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Sky Light | Rainmeter Skin
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Published: December 23, 2018
Current Version : 1.0
Version Code: 20181223
Last Updated : 23 December, 2018

1. Download the latest Rainmeter from Rainmeter Website (V 4.3.Beta recommended ,At least, V 4.2.Final required)
2. Install it. Download this skin and open the rmskin file! (GreenDrop icon)

About the Skin

This Skin Suite includes several skins:
Bullet; Green Date & Time
Bullet; Green Weather info
Bullet; Green CPU graph | CPU, RAM & SWAP details (on hover)
Bullet; Green Drive Storage - upto 6 drives
Bullet; Green Power Controls

Bullet; Purple All Skin Automatically resize themselves according to Screen Size (Screen Height, actually)
Bullet; Purple Skin Sizes can be manually changed by Editing Scale variables in @'resources\ file
   Right Click any skin; top of context will show (sky light\skin name) click it to open skin folder

Download Wallpaper here


Bullet; Orange FlyingHyrax for their outstanding DriveList plugin
Bullet; Orange HipHopium for the weather icons, and measure codes.

 Bullet; Yellow Trench by NimaVisual
 Bullet; Yellow Roboto
 Bullet; Yellow USN Stencil by Fulcrum
 Bullet; Yellow Autobus by NimaVisual
 Bullet; Yellow Rajdhani Font

Version Log

¦¦ V 1.0 - 20181223 ;-
    Initial Release
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AlexOptaneNew Deviant
Hello, very good skin, how can i change the color of the disk lines and the color of the letters?
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Change the color values in variables. It's in RGB code, quite simple
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Hello, very good skin, I would like to use it, I just want to change one thing and I do not know how. In the drives option is given the amount of used space and I would like to see the amount of free space. I tried my strength but I do not know it, do you know how to change it?
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Edit the skin. In [MeasureUsedDisk$] measures delete the line "InvertMeasure=1"
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Thanks a lot, everything works
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Love :happybounce: its so nice skin  i want to change blue color moving meter to gold and black to whit ho can i do it i dont know the code for gold one
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Edit the skin, replace #color2#(black, 0,0,0) with '255,255,255' (white) and #barcolor# with color of your choice. Use RGB color code. You can get one with MS Paint, in color mixer get your color and look for values of RedGreenBlue
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thanks it work perfect
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Hi. I love this skin, very elegant!
Just a quick question, I am trying to change the font colours to white to better suit my own desktop, I have managed to change the weather and drives sections however, when I tried to change the clock it only put a very fine white border around the text. Can you please help?
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Well, simplest way is go to resources folder and edit styles. Inc and interchange section names of whitetext and regtext. .
Regtext use black #color2# which is black.
White text has #color1# which is white. Be sure to edit shadow and border style for #color2# to #color1#, 
Or... Edit variables.Inc for more variables. .
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vildechnabaStudent Photographer
Beautiful! Thank you!
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Thanks You! Hope you don't face any bug ;)
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I'm having a hard time changing the temperature from C to F under weather variables. Any suggestions?
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Open the variables files
Change "Unit=m" variable into "Unit=f"
Other Instructions might be also given in variables file.
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Love this skin. But it's not showing me weather data for my location. May I know how to set this please? Thanks in advance. - Andrew
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Open the "SkyLight\resources" folder in "rainmeter\skins" folder in "My Dociments" , open the "" files,  and edit "Location" variable,  some instructions are given in that file.
Or Open Rainmeter Manage window, Right click "Sky Light" > Open Folder. 
Hope you figure it out. 

Way of getting weather code :
1. Visit and search for 1. your location to get weather code.

2. Visit search location, to open weather info, after that open hour by hour forecast, check the URL
It would be "…" copy and paste it in variables file
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Thank you. Will give it a go. 
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I really like the skin. I'm having trouble figuring out how to change one of the options though. How do I change the color for the CPU line at the bottom of the City.ini?

edit: I figured it out, in case anyone else is wondering in the future you can use "LineColor=[rgb-value],[rgb-value],[rgb-value]" underneath Meter=Line to change its color.
SparkShredder's avatar
Okay, you meant, The White Graph line?
Thanks for review, I may add a simple variable for ease of edit if I did an update to the skin.
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