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Akamai and Wairuha

It’s Akamai/Wairuha but without the Akamai/Wairuha look. I wanted to make a combination model without it looking to similar to other versions around the interwebs. So see this as a fresh take on the characters.

Akamai Master of Valor:
Akamai is a brute warrior, and while he doesn’t look that bulky he has the strength of both Onua and Pohatu combined. He wield a warhammer that can create earthquakes and shatter mountains as well. 

Wairuha Master of Wisdom:
Wairuha is a more agile warrior, with some modified X-gliders he uses as wings he soars through the air. He doesn’t have or need the strength that Akamai has and rather uses his elemental powers instead of his weapons. 

If you want your old Akamai and Wairuha look in Gen 2, don’t worry. I have those as well
 Akamai and Wairuha (Gen 1 Based)
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i am making a Bionicle G3 Idea. it Take place after the Events of journey to one. the island of Okoto has Been shattered to different islands by a mysterious force. so the Toa are needed again. however this time the journey will be different. instead Looking of the elemental masks or the creature of the elements.. this time The Toa have to find a element temple in the respective islands and search for the legendary elemental weapons of Okoto. and find out this mysterious force and this time..  is not the master of shadows who is pulling the strings is something else then him. however i need some help

however i need some help. If you Have some question or Idea. Just asked me. Maybe you can join this Very journey

BenGray1997's avatar
These 2 look cool.
Keytee-chan's avatar
Is Wairuha male, i hope? ^__^
OscartheChinchilla's avatar
Wait, are those fricton joints snapped together on the hammer?
OscartheChinchilla's avatar

May Mata Nui have mercy on you if you decide to undo that mess.
ToaMaxKarios's avatar
Le me want torso instructions
Witolman's avatar
Did they use parts that are NOT in those sets?
Tboniuss413's avatar
Do these two have the gear box system?
KazeWolfen's avatar
Do you have instructions? I am in LOVE with these!
Sparkytron's avatar
Sorry man, I already took them apart
hoody23's avatar
megaherofactory's avatar
Can i see the exoskeleton?
Sora-the-Bisharp's avatar
Awesome job! :D 

I'd ask for instructions, but I don't know if you'd want to do that sort of thing XD
Sparkytron's avatar
I already took them apart. Sorry man 
Sora-the-Bisharp's avatar
Damn, so close XD

Still cool MOCS though :D
megaherofactory's avatar
How make both of those backs plz tell me
Lightninging63's avatar
Now here is where the action is at!
I absolutely LOVE the way you've built Akamai's hammer. An actual bone piece in the handle, and the sheer bulk of that thing.. wow. Looks like it could do some MAJOR damage!
I also feel the color distribution is better here than on the other version of Akamai. Purple fading into red from torso to legs is genius, and it gives him a very unique look.
I also appreciate the bulk, and how his head appears sunken, surrounded by thick armor and rippling bio-mechanical muscles.

The bulk on Wairuha is also quite nice. Silver and gold pair up quite nicely with the azure color.. there's something almost magical about the color scheme.. especially when it reaches the transparent parts on the arms. The legs are also quite nice in their appearance.
Wish I could see what's going on with the fins on his back, it looks nice from this angle, and I like the simplicity of his tools. Makes sense considering the bio. I like that little shield, it's.. unique.
I do agree a little with matanui2001 about the green, but it isn't a huge issue.

I really enjoy this fresh take on the pair. Thank you so much for sharing them with us, they're so cool! :D
matanui2001's avatar
Wairuha needs just a bit more green, if you ask me.
ksprice45's avatar
I am going to defiantly try this when I get the sets!
FrancisJeremyXavyer's avatar
This is pretty damn cool. I need to try something like this when I get the sets.
Glenfoxx's avatar
These are great man! Nice shaping and colors.
I have to know what sets those masks come off. I haven't legoed in years.
frankennchrist's avatar
The warhammer. I love it! How did you connect the shell on top?
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