I supposed to start such a project? Or how cool would it be to have a large project like building a Toa for each elements in which each Toa would have been build by a different member?

Anyway did you ever started a project and (didn't) finished it? And would you be interested in taking part of a larger project (just out of curiosity).

So my team (Team "Piece out") became 24st with 168 points. With me scoring 43 points. I'm satisfied with that result because I only made two MOC's for it (no time because of school/birthday/stuff). Our major contributor was David Steeves with 101 of the 168 points. You should check him out he's an awesome builder (…). Than they was Carson Hart with 24 points with only one creation. And then :iconlordoblivionthegreat: with 0 points because he didn't made anything (lack of time) >_>  . There was a fifth member but he got disqualified...

I'm satisfied with the results since this was all our first MOCAthalon.

Something to look out for next year.

Beware this is my view of MOCpages and you may not like it but you know what..I don't care :)

So MOCpages, where to begin? Let me start with a comment by a pro-builder on Flickr who is not a bionicle builder and  happens to be on MOCpages as well. And some other comments taken from my "Ancient Hero: The Golden Samurai" MOC

Nick Jensen:
"Very impressive, looks fantastic. This model stands out among the flood of low quality Bionicle builds."

On the same MOC somebody commented this
Joseph Ceman:
"Nice job and great idea. Check out my gold… "

And this
Technomaster Neu:
This samurai is great, I like him much. But something yellow would look good too so its colors are not so boring.
It also happens to be that Technomaster Neu calls himself the best bionicle builder there is. So I checked his MOC's and look, it were all "Rainbow Warrior"* MOC's. And apparently didn't get the idea about it being gold…

So these comments actually say a lot don't they? Many MOC'ers there don't know the term color scheme and layering, many of them are low quality builds and then they still think they are some of the best builders on the planet.

And then some of them wants to get know by posting random spam links on some else creations, you may know not I really hate those type of comments. Why? It is looking for attention in a negative way, and if you are good enough people will know you and your creations eventually. I never posted this type of comments and look I'm pretty known there and here.

I also get irritating invites to join some useless MOCing groups like "BIONICLE Desserts"(creations inspired by desserts...seriously?) and some other ones I mostly decline.

"Then why are you even on MOCPages?"
Why, I believe :iconlordoblivionthegreat: said I should join it anyway just to get more popular and some of the contest are really fun and cool (MOCAthalon 2012, Bio-Cup 2011, MOCOlympics,…)

I am talking in general and about the majority of the Bionicle builders on MOCPages. There are good and cool Bionicle builders on MOCpages of course,  but not as many as you would think

And before you complain about me, I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I never said I'm the greatest Bionicle builder. I'm just someone who enjoys building and tries to get better slowly. And why would I not share the things I build anyway?
Also I don't care what you think about me, you don't know me in real life.

*Rainbow Warrior :
The 'things' we built when we were 6 using multi-colored bricks due to the amount we had.

Time for this type of entry.
So ask me your questions, I will reply to every single one of them.
You may ask me everything you want from questions of my MOC's to things you wonder about me.
From the most ridiculous questions to serious ones.

Go ahead and ask me something.

Since devianart has this really cool journal thing, I wonder why I don't use it that much. Ow yeah, because I do not actually know if people do read it or not. Can you please comment if you have read this so I can see who actually did and might use this journal for some more interesting stuff like my view of some particular persons, creations, communities. Or start something like "Ask Sparky"

Anyway please comment (that not too much to ask right?) and maybe give some other cool ideas i might use in the future

*EDIT*  Alright so people do read this, thanks for letting me know. Expect more interesting journal entries soon *EDIT*

It starts tomorrow.

Now I'm in it together with another awesome Bionicle builder "LordObliviontheGreat" lordoblivionthegreat.deviantar…
Together with some other awesome builders which don't have Devianart.

Check back coming month to see (normally) at least 6 new MOC's from both of us.

Let's hope the best of luck for Team "Piece Out" in the MOCAthlon on Mocpages
So any of you guys have any plans for 2012?
I indeed do have some. :D
But I'm not going to reveal them yet :p
So I got tagged by Felix-El-Gato :D

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Time to break the rules for me. I won't tag further but I'll follow the other ones :p So you know some stuff about me

10 things about me

1) I'm in my last year of school which means I normally go to university or college next year
2) My favourite band is "Linkin Park" and I saw them live once :D
3) I'm studying "Biotechnology" which involve biology, chemistry and some other stuff like that
4) I love pizza
5) As long as I can remember I always had LEGO around me (from DUPLO to Bionicle to Hero Factory)
6) I have a dog called "Nina" a West-White-Highland-Terriër
7) Altough I love to hang around in cities with friends I prefer to live in the countryside (or whatever it's called in english)
8) I have something with the number 24, I mean it, it's weird :s
9) My favourite games are "Half-Life" , "Need for Speed" and "Portal" (But my computer isn't strong enough to run portal 2 :'( )
10) My favourite sport is Skiing

Now to answer the question Felix asked me

1. What's your favourite flavour ice-cream?

2. How many languages can you speak?
I can speak 2 languages (Dutch and English)

3. Do you enjoy writing works of fiction?
Yes, but I almost never do it :s ?!

4. Is your love for the Lego brick still intact?

5. Have you ever done something so embarassing that you wish you could take it back?
Yes, but I'm not gonna tell you that :p

6. Favourite colour combo?

7. What/who is your main inspiration for your form of art?
Random ideas, don't really have a inspiration source

8. Summer or winter?

9. Are you good with tech stuff? (Computers, technology in general)
Push all the buttons and see what happens...No, seriously I can handle technology very well

10. What's your best/favourite subject at school?
Chemistry (especially practical stuff :D)