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RuneTide - Chapter 1
Chapter 1:
A solitary figure slowly trudged down one of the few lamp-lit thoroughfares of the dead industrial sector. Glo-lamps illuminated small patches of the dingy concrete ground every 15 meters or so, if they even worked at all. It was hard to tell that anyone was even there. Wrapped in a black trench coat with hands shoved deep into its pockets, the figure almost dissolved into the black. The only give-away was the constant rustle and crunch of building debris underfoot.
The shadow trudged onwards in to the heart of the crumbling cityscape, leavening the well lit security of the residential suburbs to lag behind in the distance. Not may people would be caught wandering around the old industrial sector, especially at night, but if personal safety isn't an issue and solitude is, then the dead city is the perfect place to be.
The figure passed under one of the few function street lights and was quick to get out of its radiance, leaving little proof of his passage other than the glim
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RuneTide - Prologue
Wyvern Falls is a rather unremarkable place on the eastern seaboard of Csyelus. Once a thriving industrious center, producing goods and acting as an open market for the neighboring realms, little was left to hint at the once prosperous city. Abandoned after the markets failed and better trade routes were found, the city was left to ruin. Decaying husks of buildings line most of the streets, some scared by fire while others stand only partially constructed. Further inland from the waterfront remain the looming concrete edifices of what used to be a powerful military research base. But with the fall of the markets and the mass exodus to more desirable living areas, the base fell to the same fate as the surrounding city and is now no more than a haunted shell, left to slowly decay in the sands of time.
The only still active area is the residential complex spanning the shore line. People lived there for one reason - they wanted to get away from everything else. With the city nest
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Matt 'Sparky' Turnbull
United States
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Updates may be few and far between, but when they come, boy do they come!

I've been storing up stuff for about a year, and now it is time for some of it to be seen by the public ^_^
I've got more I could post, but I'm getting a bit tired of tweaking photos for posting. Maybe I'll upload some more tomorrow.

College has been a interesting experience for me. I definitely like living away from home, but there is still something that makes me want to live back at home. There is just something about the care and smothering of a maternal figure that can't be beat (especially when you aren't feeling well, which I am not).

Classes have been hit or miss for me. First semester was quite manageable, and somewhat enjoyable. However, second semester on the other hand can't end soon enough. Every one of my classes is in some way related to math, and I hate math. Even my CS courses are mathematical based algorithm analysis. Guh... Every single time I walk in to any lecture hall I get unbelievably sleepy, which makes it rather hard to pay attention. Not that I really care, but it makes taking the exams rather hard.

Food has been a trial for me. I got sick and tired of the campus food after about the first 2 months. I can now walk in to any of the dining halls and suddenly become not hungry! It's magical!

I;m looking forwards to next year. Me and 4 other friends got an off-campus apartment, which is the second 2 floors of a building. Then another 2 people I'm friends with got the first floor apartment. Seven people I know, all currently from my dorm room hall, all staying in the same apartment building. So freaking cool. Because we all live on the 3rd floor of Carry Hall, we've dubbed out building 'Carry 3 Tower'



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