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Sky Light | Rainmeter Skin

Current Version : 1.0
Version Code: 20181223
Last Updated : 23 December, 2018

1. Download the latest Rainmeter from Rainmeter Website (V 4.3.Beta recommended ,At least, V 4.2.Final required)
2. Install it. Download this skin and open the rmskin file! (GreenDrop icon)

About the Skin

This Skin Suite includes several skins:
Bullet; Green Date & Time
Bullet; Green Weather info
Bullet; Green CPU graph | CPU, RAM & SWAP details (on hover)
Bullet; Green Drive Storage - upto 6 drives
Bullet; Green Power Controls

Bullet; Purple All Skin Automatically resize themselves according to Screen Size (Screen Height, actually)
Bullet; Purple Skin Sizes can be manually changed by Editing Scale variables in @'resources\ file
   Right Click any skin; top of context will show (sky light\skin name) click it to open skin folder

Download Wallpaper here


Bullet; Orange FlyingHyrax for their outstanding DriveList plugin
Bullet; Orange HipHopium for the weather icons, and measure codes.

 Bullet; Yellow Trench by NimaVisual
 Bullet; Yellow Roboto
 Bullet; Yellow USN Stencil by Fulcrum
 Bullet; Yellow Autobus by NimaVisual
 Bullet; Yellow Rajdhani Font

Version Log

¦¦ V 1.0 - 20181223 ;-
    Initial Release
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Hello, i have tried to reset the location code but the weather isn't showing anything, what should i do? and i want to change the display color instead of the default black, can you help me?

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Sorry, I don't think it can be helped. If i recall correctly, The API it uses to obtain weather info itself is scrapped by the service provider.

How do i make the clock 12 hr? I can't find it...

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Edit the skin. Look for this:




Change "%H" to "%I"

Numerical value will be according to 12-hour.

AM/PM won't be showed tho, it would require some layout/design changes

For some reason, the weather.ini portion of the skin broke recently. It still displays the graphics, but no actual weather information. Any suggestions?

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Tried changing location code to yours, if yes, check if you didn't miss any character.

I haven't changed the weather code since I installed it months ago. It still displays the correct location code.

Same to me, my skin does not show the weather info, i changed the location code in resource code, however it still didn't show anything. How can we solve? thanks a lot.

Guys i think the websites changed the codes.

mine is now like this


Hello, very good skin, how can i change the color of the disk lines and the color of the letters?
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Change the color values in variables. It's in RGB code, quite simple
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Hello, very good skin, I would like to use it, I just want to change one thing and I do not know how. In the drives option is given the amount of used space and I would like to see the amount of free space. I tried my strength but I do not know it, do you know how to change it?
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Edit the skin. In [MeasureUsedDisk$] measures delete the line "InvertMeasure=1"
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Thanks a lot, everything works
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Love :happybounce: its so nice skin  i want to change blue color moving meter to gold and black to whit ho can i do it i dont know the code for gold one
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Edit the skin, replace #color2#(black, 0,0,0) with '255,255,255' (white) and #barcolor# with color of your choice. Use RGB color code. You can get one with MS Paint, in color mixer get your color and look for values of RedGreenBlue
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thanks it work perfect
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Hi. I love this skin, very elegant!
Just a quick question, I am trying to change the font colours to white to better suit my own desktop, I have managed to change the weather and drives sections however, when I tried to change the clock it only put a very fine white border around the text. Can you please help?
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Well, simplest way is go to resources folder and edit styles. Inc and interchange section names of whitetext and regtext. .
Regtext use black #color2# which is black.
White text has #color1# which is white. Be sure to edit shadow and border style for #color2# to #color1#, 
Or... Edit variables.Inc for more variables. .
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Beautiful! Thank you!
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Thanks You! Hope you don't face any bug ;)
I'm having a hard time changing the temperature from C to F under weather variables. Any suggestions?
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Open the variables files
Change "Unit=m" variable into "Unit=f"
Other Instructions might be also given in variables file.
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