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2017 improvement! by SparkySparklez 2017 improvement! by SparkySparklez
Its been quite the year!Dance! 

I did this for DamaiMikaz 's improvement challenge!
Here's the link for the contest (go join!) --> 2017 improvement challenge
It's really awesome and there are some amazing prizes! La la la la 

The drawing is of best friends, Dragonfly and Zipplebit, hugging (if you couldn't tell XD). Dragonfly is my oc, and Zipplebit is my best friend MLP-Zipplebit 's oc. 
We made these two together and they were best friends just like the two of us IRL!
When I first made this drawing back in January (such a long time ago!) I was super proud of it and loved it so so much!
But looking back on it . . . It's kinda sad! XD
So I thought that this drawing really deserves a redraw, and its been almost a year since I first made it, so it seemed to be the perfect one for this contest.

Wow! I really feel like I've improved a lot this year!

First of all . . . THE HANDS!
Just look how bad the hands in the first drawing are! *cringe!*
delets all the characters 
 At least the hands in the re-draw are recognizable as human hands! XD

Next, the proportions.
Dragonfly's eye in the first one is sooo bad! It way out of proportion and just kind of bulges out of her face! (im sorry my bab!)
And just the size of their heads! 
I feel like I really improved on the proportions!!

There are a lot more improvements as well, but I dont really want to go through every single one.Shrug 

Even though the second drawing isn't amazing, I think it really fixes a lot of problems in the old drawing. 
And I think that, because I re-did it digitally, it overall just looks so much cleaner and nicer.

What do you guys think I improved on! Give me feedback! 

It's really crazy to think that I did the original just this year!
I feel really proud of my improvement this year and I'm going to try really hard to continue to improve! 

 Thank you so much for all your support this year! Heart  
Icy stars Happy New Year!Icy stars 

SwordlessLiink Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
that really is great :) 
SparkySparklez Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
SwordlessLiink Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
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