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woooo scary..

Contest: Evil and Company [link]

The Evil Name Generator [link]
Blackrot The Necromantic
and his evil minions
from the
Dark Minion Generator [link]
Worm Biters
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Deathrot kinda looks like Nathan Explosion from Dethklok, which, you know, is kinda cool since Metalocolypse is an awesome show and all. Was it deliberate?
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I dont know the person you are talking about but if the music is good I'll have to check it out. Weird how he looks like someone real I never intended it LOL
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[link] if you're interested. It's a cartoon on adult swim, not a real band.
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Dare I say the worms are....cute. And the guy looks pretty cool. X3~
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yes... cute scaly little worms are sweet till THEY BITE YOUR FACE OFF
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LOl the worm biters look quite cute.
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Mm.. A really interesting piece. Love the way one of the worms is forcing it's way through the wall in the background, and how Blackrot almost looks like he's quality-checking the one in his hands.

Good luck in the contest!
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Thanks for the observation on Blackrot, LOL I just thought of it as he was holding a beloved pet. But I like yours better!!
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Neat. I love the effect with the one Worm Biter kind of ripping through the background. Summoning it from another world?
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Yep LOL Thanks
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Mmmm..he's hot, lol.
Good luck on the Contest :) :)
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