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I've started uploading stuff to Redbubble, so if you want anything as a print, please CLICK HERE!  If there's anything you want that that's not currently there, let me know!  I'm using a lot of exclamation points!…

Squeeeeeeeeee!  This is pretty much the best thing ever!
That last journal entry is six years old, so...yeah, time for something new.  Changes are coming.  There's some bug in my head telling my to take my art seriously and for once I think I'm actually listening to it.  So expect some new stuff in the coming weeks.
I suppose I should introduce myself.  I've been putting it off.  'Scuse me, I'm a bit shy, especially when showing off my art.  

Hi, I'm Erin, yes I do have a bunny obsession.  But not in a dirty way, you creep.  I'm 21 and studying to be an illustrator at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  I am often accused of making "cute" art, be that good or bad.  Whatever, I just like to draw.  I've got itchy hands and I hate to be not doing something with them.  If that makes sense.  I also do a bit of costuming and prop making, so I might post some of that up here if anyone's interested.  Be warned that you might have to look at me in costume, though.  

I guess that's all for now.  I'll be putting some more sketches up sometime soon.  I don't have a scanner, so it'll have to wait till I go over to <a>Melissa's place or use the one at school.  So, um, bye bye for now. *wave*